EDAH Chapter 466


Chapter 466: Crystal soft jade ring

“So beautiful!  This necklace seems like it was born to be with Chen Xin…..However, hee, hee, it’s still our Chen Xin who is beautiful, looking good no matter what you wear.”  Su Fei Fei praised Chen Xin while revealing a smile.

Chen Xin’s hand couldn’t help coming up as it fell onto the sapphire gem.  In that moment, she finally understood what the feeling of having her heart melt felt like.  The feelings she suppressed for a long time chaotically burst out and interconnected, finally turning into an impulse to break out in tears.  For the first time, there was a man who had put a necklace on for her. It didn’t matter if the necklace was normal or expensive, the person that put the necklace on for her was…..

“Now tell me, do you like it?”  Ye Tian Xie looked at her, speaking in a gentle voice.  The current Chen Xin completely red, revealing an unparalleled beauty.  His eyes greedily took it in, not willing to turn for a while.

Chen Xin nodded before giving strong nods.  The corners of her lips moved several times before she said in a trembling voice, “I like it…..Thank you big brother Tian Xie…..”


After saying this, her hand forcefully covered her mouth, not letting her say anything she shouldn’t say.

Ye Tian Xie shook his head with a faint smile, “Is there a need to thank me?  You are an angel who doesn’t belong in the human world, but you were sent to the wrong place.  It’s a good thing destiny made plans for you and you came to my side. This is destiny taking care of me, you are the unique Chen Xin who warms my heart again and again.  The same unique Angel’s Blue should belong to you.”

The counter girl secretly looked at Ran Chen Xin and her face revealed a deep envy.  She could only lower her head, feeling inferior.

Su Fei Fei affectionately held Ye Tian Xie’s arm with one hand while her other hand pinched Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder at an angle people couldn’t see, turning it a hundred and eighty degrees without her expression changing…..He’s becoming more and more out of hand!  He was using this kind of unbridled words to coax other girls in front of her…..What’s even more infuriating was that it seemed like he had never said these kinds of words to her before.

The corners of Ye Tian Xie’s lips twitched and it took quite a bit of effort to ensure he didn’t show any strange expressions.

“Tian Xie, I also want something…..”  Su Fei Fei’s hand pinching Ye Tian Xie let go, but she swayed her body like a spoiled kid in front of Ye Tian Xie, speaking in a cute voice.

“Then……What kind of jewelry does my Fei Fei want?”  Ye Tian Xie took a cold breath and then he spoke with a forced smile.

Su Fei Fei took back her hand and stretched out her white palm in front of Ye Tian Xie, swaying it, “Tian Xie, don’t you feel that my hand is missing something?”

“What?”  Ye Tian Xie asked with a clueless expression.

“Idiot!  It’s a ring!”  Su Fei Fei softly hit him.

“Oh……”  Ye Tian Xie revealed an enlightened expression.  He rubbed his nose and said, “Which one do you want?”

“Help me pick one…..No!  It’s help me but it. I’ll wear whatever you want to buy.”  Su Fei Fei said with a faint smile.

“Alright.”  Ye Tian Xie turned around and he pointed at a display case.  That clean action clearly showed he had already found one, “Help me bring that one down.”

A box with a clear as crystal ring was taken down.  The counter girl began to explain out of habit, “This is……”

“I know, this is was made from the crystal soft jade brought back from the Lyle Star and there are only three hundred pieces in the world.  I’ve forgotten its name, but I don’t need to know.” Opening the box, Ye Tian Xie carefully took the ring and place it in his palm. He looked at the crystal that seemed like carved glass.  Actually, it was as soft as rubbed, giving it the name crystal soft jade. Gently holding the ring, Ye Tian Xie looked into Su Fei Fei’s eyes and said with a faint smile, “Crystal soft jade, it has a beautiful and luxurious appearance and it allows people show off their wealth.  It looks like beautiful crystal made of ice on the outside, but actually, only someone who has worn it before will know just how warm and soft it is. Just like my Fei Fei, she is beautiful on the outside with an incredible background, but for a rotten man, she is willing to give up the dignity that a normal girl should have.  Even if she has an arrogant appearance, for this man, she is willing to silently do many things she wouldn’t have done before, caring for and taking care of him…..Actually, I know everything, I’ve always know.” He raised his hand and held the ring in his palm, “The crystal has a beautiful outside and a soft inside. Moreover, its heart isn’t as easy to break as crystals and is countless times more firm than crystal.  Even if it fell into a thirty thousand meter abyss and was burned by the flames of hell, even if it was cut by the sharpest knife, it will not change at all. This is the true never changing heart……”

Opening his palm, he placed the ring in front of Su Fei Fei.  Seeing her trembling eyes, he said in a soft voice, “This crystal soft jade ring is for… Fei Fei who I will never leave.”

An incomparably warm feeling passed through the two of them and gradually, it infected everyone here.  Everyone could see a faint mist gradually filling Su Fei Fei’s eyes. She wanted to cry, she wanted to laugh, she wanted to throw herself into his embrace……

It wasn’t any confession of love and it wasn’t any sweet words, just the description of a ring was enough to melt Su Fei Fei’s heart.  She had never felt like this before, this unregretful that she had fallen in love with him…..Even if he was overbearing, unfaithful, and…..

