EDAH Chapter 452


Chapter 452: The knight from the abyss – Dragon Abyss (Part 2)

The crowd was filled with shock cries and sounds of discussion.  Of course they were discussing why the Azure Dragon would suddenly appear and what it was doing right now.  Why was it moving so intensely in the air, they thought that it seemed like it was fighting something……But who could actually be the Azure Dragon’s match.  Naturally there wasn’t a single one of them who were like Ye Tian Xie, paying attention to the purple figure.

Heavenly Sun City was unable to calm down today.  The appearance of the Azure Dragon had filled the entire city with waves of excitement.

Ye Tian Xie kept looking south and his eyes seemed to be moving along with the purple light.  He had left the area of danger and although he was no longer in life threatening danger, his heart could not relax at all.  Rather, it felt like his heart was being tightly clutched and it became tighter and tighter……

In the distance, the Azure Dragon’s body was still curled up and the dragon roar it released could even be heard in this remote area.  All kinds of water energy surrounded its body and it was enough to create a giant disaster. Several seconds passed, one minute passed, two minutes passed……The surrounding temperature kept falling and in the distance, the Azure Dragon’s attack became stronger and stronger.  In comparison to that, the intensity and frequency of the purple light kept decreasing.


Being able to fight the Azure Dragon this long without dying, this was already considered a very powerful strength.  This kind of strength was already enough to dominate all the humans on the Lost Continent…..At the very least, her strength should surpass the Mysterious God Level and she shouldn’t be weaker than the Dark Ghost King he met in the past.

Only that was the Azure Dragon after all, the Azure Dragon that couldn’t be defeated.  Ye Tian Xie could see that the girl’s strength was being suppressed bit by bit and it was already becoming weaker.  It was getting harder and harder for her to keep going. The moment she was defeated, it would mean that her life would be in danger!

Suddenly meeting in the deep sea, they become connected bit by bit in this disaster.  Only after passing through a test of life and death would a person’s feelings be touched deeply and would never be forgotten…..A girl that could only depend on him when she was afraid, a girl that displayed a dependence that came from the bottom of her heart, a girl that send him away with her power when they were in danger and risked her life to fight that enemy who could never be defeated…..

Could he really allow himself to stay on the side and watch as this young girl risked her life like this?


To let a girl risk her life to protect him and to accept the safety she gave him, this was something he could never do.  She was only a young girl and she was a pitiful girl who had lost her memories and her past. If someone had to protect someone, it should be him protecting her…..

Without any hesitation, Ye Tian Xie took out an Illusory Bead.  With a flash of white light from the Illusory Bead, he returned to the Lost Continent’s southern sea again.

As soon as he arrived, he gave a strong shiver because of the ice cold air.  Not only was the air cold, it was also very chaotic from the power of the human and beast.  This chaotic air current made his body twist left and right and quickly made him move back. As soon as he appeared, the Azure Dragon and the girl’s eyes both turned towards him.

There was a cold light that flashed in the Azure Dragon’s eyes.  With a low dragon’s roar, a large air current suddenly rushed over.  That giant dragon tail that had sent Ye Tian Xie flying several kilometers was currently bringing a wild air current and pressure as it flew at Ye Tian Xie…..The attack of the Azure Dragon gave this girl a good chance to counter attack…..But she didn’t seize this chance to attack and used large amounts of energy to split apart space, instantly appearing several meters in front of Ye Tian Xie.  The purple light around her exploded as the giant mountain like dragon tail slammed into her.


In the past, when the dragon tail slammed into Ye Tian Xie, the whistling sound of the air had almost drowned out the shattering sound of the Water Mirror.  Because Ye Tian Xie’s body was too small when compared to the Azure Dragon and he couldn’t resist at all, there wasn’t the sound of collision being made at all.  But this time, the dragon tail had fallen on this girl who was even smaller than Ye Tian Xie, but it had created an earth shattering collision sound. At the position of contact, purple light exploded out making the Azure Dragon’s body tremble.  The dragon tail was stopped by the purple light and it couldn’t move an inch forward, and the young girl just stood there, not moving at all…..This was because once she was sent flying, she would hurt Ye Tian Xie behind her.

The dragon tail was blown away.  To use a body that to block a dragon’s tail that was a thousand times bigger than it in midair, how terrifying was the strength required to resist this and how much energy would it consume.  She could dodge it or she could use her energy to deflect in another direction, but because of Ye Tian Xie, she took it with her body and resisted the gathered energy. When the dragon tail was taken back, the little body in the air swayed before falling straight down.

