EDAH Chapter 470


Chapter 470: Ran Ling Feng (Part 2)

“Ran Ling Feng, isn’t that the Ran Family’s first in line successor…..Speaking of this, this jewelry store belongs to the Ran Family.  I’ve occasionally heard my dad mention that the Ran Family has always been in the luxury accessory business and have close relations to gangs.”  Su Fei Fei said in a surprised voice on the side, “Tian Xie, why do you know that person is Ran Ling Feng and know that he’s nearby?”

“Guess.”  Ye Tian Xie casually said before turning around.  His fell onto Chen Xue’s delicate shoulders and he said to the anxious Chen Xin, “Relax.  You two sisters have wandered outside for two years now and have met all kinds of bitterness, but you’ve withstood all of them.  Could it be that you’re afraid to see a family member…..With me here, not to mention him, even if his father comes, you can hold your head high up when you meet him…..”

“I’m not afraid, I just…..hate him a lot!”  Chen Xue leaned against Ye Tian Xie, speaking in a low voice.

“I also…..hate him very much.”  Chen Xin also said. It could be imagined what kind of person he was for her to actually hate him.


Su Fei Fei was confused hearing this at first before she said in a surprised voice, “Chen Xin, Chen Xue, you know Ran Lin Feng?  That’s right, you’re also surnamed Ran…..Could it be you’re relatives?”

That period was a memory Ran Chen Xin never wanted to recall in this life, so she never mentioned it to Su Fei Fei before.  When Su Fei Fei asked her this, her response made Su Fei Fei not ask anything else…..To her, it was not important what background she had.  The important thing was that she was a close friend who she didn’t have any barriers to.

“The Ran Family’s head was a mild mannered and cultured man.”  Ye Tian Xie closed his eyes and slowly said, “The Ran Family’s inheritance goes back over a hundred years.  They are a large family, whether it is in terms of money or influence, it is growing deeper and deeper. They developed with their own strength and never chose to do evil acts, nor would they fear those with evil intentions.  The Ran Family of over ten years ago would never associate with the underworld gangs to develop faster, but they were corrupted by black money.”

“Only, the greed in a person’s heart has no limits.  When they already had a lot, they wanted to have even more.  Adding in the benefits and enticement, as well as appropriate force, there are times they would do some crazy things.  Once the heart is corrupted by darkness, it will quickly spread until the entire heart is dyed black. Various family conflicts and even family disasters will occur, and the bigger a family is, the more easy it is for their humanity to be destroyed because a larger family has more benefits and power…..Fei Fei, not everyone can be like your father, being able to rule such a large realm alone.  Just based on this point, in the entirety of China, only your father can do something like this.”

Su Fei Fei: “……”

She vaguely understood something.

Chen Xin and Chen Xue were secretly gritting their teeth.  Their always kind father and their always gentle mother……Chen Xin gentle character that was aloof from the world was fostered by her mother and father, but she couldn’t see them anymore.  There were some things that although they couldn’t be seen, they were only covered with a thin layer of lies. It was something that could be easily seen through and broken.

With ten real guns and these soldiers with oppressive auras guarding outside, the onlookers and reporters outside did not dare enter.  At this time, there was a set of even footsteps that sounded out, as a man with an extraordinary aura wearing a faint coloured suit and a blue tie with a medium sized stature walked over.  Looking at his appearance, he seemed to be less than thirty years old. He looked over this place and he revealed a trace of a smile before walking straight in.

This person was Ran Ling Feng.

His other identity was the «Destiny» world’s Red Leaves Guild’s Guild Master, the famously calm and publically renowned Red Leaves Strong Gale.

When the fatty manager saw him come in, it was like he was pardoned.  He took three steps as one as he ran over, “Young master.”

Ran Ling Feng nodded at him before looking at Ye Tian Xie’s group.  His eyes swept over the five of them and he revealed a surprised expression, “Chen Xing, Xiao Xue…..Why are you here?  It’s really great nothing happened to you. We’ve been searching for you for two years now, my mom and dad have been so worried that they don’t even have an appetite…..Xiao Xue looks much better now.  If my mom and dad knew about this, they will certainly be filled with joy…..Also young miss Su, for you to come to our Ran Family’s little store, it’s truly an honour for you to come to our humble store……Also this friend…..”

Without waiting for Ye Tian Xie to speak, he began to speak to the fatty manager in a reprimanding tone, “We have this kind of honoured guests today, you actually didn’t call me earlier and even troubled this friend to call me with your cell phone, you’re truly going overboard.”

“Yes, yes…..I will be more attentive next time.”  The fatty manager quickly groveled.

Chen Xin and Chen Xue looked at him with cold gazes…..Their eyes were ice cold.  Whether it was Su Fei Fei or Ye Tian Xie, this was their first time seeing this. They didn’t saw anything……With Ye Tian Xie in front of them, they were filled with hatred, but they did not show a single trace of fear.  This feeling of safety, it was something they only dared hope for in a dream…..They who had no one to rely on before really needed this kind of feeling.

Faced with his greeting, Su Fei Fei didn’t say anything and looked at Ye Tian Xie.  She could already feel that Ye Tian Xie gave this large show today just to call this Ran Ling Feng over.

