EDAH Chapter 49


Chapter 49: Legend of the Tower of Destiny

Equipping the Badge of Bravery, Ye Tian Xie squatted down and used the “harvest” technique on the Amethyst War Tiger.

“Ding……you’ve received one Amethyst Tiger Skin.”

“Ding……you’ve received 7 Amethyst Tiger Meat.”

“Ding……you’ve received special item ‘Amethyst Fragment’.”


“Oh?”  Ye Tian Xie used his thumb and index finger to pick up a flashing purple pebble the size of a sand grain that burned people’s eyes.  A faint trace of lightning flowed from it into his fingers, faintly, a thin layer of lightning flowed through the rock and let out a faint thunder clap.

Amethyst Fragment: Was originally a piece of thousand year jade stone, but after being hit by the lightning released during the fight between the Twelve Sages and the Eight Demon Kings on the Lost Continent, it now contains a high concentration of thunder and lightning.  After the tiger king swallowed it, it evolved into a level 20 Lord Level Amethyst War Tiger and gained the power of lightning.  Because the Amethyst War Tiger only swallowed the Amethyst Fragment for a short amount of time, it could not completely absorb its strength and this final small Amethyst Fragment remained.

Effects: After use, will permanently increase thunder attributed resistance by 5% and thunder magic damage by 1%.

Ye Tian Xie instantly swallowed the Amethyst Fragment without any hesitation.  Permanent stat increase items, were rare to encounter, its value was unimaginably high, it was a genuine treasure.

“Ding……You have used ‘Amethyst Fragment’, thunder attributed resistance has been raised by 5%.  Thunder magic damage has been raised by 1%.”

The harvested Amethyst War Tiger corpse on the ground vanished, Ye Tian Xie stood up and looked in front, far off in the distance, the originally closed stone door was now open, he walked over to the door with a satisfied smile…..the minutes he entered the door, a light sound rang in his ears, his surroundings turned to white light and everything around him disappeared.

In an instant, he was back outside the Beginner Village.  Holding the “Proof of passing the abyss level trial” as he walked in, he headed straight for the village head.

“Village head, I’m back.”  Ye Tian Xie greeted the village head in a friend manner.  The village head saw him and his eyes lit up, he did not say anything at first, but rather looked him up and down, then nodding as he said, “Not bad, you came out later than I thought…..He, he, he, he, now you should understand, the Abyss Level Trial is not passable, no matter, to be able to hold on this long is already an accomplishment……”  The village head only said half of what he wanted to say, suddenly the old pair of eyes shot open, staring dead on at Ye Tian Xie’s chest, it was a long time before he could stammer, “Brave……Badge of Bravery…….You……You’ve passed the Abyss Level Trial, this, this, this, this…….”

NPCs were unable to hear server announcements in «Destiny», so the Beginner Village head had no idea Ye Tian Xie had passed the Abyss Level Trial, he didn’t even think about the possibility.  How difficult the Abyss Level Trial was, no one was more clear about it than him, even the ending, he knew all about the invincible Amethyst War Tiger.  With the strength achievable in the Beginner Village, not to mention 12 people, even with tens or hundreds of people it was still impossible……not to mention that Ye Tian Xie was only a single trivial person.  Although he had encouraged Ye Tian Xie before and tried to help him, it was only because of his goodwill towards him, not because he thought he could pass the Abyss Level Trail……Only by passing the Abyss Level Trial could you get the Badge of Bravery!

“Yes, I really need to thank village head for your help, otherwise I would have had no chance passing with just my strength.”  Ye Tian Xie smiled as he said.  Indeed, if he didn’t have the 20 special recovery potions the village head gave him and his recommendation to Yuan Que’s special store, even if he could pass through the first few stages, he would have had no hope of defeating the Amethyst War Tiger.

The village head blankly stared at him for a while, finally his old shocked face returned to normal.  He held back his smiling face as he shook his head and honestly said, “No, the things that Yuan old man has I clearly know about, even if you took all of them, if you didn’t have any heaven defying strength, you still wouldn’t have been able to defeat the invincible enemy in the Abyss Level Trial.”  He paused, then continued emotionally, “Although I did firmly believe you would become a formidable person, I still underestimated you…….You are the second person to receive the Badge of Bravery, to be able to witness such a miracle with my eyes, I am truly happy.  I now have hope that you will be able to attain the legendary Hero Badge and the War God Badge one day, then you’ll be able to visit the mystical Tower of Destiny.”

“Hero Badge…….War God Badge……Tower of Destiny?”  Ye Tian Xie revealed his confusion, he gave a questioning look to the village head.

The village head slightly raised his head as he tried to remember, he said, “To be able to obtain the Badge of Bravery, you’ve met the requirements to know.  Ai, in the past on the chaotic Lost Continent, the Eight Demon Kings with the efforts of the Twelve Sages were sealed by the Eternal Moment of Destiny in the Tower of Destiny.  The Tower of Destiny has 111 floors in total, sealed there are countless lives, countless savage monster and demons.  The Tower of Destiny’s sealing ability becomes stronger as you go up higher, but as you go higher, the monsters sealed in the tower also become stronger.  The Tower of Destiny was situated right in the center of the Lost Continent, and what maintained the power of the seal, was the power of the core of the Continent – The Eternal Moment of Destiny. But three years ago, the Eternal Moment of Destiny suddenly vanished from the top of the tower, its disappearance caused the seal of the Tower of Destiny to slowly weaken day by day.  Finally a large demonic qi erupted from the top of the tower, it was the aura of the sealed Eight Demon Kings and soon, they all fled the tower, disappearing without a trace.

The village head sighed and then continued, “In the past when fighting the Eight Demon Kings, five of the Twelve Sages perished, the remaining seven disappeared without a trace after the great war, no one knows where they went…….But without the power of the core, the Lost Continent’s suppressed demon qi is slowly becoming stronger and stronger and natural disasters are happening even more frequently.  Countless people are now searching for the Eternal Moment of Destiny and they want to find out just what had happened in the Tower of Destiny.  Therefore, countless brave people have entered the Tower of Destiny, but…….the people that have entered, not a single one has come back.  From then on, the Tower of Destiny was sealed, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter.  That place, had become a famous forbidden area.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“Now if you want to enter the Tower of Destiny, only people who have obtained the Badge of Bravery, the Hero Badge, and the War God Badge are qualified, otherwise they would just be sent to their deaths.  Afterwards, there was a brave man who had obtained the three badges from the hellish trials and entered the Tower of Destiny.  But……he did not make it to the top, but rather nearly lost his life on the 80th floor, he had no choice but to return in regret.  That person, is the Lost Continent’s number one expert, his strength is comparable to the Twelve Sages of past – Nameless.”

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