EDAH Chapter 50


Chapter 50: Actually, Big Brother is also an expert

“The Tower of Destiny is a terrifying place, although the Eight Demon Kings are no longer within, but the demonic beasts sealed for tens of millions of years are still there, each one is stronger than the last.  Only the truly strong can enter.  You already know how hard it is to obtain the Badge of Bravery, but the difficulty of obtaining the Hero Badge and the War God Badge, the harsh trials can easily make people fall into despair, but the strong people who pass these trials, are the truly strong ones.”

Ye Tian Xie was quietly listening, in his heart he was slowly putting together the approximate description of the Tower of Destiny.  The village head in front of him would never be able to guess, the Eternal Moment of Destiny that had disappeared was in his hands and it had become his weapon.  His outer appearance was calm, but his inner emotions were wild……This world’s power core, the Moment of Destiny that sealed countless demons, why did it appear on his body and why did it appear in the real world……as what she had left behind.


“Oh la!  I heard it…….Tower of Destiny, Tower of Destiny……Master, master, you have to go to the Tower of Destiny oh.”


Guo Guo’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear, first it was the voice, then it was her small body gradually appearing, in a very indecent position, sitting on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder.  Opening her mouth to yawn, stretching out her body, a look on her face as if she was not fully awake.

“Why?”  Ye Tian Xie used a tiny voice to asked.

“Because…….Once I heard about the Tower of Destiny, I suddenly remembered, the purple Nucleus of Destiny for the Moment of Destiny is still in the tower……Yi?  Strange, why do I know about this kind of thin……why is that?”  Guo Guo was biting her finger and drumming her cheeks, diligently blinking her eyes trying to think of the answer.  And the answer to this question……Perhaps even god had no way to answer her…….Who knew how she knew this.

“Master……do you still have any apples to eat?”  Guo Guo couldn’t think of the answer, immediately shifting her focus, turning around and flying over in front of Ye Tian Xie, both hands tugged at his clothes, pitifully asking.  Having a stance suggesting she would cry if she didn’t get an apple.

This stupid girl’s tears had the ability to insta kill, Ye Tian Xie did not have the guts to try, helplessly taking out an apple from his inventory to place in her hand.  Guo Guo immediately happily shouted, holding the apple as she flew back onto his shoulder, satisfyingly hugging the apple as she gnawed on it.

The village head emotionally said, “Young brave man, perhaps……no, I believe one day you’ll have the qualifications to enter the Tower of Destiny.  Then, right now you’ve attained the proof of passing the abyss level trial, I’ll be magically transporting you to the Lost Continent.  There your destiny in this world truly begins. There is a  vast, beautiful, bountiful, mystical, crisis ridden world for you to explore, the city you’ll be sent to on the Lost Continent is the eastern Heavenly Stellar City.  It is one of the 5 main cities of the Lost Continent, but also the first true starting points for you otherworlders.  Have you decided yet……Once you leave, you can never come back here.”

“Never come back?  Even if my level falls below level 10 I still can’t?  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows and asked.

“You can’t!”  The village head shook his head, “Once you leave, you can never come back.  Even if an otherworlder’s level reaches 0 they still cannot come back.  The mystical Lost Continent is enough for you to explore for a whole lifetime.  Perhaps you could explore every inch of the Lost Continent, or perhaps you can go to the vast lands beyond the Lost Continent, but you can never return to this starting point.  This is the world’s rules, no one can change it……unless, you had an ability to change the laws of the world.

Never be able to come back……Ye Tian Xie’s brain could not help think about the strange quest he indirectly received from the blacksmith, and……the sealed old lady’s quest to collect 10000 wolf eyes.  Although the first 3 task’s rewards were so poor that people wanted to take a blade and cut the old lady in half, although this reward also made him want to cut the old lady in half, but deep down in his heart, he believed that the system would not arrange this kind of trap like quest, without seeing it through to the end, no one would know what the final results would be.

But, if there was no way to return to the Beginner Village, then this quest was doomed to be a quest with no way to finish.

“Village head, are there any ways to increase inventory space here.” Ye Tian Xie though for a bit and asked.

“The beautiful Heavenly Stellar City has what you want, but here…..Ai, there is none.”  The village head shook his head.

Ye Tian Xie’s thoughts were confused, but he still said, “Village head, I won’t go to the Heavenly Stellar City just yet, there is still something I have to take care of.”

The village head nodded his head and said, “That’s the right way.  Once you leave you can never come back, think carefully of anything you might have omitted.  That’s right……”  The village head seemed to have thought of something, his eye brightly shined, he was somewhat anxious as he said, “You should go to Yuan Que’s place to take a look, if he sees this Badge of Bravery, perhaps……he’ll give you a pleasant surprise.”

Yuan Que…….That strange old man that can’t hide anything…….

“Alright, I’ll go right now.”  Ye Tian Xie nodded his head, he turned to leave in the direction of the pharmacy.

“Yuan……Big Brother Que, I’ve come, the village head told me to come take a look.”  Ye Tian Xie directly announced the reason he was here, while at the same time he puffed out his chest, letting this too lazy to open his eyes old man notice the Badge of Bravery on his chest.

Now, he understood the Badge of Bravery he got from the heaven defying trial was not as simple as its attributes showed, its powerful potential began to make Ye Tian Xie excited.

“Little brat……” Yuan Que half opened his eyes, the words he was saying suddenly stopped, his body sprang up out of the chair, “Badge of Bravery…..You actually……”

Ye Tian Xie pointed to the Badge of Bravery on his chest, he said with a nonchalant face, “I casually passed a trial, after that I got this thing……then the village head told me to come talk to you, old man.”

Although Yuan Que’s response was even more exaggerated than the village head’s, but the speed he recovered was also quite fast.  He casually sat down and rubbed his nose, then raised his head and said a sentence that brought Ye Tian Xie uncomparable pain, “Actually, Big Brother is an expert.”

Ye Tian Xie suppressed the urge to spray spit all over his face, he waited for him to keep talking.

“Ai, it’s still the village head old man that knows me best.  Actually, I’ve been waiting for a person with the ability to obtain the Badge of Bravery like you.”

“Big Brother……really is an expert.”  Yuan Que’s face was serious, his eyes became deep, his voice became drawn out, saying the words that caused Ye Tian Xie even more pain.

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