Ye Tian Xie revealed a smile that was several times more sloppy than Ran Ling Feng’s smile.  It could be said that Ran Ling Feng’s expression, the curve of his smile, and even his eyes were perfectly coordinated, not revealing a single wrinkle or a trace of being forced.  A smiling person who reached his hand out and didn’t fight, this kind of polite person made Ye Tian Xie unsure of how to greet him.

“Young master Ran, this meeting was long in the making.  I’ve long heard of the Ran Family’s young master’s calm and cultured personality, never bullying others and preferring to do charity.  You can be considered the capital city’s number one~~(fake) young master. Meeting you today, you really do live up to that reputation.  It has really opened my eyes.” Ye Tian Xie said while laughing.

“He, he.”  Ran Ling Feng gave a soft laugh before saying, “Friend, you are mistaken, there is no need for you to call me ‘young master Ran’.  If you don’t mind, you can call me Ling Feng. I wonder, what is this friend called?”

“But there are a few words I don’t understand.”  Ye Tian Xie completely ignored his question, speaking for himself, “You’ve called them ‘Chen Xin’ and ‘Xiao Xue’ and even said you’ve been looking for them, could it be there is some background between you and them?”

Ran Ling Feng’s expression did not change as he casually said, “Oh?  Could it be they didn’t tell this friend? Chen Xin and Xiao Xue are little sister’s from my uncle’s family.  Four years ago, first uncle…..Ai, an accident happened and lost his life. My two little sisters were deeply hurt by this matter and were crushed with grief.  Two years ago, they suddenly left our house and scared our entire family. We have been looking for them ever since…..” He looked up and said to Chen Xin and Chen Xue, “The family is very worried about you, luckily the heavens pity me and I’ve finally found you two…..Come back with me first today, the people in the family are almost dying with worry.  There is a way to cure Xiao Xue’s illness. Even if our Ran Family loses everything, we will not let this tragedy happen.”

What was called words more pleasant than song was experienced by Ye Tian Xie.  Su Fei Fei who hadn’t spoken the entire time gave a cold laugh and said in an unimpressed voice, “My two little sister haven’t left the capital city in the past two years.  For a large family like the Ran Family to not find them after two years of searching, one is unsure if we should admire you or not.”

Ran Ling Feng gave a bitter laugh and helplessly said, “I’m not afraid of being laughed at.  We never thought that they wouldn’t leave the capital city, so while we’ve searched the entire country, we’ve omitted this place…..”

“Hei…..”  Ye Tian Xie gave a very strange laugh before casually saying, “Young master Ran, go back and tell your parents that the current Chen Xin is better than anyone else.  Xue’er’s illness has already been completely cured and they shouldn’t worry anymore. If they still want to worry…..Hei, it’s best if they worry about themselves. They’re already old, if they’re not careful, a cold could prove fatal.”

“Ha, ha, ha, this friends words are truly interesting.  Alright, I’ll honestly tell my father this. If this is Chen Xin and Xiao Xue’s choice, we as their family will naturally respect their choices…..Oh?  You said Xiao Xue’s illness is completely cured? I wonder, did this friend invite a famous doctor?” Ran Ling Feng asked with a curious expression.

“You don’t need to worry about this.  Now, we need to talk about some proper business.”  Ye Tian Xie’s eyes looked over at the fatty covered in sweat and he said, “Your Ran Family’s shop is truly great, daring to cheat me out of thirty cents!  Honestly speaking, I’m very angry.”

Ran Ling Feng’s brows knit and he turned to the fatty manager to say, “What is going on?”

“This…..This…..I…..”  The fatty stuttered for a while, not knowing what to say.  He couldn’t admit it and couldn’t not say anything, so he almost broke out in tears.


Ran Ling Feng’s face filled with anger and sent a heavy slap across the fatty manager’s face, “Who gave you such courage, actually daring to cheat such an important guest!!”

“I was wrong young master, I won’t dare next time.”  The fatty covered his face and retreated half a step, but her gave a sigh in his heart.  With a slap to the face, his involvement in this matter should be over……

Ran Ling Feng turned around and revealed a faint apologetic smile, “Sorry, we’ve allowed you to see a joke, I will definitely properly handle him.  As for the unhappiness we’ve caused, we will certainly do our best to offer compensations. How about this? Your expenses today will be put onto my account.  Please pick anything that you like.”

This was not a restaurant, this was not a grocery store, this was not a market, it was a jewelry store with priceless items!  These words “pick anything you like and it’ll be placed on my account” was incomparably heavy. Ye Tian Xie however raised his hand and said with a smile, “No need, how could we allow young master Ran take this expense.  We’ve already bought what we want to buy…..As for this compensation, of course we’ll take it, but it is very simple. We are not man eating lions.”

“Oh?  Friend, please speak.  As long as it can be done, we’ll do our best to fulfill it.”  Ran Ling Feng spoke with a faint smile. The smile of Ye Tian Xie in front of him made his heart unable to stop the cold feeling filling it.

“You can do it, you can do it immediately.”  Ye Tian Xie’s smile became even more sloppy, “I just want your front teeth to play with.”


With a sharp wind, a slap that was countless times heavier than the slap Ran Ling Feng gave the fatty manager hit Ran Ling Feng’s face, causing his body to turn 720° in the air.  Three of his front teeth covered in blood flew out in arcs in different directions.

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