The Weeping Ice Feather Deer quickly opened its wings and flew towards her.  Ye Tian Xie reached out and grabbed the girl in his embrace, lovingly looking at her.  In that moment, the depths of his emotions were shaken by her…..She was really using her life to protect him.

The young girl in his embrace had a shocking white face and her panting was incredibly strong, as her eyes looking at him became much more blank.  The pressure from the air fell again and the young girl struggled to rise in Ye Tian Xie’s arms. She floated into the air and used her crystal doll like weak body to block the Azure Dragon.  The sword in her hand still sparkled, but it was much dimmer compared to before.

Then she charged up and the purple light sword slashed through the air.  The sky was filled with purple as the slash fell onto the Azure Dragon’s body…..

At this time, Ye Tian Xie did not have any reason to hesitate anymore.

This girl he had just met was willing to use her life to protect him.  If it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t even be fighting the Azure Dragon. Then what reason did he have to not go all out in protecting her…..Compared to her risking her life, the levels he needed to sacrifice in comparison was not even worth mentioning.  Although it was impossible for him to defeat the Azure Dragon, if he could use his levels to exchange for her safe retreat, it was still worth it. Compared to the girl’s life and her crystal heart which she gave to him, these levels did not count for anything.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a faint smile and he looked at the struggling Azure Dragon and the young girl using her body to block the Azure Dragon.  His left hand slowly began to rise…..The white mark penetrated the Holy Dragon’s Fang and the sparkling light was incomparably dazzling……


Illusory God Change, Carlos Fernandez!  This was the only thing he could use to fight the Azure Dragon.  Although he could only maintain the Illusory God Change for thirty seconds, it was enough to stop the Azure Dragon and let the girl escape.  When he was about to shout the final “change” word, the glow on his left hand suddenly became stronger by several times and the four pointed mark appeared clearly on the back of his hand…..There was a white glowing Sacred Mark that appeared on his left hand and it shined downwards, passing through the sea and shining to an unknown place……

With a deep sound, there was words that appeared in his mind.  Each word was so strong that it shook Ye Tian Xi’s mind…..

“Such strong protective thoughts…..This kind of stubbornness to ignore your life to only have protective thoughts, your stubbornness has awakened me.  You, what do you want to protect?”

The voice coming from within shocked Ye Tian Xie.  He silently listened, not knowing what to respond with.

“After the dreariness of ten thousand years, I have waited for you to finally appear…..The possessor of the Sacred Mark, please accept… power.  Go and protect everything you want to protect.”

The deep voice slowly disappeared and Kaka beneath Ye Tian Xie also felt something as it shook restlessly.  An intense power coming from an unknown place suddenly flowed into Ye Tian Xie through the Sacred Mark on his left hand.  This energy was large and wild, just like a dam that had just broken.

“I……am the one who protected the heaven’s orders, the protective knight from the abyss!”

With these final words, the speed of strength flowing into him increased several dozen times and Ye Tian Xie’s face distorted.  With such powerful strength flowing into him, what he was withstanding was the pain that could explode his body…..This feeling was the same as when he accepted the power of the Sacred Mark in the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins!

The knight from the abyss….could it be……

This powerful energy could be felt by the Azure Dragon and the young girl.  The Azure Dragon began to feel restless as it released a broken ice shard attack at Ye Tian Xie, but the light sword in the young girl’s hand formed a net of light that cut apart the ice shards……In just a few seconds, the power flowing into Ye Tian Xie stopped.  In an instant, the intense light suddenly seemed like it was flowing into the drain as it disappeared at a quick speed…..

“Ding…..You have obtained the Illusory God Skill: Abyss Knight – Dragon Abyss!”

“Ding…..You have obtained the complete strength left behind by the ‘Abyss Knight’.  For the next three minutes, you can use the Illusory God Skill, Abyss Knight without limit.  After three minutes, whether the Illusory God Skill, Abyss Knight is used or not, the power of the Abyss Knight will completely disappear.”

Illusory God Change, Abyss Knight: With the Sacred Mark’s power as a source, you can transform into the ancient Illusory Beast Clan’s protective god, Dragon Abyss and can use all the strength he had in his peak!

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Illusory God Change!!”

Without any hesitation and with cold eyes, he accepted all the protective energy in his body and activated the Illusory God Skill from the protection god…..

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