EDAH Chapter 48


Chapter 48: Badge of Bravery

Silence, a deadly silence.  The world seemed to have froze for a minute, as a strange silence fell over the entire Chinese server.  Every player had their eyes wide open, jaws on the ground, blankly listening to the five server announcements in their ears.


Abyss Level Trial!?

There was actually someone that had passed the Abyss Level Job Change Trial!!


“This……how is this possible.”  God Realm Starfall’s face filled with disbelief, the prompt in his ear made him question his own hearing, “We are the strongest team and we have the strongest equipment, but we still couldn’t pass the third stage of the Abyss Trial, there can’t be anyone stronger than us, this person called Xie Tian…..”


Xie Tian…….

A single person!!??

As if a big lid had been placed over their heads, the shocking atmosphere made them unable to stop panting, suddenly the 12 God Realm players were all deathly silent, a long time passed before anyone said a word.

In the system announcement there was only one name, only a person name Xie Tian, that meant, he was only a single person, he had passed the Abyss Level Trial by himself!!

“Impossible, impossible……”  God Realm Starfall kept shaking his head with a pale face, “Absolutely impossible……even if he really passed the Abyss Level Trial, he couldn’t have possibly done it alone… must have been a team of 12 people and in the end 11 of them were killed, it definitely cannot be a single person……“

Each of them had experienced how terrifying the Abyss Level Trial really was.  They had challenged it again and again, the most successful run was the time they had 6 people left after the second stage, then in the third stage…….they lasted only a few minutes before they all died.  He believed their team had the best equipment, the best supplies, the best coordination, and the best stats, it would not have been overrated to call them the strongest team in all of the Beginner Villages……even if he was beaten to death he would still not believe that a single person was able to clear the Abyss Level Trial alone.

“You’re wrong.”  God Realm Heavenly Wall shook his head, he had a heavy face as he said, “If they entered the trial map together, even if they were taken out one by one in the middle, as long as a single person passed, then all of them would pass.  This person, is indeed just a single person!”

There faces no longer had an excited expression.  The pride and joy the 12 of them felt from passing the Nightmare Level Trial, not even a minute had passed before it was viciously crushed to pieces.  Facing a person who could single handedly pass the Abyss Level Trial, this kind of achievement that could amaze the entire Chinese Server and perhaps even the world, their achievement that didn’t even have a chance to achieve fame seemed bleak, insignificant.

“Impossible!  Perhaps there was a glitch with the game……The lowest level monsters of the Abyss Level Trial are one star elites, you have to be careful facing them, how could he take care of 12 of them……Also behind them were two star elites and three star elites, and there are even more terrifying things after that……Xie Tian, why have we never heard of this person’s name.”  God Realm Starfall was absentmindedly discussing it.  For someone like him that clearly knew the terrors of the Abyss Level Trial, this was a tremendous blow to his psyche.

“«Destiny» will not have any glitches.” God Realm Heavenly Wall desolately said.

Buried God had been silent for a while, his face was gloomy, he silently turned around and said, “Go and take care of your own matters, Shadow, thoroughly investigate this ‘Xie Tian’, his origins, his resources in the shortest time possible, I think Son of Heaven will also be interested in this.”

“You, Young Master.”  God Realm Shadow let out a sound and quickly disappeared.

Beginner Village 60001.

The moment the system announcement was heard, a team that was struggling in the Hard Level Trial, all their players froze, staring dumbfoundedly as they listened to the system announcement sounding in their ears.  And in this team, the five people standing in front were in shock as their faces turned from red to white.

“Xie Tian……Xie Tian……It’s that person!”  An archer who upon hearing this name brought back fearful memories said.  He was the pitiful archer from the Red Leaves Guild that had been devastated twice by Ye Tian Xie.

Red Leaves Iron Wall’s face became dark, as a Red Leaves management member, how could he not take revenge, he had not forgotten the name Xie Tian, as long as they entered the city and established the Red Leaves influence, he would immediately send people to find Xie Tian, letting him know the consequences of messing with the Red Leaves Guild.  But at this moment, he realized he was too naive.

A person that could pass the Abyss Level Trial alone when other players in teams couldn’t even pass the third stage, what kind of concept was that!?  Miracle?  Legend?  Myth?  This kind of person, was it worth provoking him?

Red Leaves Iron Wall took out a phone, directly connecting with the Red Leaves Guildmaster Red Leaves Strong Gale.


At the end of the trial map.

Hearing the five server announcements in his year, Ye Tian Xie nodded his head in satisfaction, showing his appreciation to the system for being so obedient.  At this moment, a palm sized circular badge drifted down from the air, it stayed floating in front of him.  This badge was a dark bronze colour, without any beautiful shine to it and without any special design, there was only two words engraved on the front and back – Brave one.

Grabbing the badge in his hand, Ye Tian Xie’s hand was just large enough to hold it in his palm – badges, they were the hardest things to encounter in the virtual gaming world, but also the most precious, equipment that no amount of money could buy.  The no limit on how many could be equipped special attribute was enough to determine its scarcity.

Badge of Bravery: Mark of a Brave One

Only those that pass the Abyss Level Trial have the qualification to wear the Badge of Bravery, Prestige +100.

Untradeable, undroppable, unstealable, will disappear when discarded.

Prestige +100……then nothing?

Ye Tian Xie was a bit dumbfounded by the Badge of Bravery in his hand, because besides adding 100 Prestige, it did not have any other attributes.

The Abyss Level Trial, originally was supposed to be impossible, so it should give heaven defying rewards, but this Badge of Bravery, regardless of design or attributes, it could not compare at all with “heaven defying” these two words, honestly it wasn’t even comparable to the Bronze Equipment reward of the Nightmare Level Trial.

In the «Destiny» world, Prestige was a special stat that was hard to increase, it could only be obtained from important achievements.  Completing a special quest or killing a formidable Boss could reward Prestige, but Quest Prestige Reward were rarely over 5.  As for killing bosses, only killing Lord Level or higher bosses would there be a Prestige increase reward.  The Badge of Bravery’s increase of Prestige by 100 was quite a large number.  But Prestige was only useful when players established their own factions, alliances, or other groups, to the loner Ye Tian Xie, it was not that useful.


Ye Tian Xie grasped the Badge of Bravery in his hand, his mind was thinking……Was there really only a Prestige increase?  It probably shouldn’t be, perhaps there was a hidden attribute that couldn’t seen or hasn’t been unsealed yet……this kind of hope.

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  1. “I’d be crazy if I wanted to hide my name! Also only three announcements aren’t enough, give me at least five! I have to let everyone under the heavens know my name Xie Tian!”

    Man i love this mc instead of hiding true ability/identity shit that plague most op mc novel this guy don’t really care

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