EDAH Chapter 464


Chapter 464: Angel’s Blue (Part 1)

This was an uncommon looking man with a calm expression.  His clothes and his aura was enough to tell that he had a certain level of status.  He stood there with his eyes following Ye Tian Xie’s group, finally falling on Ran Chen Xin as she walked into the jeweller.  In the end, he could vaguely feel that man whose face he didn’t see turn back to look at him.

“Young master, do you like those girls?  Those two girls are indeed not bad. We didn’t see their faces, but their bodies, I have never seen anything like that in my life…..Those two little ones are even better, especially the one wearing the purple clothes.  She’s already this charming at such a young age, when she becomes bigger, ze, ze…..” Beside the young man, there was a hairy middle aged man revealing a knowing smile. He had a flattering smile as he spoke.

The young man did not reply.  After thinking with a frown for a while, he said, “Are you responsible for this jewellry shop?”

“Yes young master, every store on this street is managed by me.  In order to welcome you, we have already made our preparations and we definitely will not disappoint the young master.”  The middle aged man respectfully said. A pair of small eyes were sparkling with a fine light.


The young man raised a hand and said, “The people who just went in, go in and do whatever you can to stop them.  I want to thoroughly investigate them.”

“Understood.”  The middle age man immediately gave an “ok” hand signal and revealed an ambiguous smile.  In his heart, he began to feel sympathy for Ye tian Xie with the four girls, it was clear the young man would make a move against these girls.

Ran Ke Ya’s jewelry store, even in the capital city, this jewelry store was known by all.  It was the third best jewelry store under the “Su Shi Gardens” and the “Jade over the world”, having a total of seven stores in the capital city alone, each one being magnificently decorated.  As a top leader in the jewelry business, the jewelry they had were all top grade jewelry. This was the exclusive territory of rich people and a place for one to display their wealth. Even in the capital city which had the highest economy in China, 90% of people all avoided this place.

As soon as one steps in, their eyes would be dazzled by the bright jewelry.  When these two absolute beauties, as well as two young girls who were like fairies walked in, the place became even more bright.  This kind of lineup would become the center of attention no matter where they went.

“Ran Ke Ya…..Chen Xin, this jeweller has the same surname as you.”  Su Fei Fei said with a smile before she began to look things over. The largest jeweller in the capital city belonged to her family and after being exposed to all kinds of variety, Su Fei Fei was already disinterested in these top class jewelry.  This incomparably precious jewelry was nothing more than a normal glass ball to her. However, today was different because today she was with her favourite man. Being alone and coming with someone one loves was completely different.

“This…..It should be a coincidence.”  Ran Chen Xin’s hand grabbed the hem of her clothes as she spoke in a small voice.  She clearly was someone who didn’t know how to lie. When she spoke, there was a clear anxious and disturbed look on her face.  Ye Tian Xie saw the sign, he revealed a smile as his heart filled with thoughts.

Su Fei Fei kept looking around for something that could catch her eyes, not paying attention to Chen Xin’s feelings.  She pulled her inside, “We’ll go in and take a look, the best ones are usually in the back.”

Leaving Ye Tian Xie, Su Fei Fei pulled Chen Xin to the center counter.  Ye Tian Xie led Chen Xue and Xiao Xi to follow behind them and he asked, “Xue’er, have you been here before?”

Chen Xue shook her head, “Never.  I spent most of my time lying in bed before, I rarely went out.”

“Then have you heard this name before?”  Ye Tian Xie paid attention to the name “Ran Ke Ya”.  With Chen Xue’s previous condition, being able to breath fresh air was already a luxury.  For the things outside, even things involving her family, she didn’t know a lot.

“I haven’t…..Yi?”  Chen Xue had just finished speaking when her expression froze.  She said in an uncertain voice, “Now that big brother has mentioned it, it seems like…..I’ve heard this name before.”  She thought about it and said, “Un, I should have heard someone mention this name before, so I have a bit of memory on this…..Big brother, is there a problem here?”

Ye Tian Xie shook his head and said nothing else.  He led the two girls to the front counter.

Su Fei Fei and Ran Chen Xin’s appearance made the front counter girl stunned for a while.  Immediately, she revealed a faint professional smile as she said with a slight bow, “Two beautiful young misses, you are even more bright than the most expensive jewelry in our shop.  I wonder what business are we lucky enough to receive today.”

