EDAH Chapter 458


Chapter 458: Abyssal Claw Emperor

Without any preparation, Ye Tian Xie suddenly had an extra job and it was a force Job Change.  If it wasn’t for the fact he had obtained the “God’s Gift” allowing him to have three Jobs at once, one of his existing Jobs would have been forcefully replaced.

This suddenly obtained Job was definitely related to the black mark on the back of his right hand and the furball that instantly fused with the mark.  This kind of Job Change went against common sense.

Abyssal Claw Emperor…..What kind of Job was this?

Ye Tian Xie’s mind was completely focused on the young girl in his embrace, he didn’t want to think about anything else.  On the sea, there were too many uncertainties. For this girl right now, even if it was a strong breeze, it could take her life.  Ye Tian Xie looked at the sky that returned to normal before taking out an Illusory Bead, directly returning to his home in Heavenly Stellar City.


Appearing in the main hall, his house was very quiet without any sound.  Su Fei Fei, as well as Chen Xin and Chen Xue were not there. Looking at his friends list, he saw that they weren’t online, as if they were doing something outside.  Ye Tian Xie didn’t think about it as he carried the girl directly into his room, placing her onto the bed…..The room was carefully arranged by Chen Xin, the bed had the best bedding one could buy from the shop and the pillow was made by her…..Her Tailoring Technique kept improving slowly.  All life skills had their strong point and what the Tailoring Technique would develop to at its peak…..there was no one that could imagine it.

Speaking of this, although this was Ye Tian Xie’s room, he had never slept in the bed before.  Placing the girl on the soft mattress, the girl let out a moan of comfort. Her body moved slightly before she calmed down.  Her petite nose moved slightly as her breathing calmed down, clearly showing she had fallen asleep.

Her current posture was very much like Xiao Xi’s, even their sleeping positions were very alike.

What was her name?

Ye Tian Xie quietly watched her for a while before walking out with soft steps.

Arriving in the yard, Ye Tian Xie raised his right hand and looked at the back of it……On the back, there was a black sun mark…..He had clearly left the Lava Prison already, but the mark actually didn’t disappear.

It was just like the Sacred Mark that had appeared on the back of his left hand in the Illusory Beast Clan Ruins.

One white, one back, one left, one right…..Could it be there was a relation between them?

Opening his status, he looked at the new Job he had suddenly obtained……

Abyssal Claw Emperor: Pride, wrath, envy, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust…..Under the attack of the seven sins and the attachment of a Demon Spirit, the Demon Seal was awakened.  The slumbering Claw Emperor brought the red, blue, green, yellow, purple, black, and white flames of sin to return from the endless abyss. When these seven flames of sin burn, the world will welcome the disaster of the Claw Emperor returning from the abyss.

“……”  Ye Tian Xie was confused looking at the introduction to the Abyssal Claw Emperor Job.  It wasn’t like the introduction to a Job at all because it didn’t describe the origin and specialty of the Job at all, rather it was just like an ancient curse.

Innate Skills:

Claw Emperor’s Privilege: The Claw Emperor’s greatest and most terrifying privilege was his ability to control the legendary Demon Spirit.  The Claw Emperor is the only one who can control the Demon Spirit and allow it to grow. Currently, the Demon Spirit is attached so the Claw Emperor’s Privilege can reveal its greatest fangs.

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

Demon Spirit?  Could it be the furball?

Demon Seal…..What was this Demon Seal?  Could it be the black mark on the back of his right hand!?

Claw Emperor’s Resentment: The Claw Emperor is the combination of all negative feelings, being the world’s most evil demon.  Other than itself, all living beings are targets of its resentment.

Effects: When attacking, there is a chance of applying “fear” or “absolute fear” on targets.  The chance of triggering will depend on the other side’s strength, their disposition, and their innately set focus.  When attacked, 20% of all damage will be forcefully reflected. Passive effect, but can be turned off.

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

Seeing this “Claw Emperor’s Resentment”, Ye Tian Xie’s heart was filled with waves of shock…..He wasn’t shocked by the added fear effect or the forced reflected damage, but rather the line…..”The Claw Emperor is the combination of all negative feelings, being the world’s most evil demon”……

The world’s most evil demon……

What did the Job he changed into mean?  Just how evil was the world’s most evil demon for it to be considered the most evil.  Also why would this kind of Job suddenly appear on his body? Could it be he was the world’s most evil demon?

Ye Tian Xie looked at his hands…..Considering this, he didn’t count as a good person, but he also wasn’t a bad person.

Flames of Catastrophe: Abyss flames, flames of sin, the source flames of all evil and sin.  Once the Flames of Catastrophe begin burning, the Claw Emperor will become a terrifying demon of disaster.  The Flames of Catastrophe have seven different colours and activating it will cause one of the seven flames to burn one’s body, increasing one’s stats instantly.  There is no way of estimating the increase in stats, but once the Flames of Catastrophe begin burning, one’s consciousness will be eroded by the Flames of Catastrophe.  Before the flame burns out, the user will lose their reason and wildly attack everything they can see, only stopping in death. Costs 700 MP to activate and can only be maintained for one minute for now.  After use, HP and MP will permanently drop by 300 and Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Intelligence will permanently drop by 30. Can be used at most one time each day.

Seven colours of the Flames of Catastrophe.

Red Flame: The red flame of sin, representing wrath.  After it is ignited, it will greatly increase the user’s attack power and critical hit rate, but the increase cannot be estimated.

Blue Flame: The blue flame of sin, representing gluttony.  After it is ignited, it will greatly increase the user’s magic attack power and MP, but the increase cannot be estimated.  Any magic used during this time will not consume any MP.

Green Flame: The green flame of sin, representing lust.  After it is ignited, it will greatly increase the user’s attack speed, evasion, and accuracy, but the increase cannot be estimated.

Purple Flame: The purple flame of sin, representing pride.  After it is ignited, it will return all damage taken increased by several times back to the other side.

Yellow Flame: The yellow flame of sin, representing sloth.  After it is ignited, it will greatly increase the user’s defensive and shockwave force behind the user’s attack, but the increase cannot be estimated.

Light Flame: The white flame of sin, representing greed.  After it is ignited, it will greatly increase the user’s HP and HP recovery speed, but the increase cannot be estimated.

Dark Flame: The black flame of sin, representing envy.  After it is ignited, it will greatly increase the chance of afflicting darkness, paralysis, fainting, freezing, confusion, sleep, petrification, sealed, magic seal, fear, cursed…..Any one of these countless status effects on attack.  It also decreases attack, defense, magic attack, accuracy, evasion, move speed, attack speed…..One of these countless stat decrease will also be applied on attack.

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

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