She reached her hand out to take the ring, but there was a blur in front of her eye as Ye Tian Xie’s took back the ring.  He said with an evil smile, “Did you forget? This is the ring I bought for you, I should also personally put it on for you.”

Su Fei Fei revealed a faint smile as she softly hit him with her hand.  When she hit him, it was incredibly soft.

“Big brother, big sister Fei Fei, you will certainly be happy together.”  Chen Xue raised her head to look at them, speaking with a soft smile.

“Xue’er and little sister Chen Xin will also be happy, big sister can promise this for you.”  Su Fei Fei looked at Chen Xue and revealed a very mysterious and warm smile.

“Un!”  Chen Xue revealed a smile that was incredibly cute.

“Help me wrap it up, it’s best if you use a small box.”  Ye Tian Xie returned the crystal soft jade ring and said this to the counter girl.

“Alright sir.  This ring costs one million, three hundred and fourteen thousand dollars.”  The counter girl respectfully said. The prices set for these valuable items were very special.  Perhaps it would be 99999 representing as lasting as the world itself, or it would be 1314 representing being together forever, making people unable to bargain for a lower price, otherwise they would destroy this kind of perfect number.

The ring was quickly packed into a small and luxurious looking box.  Ye Tian Xie took it and placed it into his pocket. The counter girl wanted to speak, but she hesitated…..In the luxury good industry, it was best to be discrete.  Before the customer paid the bill, the goods could not enter the customer’s hand. However…..Thinking of the White Gold Emperor’s Card in Ye Tian Xie’s hands, she wisely did not say a word.  A person with the White Gold Emperor’s Card, how could someone like that run on a bill.

“You’re……not putting it on for me?”  Su Fei Fei saw that he didn’t put the ring on her for her, so her lips secretly pursed as she spoke.

“This…..For something important like this, of course we need the most appropriate place and time.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed a mysterious and gentle smile.

Su Fei Fei lowered her head, as her heart filled with a sweet feeling she had never felt before.  She looked down at Chen Xue and said, “Xiao Xue, which one do you like? Have your big brother buy it for you.”

“I also want big brother to choose for me.”  Chen Xue’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Ye Tian Xie with eyes filled with hope.

“Alright.”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled and his finger pointed at a place he already chosen, “Help me take out that brooch.”

A white jade brooch carved to look like a dancing butterfly entered Ye Tian Xie’s hand.  Ye Tian Xie bent down and quickly placed the brooch on her chest, “Snow white, just like my family’s Xue’er’s name and pure white mind.  A butterfly is just like the cute and resourceful Xue’er. Xue’er is a butterfly who has struggled out of her cocoon and now can enjoy everything she wished for.  You no longer need to return to your shackles of misery and can enjoy the joy any other girl can enjoy.”

“Big brother…..Un!”  She called out “big brother” before giving a forceful nod and revealing a joyful smile.

“Beauty, help me take down that purple pearl.”  Ye Tian Xie pointed forward again at a purple pearl that was inside a crystal case…..That pearl was only the size of a thumb and there was a long purple string tying it.  This should be an ornament that hangs over one’s neck.

Taking it, Ye Tian Xie bent over and placed it over Xiao Xi’s neck.  Seeing her closed eyes, he said, “Xiao Xi, can you feel its colour? It’s your favourite purple colour.  Purple represent warmth and hope, as well as being the darkest and most striking colour of the sun’s colours.  This purple pearl is for you because Xiao Xi is the most valuable pearl always be my side, always being warm to me, never retreating.”

Xiao Xi looked up and looked at Ye Tian Xie’s eyes with her closed eyes.  Her long lashes slightly trembled as she reached out her little hand, placing it on the cold purple pearl on her chest.  She secretly placed it closer, like she wanted to press it into her body.

“Large bad guy, you even try to trick Xiao Xi…..You won’t even let her off, humph.”  Su Fei Fei muttered in a low voice.

“Mister, can you settle the bill?  Because……in the jewelry industry, a customer usually pays the bill first before taking the items.”  Seeing that another piece of jewelry that wasn’t cheap was taken by him, the counter girl finally couldn’t take it and respectfully said this in a tactful manner.

“Alright.”  Ye Tian Xie took out the white gold card and said, “Swipe it.”

“Please wait a moment.”  The counter girl had a chest filled with excitement as she carefully took it.  Her heart was beating several times faster……Four items, for a total of over thirty nine million dollars!  This kind of guest, it was unknown how long she would have to wait to be lucky enough to meet one like this.

When the counter girl was about to swipe the card in the machine, a middle aged man that had quite a bit of weight walked out from the back.  She quickly bowed to him, “Manager.”

“How much did they buy?”  The manager looked at Ye Tian Xie’s group with narrowed eyes, whispering in a low voice.

“A total of thirty nine million, three hundred and fourteen thousand dollars.”  She honestly replied.

“Oh…..It seems like his backing isn’t small.”  The manager said to himself in a low voice. The counter girl hearing this was confused, but the “manager” waved his hand at her, “Go to the back and help other guests, I’ll take care of this…..Relax, you won’t be lacking anything in terms of commision.”

“Yes.”  The counter girl gave Ye Tian Xie’s card to the “manager”.  She couldn’t help looking back at Ye Tian Xie’s group before she walked to the back.

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