Although the counter girl’s mouth was filled with praise and her face had a comforting smile, her eyes were much dimmer after her shock.  In her eyes, although Su Fei Fei and Ran Chen Xin had extraordinary faces, bodies, and auras, in the service industry, the most important thing to judge was not a person’s appearance or aura, it was their clothes.  The clothes and bags these girls had were not even brand names, and there was nothing special about their materials. This all made her sigh. This kind of beautiful person was wearing these kinds of clothes, it made the jealousy inside of her calm down.

How could she have known that Su Fei Fei’s clothes were all from the world’s top designers and they weren’t from the same person.  On her entire body were the works of six top designers from France, England, Italy, and Russia. Each work they made had a sky high price and wasn’t certain it could be bought with money.  The works they made were not only precious, they were also one of a kind. How could they have logos that promoted brands placed on them. Chen Xin’s clothes also came from Su Fei Fei, only she didn’t know the price of these clothes at all.

Although Ran Chen Xin was only two years younger than Su Fei Fei, her breast and chest were richer than Su Fei Fei’s, so after wearing Su Fei Fei’s clothes, the slightly tight clothes revealed her body figure.  Chen Xin who normally wore loose clothes to hide her figure had fixed her clothes for a long time before leaving the house and Ye Tian Xie’s hot gaze looking at her made her heart beat fast, not daring to look up.

The country girl looked at Ye Tian Xie who came with them and her eyes became even dimmer…..This was because the clothes he wore were clearly clothes that could be bought from the roadside for a hundred dollars, which also came with a free pair of socks.

This kind of guests, most of them just came in to look before leaving.

“Chen Xin, you don’t seem to have a necklace.  Let me see…..Look at that one, the gem is so bright, it’ll definitely be very pretty if you wear it.  Do you think it looks good?” Su Fei Fei immediately found her first target, pointing at a necklace with a rainbow gem as she spoke.

“That necklace is called ‘Rainbow’.  The chain is made of the purest gold and the gem is a natural agate that has seven different colours, which are also the seven colours of the rainbow.  It represents the seven colours of human life and perfect love. It costs ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine dollars, it can be used to symbolize a colourful life and eternal love.”  Although she didn’t have any hope, the counter girl still introduced it in detail.

“Ninety nine thousand…..Ah, isn’t this a bit too expensive.”  Ran Chen Xin said to Su Fei Fei in a careful voice. When she and Chen Xue were living the hard life, each cent was hard to obtain.  Although they no longer lived that life style and left the shadows, she simply was not used to living luxuriously. Her whispers made the counter girl’s eyes flash with a trace of disdain.

“Tian Xie, what do you think about this necklace?  Doesn’t it suit Chen Xin?” Su Fei Fei turned to Ye Tian Xie and asked with a soft blink.  Chen Xin also secretly looked at him, as her heart filled with a faint hope.

Ye Tian Xie looked over the necklace and shook his head, “Extremely bright colours do not suit Chen Xin.  The most suited for her is a warm, pure, and simple colour.” Ye Tian Xie looked around and it fell onto something in front of him…..It was a sapphire necklace that didn’t have any specialties, but it was not in the front counter, but rather in a place by itself on the wall.  It was not the only item in the grid, but it was in a 3×3 grid of nine. There was no doubt that this was the most conspicuous part of the store and when Ye Tian Xie’s eyes fell onto it, it was attracted to the center of it.

The chain was very thin and looked transparent, it was unknown what material it was made of.  Underneath it, there was a blue gem that was the size of a thumb and it was wrapped in a layer of natural light.  Looking at it, it seemed like the blue light was slightly shaking. It seemed very soft and dim, but when the light entered one’s eyes, it was as if it was shining into one’s heart, making people’s heart feel warm and soothed.

This light was not made from modern technology, but it was a kind of mysterious natural light.  Ye Tian Xie looked at it for a while before saying, “Beauty, can you help me take down this necklace?  This pure light blue, this intimate aura, this light aura that can make people’s heart feel warm. Chen Xin, the feeling it gives me is like the feeling you give me.  Can you wear it for me?”

Su Fei Fei and Ran Chen Xin looked at this sapphire necklace at the same time and her beautiful eyes revealed a moving glow.  The counter girl looked at where Ye Tian Xie was pointing and her face revealed a look of danger.

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