EDAH Chapter 52


Chapter 52: Heaven Brilliance Weapon – Demonic Snake

Demonic Snake: Heaven Brilliance Weapon.

Requirements: Level 50 Assassin based job, Agility above 300.

The most evil and poisonous weapon of the Lost Continent, according to legend it was formed with the toxic venom of ten thousand venomous snakes, when the Demonic Snake was crafted, a poisonous gas was released killing all its creators in an instant.  Because of it being too sinister, the majority of its toxicity had been sealed by a High God of the Lost Continent, latter it was obtained by Yuan Que, it became the weapon that allowed him to move unhindered in the world.

Attributes: Attack +800, attack speed +18%, Agility +120, Accuracy +70, Vitality -40, 30% chance of applying poison upon attacking, 10% chance of attaching toxic poison when attacking, 1% chance of applying fatal poison when attacking. If the user’s poison resistance is below 50%, -100 HP per second upon equipping.


Special skills:

Fatal Stinger: Concentrates the venom in Demonic Snake to penetrate a single target, damage is equivalent to attack, 10% chance of inflicting fatal poison, inflicts 1000 points of damage per second, only stops if detoxified, otherwise the target will die.  Consumes 110 MP.

Cooldown time: 5 seconds.

Demonic Snake Venomous Dance: Draws upon the ten thousand innate venoms inside Demonic Snake, once the dance begins, it morphs into countless shadow snakes to launch a venomous attack in a 10 meter radius, and will continue for 3 seconds.  Damage is equivalent to 300% of attack, 100% of being poisoned, 30% of being struck with toxic poison, and a 10% chance of fatal poison, consumes 300 MP.

Cooldown time: 30 minutes.

After use, for 10 minutes Demonic Snake’s poison attribute will be unusable.

Ye Tian Xie: “!!!!!”

Demonic Snake!  Level 50…..Heaven Brilliance Weapon!

At this time, even the normally indifferent Ye Tian Xie could not help his heart beating faster.  If it was known that Beginner Village 60001 had a piece of Heaven Brilliance Weapon, it would cause an unimaginable sensation, who knew how many players would .  Indeed, even if it was for level 50s and was in the hands of a NPC, it was still something that should not shown up at this stage.

What truly made it hard for Ye Tian Xie to believe  was – “latter it was obtained by Yuan Que, it became the weapon that allowed him to move unhindered in the world”……fuck, did this seemingly withered, old man that could be blown down with a single breeze not lie about being an “expert”?

But the Demonic Snake, this kind of Heaven Brilliance Weapon that could make the world lose its sanity was still something Yuan Que was selling, its price was: 100000000 gold coins.

100000000 gold coins!

A price without change, an astronomical price that would make ordinary people stare dumbfoundedly, but with this price……If someone could obtain a Heaven Brilliance Weapon, they could undoubtedly run wild in the world.  This could be clearly seen with the attributes of the Demonic Snake.  If an Assassin could obtain it, regardless of their attack strength or attack speed, it had a large percent of poisoning the enemy, and there was the possibility of inflicting the 2-3 times even stronger poison, as well as the close to impossible fatal poison.  Even if that person’s attack power was 0, as long as they had Demonic Snake in their hand, there would be no one who dared to fight him.

The permanent stat increasing heaven defying items, the strange key, as well as the mind blowing Heaven Brilliance Weapon……Ye Tian Xie eyes became erratic.  The astronomical prices were impossible for him to afford, even if all the players in the Beginner Village came together they still wouldn’t be able to afford it.  However these astonishing prices were not unjustified.

Yuan Que kept staring at Ye Tian Xie’s face, at this time his eyes were as narrow as slit, he coldly stared at him as he asked, “Are you considering killing me and stealing these?”

“Un……eh!  No I’m not.”  Ye Tian Xie nodded his head, then quickly shook his head, a bead of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.  He indeed had been considering whether he should cut the old man in half, then take all the things in his hands…….

Then he would be unparalleled in this world……of course that was only between players.

But thinking about how this old man could use Demonic Snake, could acquire this many rarely seen “Earth Shaking Rare Treasures”…….Alright, not matter how much he didn’t want to admit it, he had no choice but to admit this man was an expert.

“Little brat……”  Yuan Que’s face was dark, his beard almost didn’t tilt up, “Originally Big Brother wanted to give you one of each stat increasing item for free……now, the door isn’t even open……Since you have the Badge of Bravery, hurry up if you want to buy something, otherwise get lost if you don’t have any money!”

Buy…..Buy your younger sister!  In the poor Beginner Village, being able to take out 100 gold coins could be already considered rich, to be able to take out several hundred thousands, several millions, that was just a dream.  And that Demonic Snake……Even if you used all the money of the players in Beginner Village 60001 it still wouldn’t be enough.

“About that, Big Brother Que.”  Ye Tian Xie whole face filled with harmlessness as he said, “You have so many old “Earth Shaking Rare Treasures” you’re not using, you also know that you’re stuck here forever with no way to leave, all these will go to waste.  Now that Moment of Destiny has disappeared, the Lost Continent could face a disaster at any time, you should entrust these things to a hero who can take care of these future disasters…….”

“Hero?  Heng, heng, heng, heng, you little brat wouldn’t be talking about yourself now would you?”  Yuan Que had a face of disdain as he rolled his eyes.

Ye Tian Xie said with a calm face, “Village head said it like this.”

“Even if you mention that village head old man it’s still no use, although he has been helpful to Big Brother, but that is a matter between us…..Big Brother is stuck here forever in the Beginner Village until he dies, he can never leave in this lifetime, the life and death of the Lost Continent doesn’t matter to Big Brother, if you want Big Brother’s things, take out the money!  Not a single coin less……speaking of this, if it wasn’t for the village head, you think Big Brother would even show you these things.”

Ye Tian Xie was ruthlessly staring at the things in the box, the attributes of these things were already in his mind, then biting his teeth he left the pharmacy.  Waiting for him to leave, Yuan Que leisurely put everything away, then he continued sitting in front of the pharmacy acting like a corpse.

“Snob, miser, cheapskate, grandet……”  Walking away from the store, Ye Tian Xie kept cursing the morality of that dry old man quietly, then turning his head to ask, “Guo Guo, do you have any ways to steal those things from the old man?”

Guo Guo who was gnawing the apple, lifted her head from the apple, bringing her face full of apple juice, drumming her cheeks as she vaguely replied, “Master……en, en, that old grandpa is pretty strong, even if there were a thousand Masters you would still lose…..en, en.”

Ye Tian Xie rubbed his forehead with a depressed heart, suddenly he asked, “Why do you know he’s very strong?  Have you seen him before?”

Guo Guo stopped eating her apple, she blinked and innocently said in a small voice, “Yi?  Why do I know this…….Why……”

Ye Tian Xie: “@#¥%……”

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