EDAH Chapter 476


Chapter 476: Dragon Soul Rend, Dragon Soul Roar (Part 3)

“Ha…..These monsters have two sharp and long fangs, just like an elephant and it’s even in the same place.”  Xing Bao Er whispered as she ran towards the Brutal Fang Beast. With Chen Xue’s special medicine on her, Xing Bao Er had reached ten meters away from them and these Brutal Fang Beasts did not react at all.  Ye Tian Xie did not dare approach because once he was within thirty meters of them, he would attract the aggro of the Brutal Fang Beasts and would be attacked by a group of them. He was not worried, but it could easily affect Xing Bao Er.

“Xiao Bao Er, it’s best you stay a bit further away from them, otherwise I can’t save you when they become wild.”  Ye Tian Xie helplessly said.

“Humph!  I don’t want to.  You actually said such vulgar words to a pure and chaste girl like me, you’re too…..Ah, ah, ah!!”

When Xing Bao Er cried out, she had reached five meters of the Brutal Fang Beasts.  Similar to them suddenly waking up, the wandering Brutal Fang Beasts in front suddenly gave a strange roar as their red eyes stared right at Xing Bao Er.  They turned around and charged at her with a wild aura.


Xing Bao Er was stunned by this and she only reacted when they charged in front of her.  She shouted in a shocked voice as she ran towards Ye Tian Xie, “Ah, boss!”

The medicine that made monsters not attack people decreased the monster’s aggro value.  When the aggro value was zero, the monsters wouldn’t attack on their own. When the aggro value was negative, the monsters would take the initiative to run away…..But if a monster’s original aggro value was high and offset the decreasing effect of the medicine, aggro would still exist.

The closer one was, the higher the aggro value was, so Xing Bao Er approaching them gave the Brutal Fang Beasts a target to kill.  Ye Tian Xie’s body stopped and his eyes slightly narrowed as Kaka beneath him charged forward as fast as possible…..However, in order not to attract the Brutal Fang Beasts’ aggro before, he was at least thirty meters from these Brutal Fang Beasts.  With this kind of distance, he could not instantly appear in front of Xing Bao Er. When he had just moved, he saw that the fangs of the beasts were almost in Xing Bao Er’s back…..

Ah, boss, quickly save me!!”  Xing Bao Er used all her strength to run, but she was a life skill player, so how could her move speed surpass that of the Brutal Fang Beasts.  She was holding a Star Bomb in her hand…..But the Brutal Fang Beasts behind her were too close, almost touching her body, so if she turned to throw the Star Bomb, the Brutal Fang Beast would be able to pierce her with their fangs.

His distance from Xing Bao Er and the difference in move speed between Xing Bao Er and the Brutal Fang Beasts…..Ye Tian Xie could already calculate that he would not be able to save Xing Bao Er.

A “Dragon Shadow Slash” would allow him to charge five meters, but there were still ten meters between him and Xing Bao Er.  The Brutal Fang Beasts were already incredibly close to Xing Bao Er, perhaps she would be pierced in the next second…..

Ye Tian Xie tightly gritted his teeth and he hated himself for taking things to carelessly.  He actually just watched Xing Bao Er approached these violent monsters with high aggro values.  When the fang was about to touch Xing Bao Er, Ye Tian Xie’s pupils narrowed as he helplessly roared, “Bao’er!”

The ear splitting roar he unconsciously let out had shocked him, this roar was even louder than any roar he had given before.  His shout filled every corner of the Tower of Destiny’s twenty first floor with a speed faster than the speed of sound. Soon the entire twenty first floor was filled with Ye Tian Xie’s roar and it lightly trembled.

That fang that was about to touch Xing Bao Er suddenly froze…..As for all the Brutal Fang Beasts, they froze with the sound of the loud roar.  They felt like there was something incredibly heavy falling on them……

A wolf’s howl made a person fearful, a tiger’s roar shook the mountain, and a dragon’s roar…..shook the heavens!

After the seven sins baptism, the Dragon Soul had awakened by a step, allowing his roar to contain the pressure of the invincible dragon.

Ding…..Your Dragon Soul Power has awakened another step.  You have opened the ‘Reverse Boned Evil Dragon’ Job’s unique skill, ‘Evil · Dragon Soul Roar’.”

Evil · Dragon Soul Roar: Uses one’s HP and directly uses the source power of the Evil Dragon’s Soul.  Bursts one’s HP to release the power, letting out a dragon’s roar that can shock tens of thousands of beings.  It causes irresistible damage and stun to all surrounding life forms from their life source, with damage and stun being proportional to the amount of HP burned.  HP burned can be between 30-99.9%, but it can’t surpass the amount of HP that one currently has. The damage caused is equal to the amount of HP burned and the stun time is equal to the percentage of HP burned times 10.  Has a range of fifty meters around the user, no MP cost, and 100 second cooldown. The Dragon Soul Roar can shock tens of thousands of beings and the roar from one’s origin Dragon Soul can ignore all levels and grades. It is also effective against the dragon race.

Ye Tian Xie: “!!”

When the prompt in his ears sounded, Ye Tian Xie’s forward moving body stopped.  His brows knit together and he slightly raised his head. Instantly with his chaotic aura, it turned into the shape of a dragon around Ye Tian Xie’s body……

That was a coiled dragon with its head raised roaring.  Its body was half black and half white. The dragon figure had only appeared for a short instant before it suddenly exploded.  At the same time, a giant roar that made space itself tremble came from Ye Tian Xie…..


The ground under him began to shake visibly.

The chaos in the air reached a peak in that moment.

The giant roar made Xing Bao Er suddenly cover her ears and her running body fell to the ground with a “putong” sound.

The Brutal Fang Beasts behind here, as well as the surrounding Brutal Fang Beasts within a fifty meter area all fell to the ground the instant that roar was released.  Above their heads, there were small stars revolving……They had all been stunned, not a single one missed.

A large red damage figure also appeared above their heads, turning into a mass of red.   For the over hundred Brutal Fang Beasts, their originally full HP bars were all emptied in an instant.

And there was a blood red glow that completely submerged Ye Tian Xie.

Ye Tian Xie had burned 99.9% of his HP, so the Blood Sacrifice of Destiny was forcefully activated.

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