EDAH Chapter 58


Chapter 58: Archmage Kong Xiu (Part 1)

It wasn’t a single person coming over, but rather there were six of them.  And these six people were the……Warrior, Knight, Archer, Assassin, Priest, and Summoner, these six Job Change Instructors, in addition to the Magician Job Change Instructor, the originally seven scattered Job Change Instructors of the main hall were all gathered in one place.  Faced with the sudden arrival of these six people, the Magician Job Change Instructor revealed a surprised face.

“Hei!” The Warrior Job Change Instructor let out a strange laugh, “Because something interesting has occurred, we had no choice but to come over.  Old Fa, you failing to help this brat change his job……It wasn’t just you, what if all six of us also failed?”

“You all failed?”  The Magician Job Change Instructor’s face showed surprise, but right away, his facial expression abruptly changed, as he screamed in shock, “You mean……Other than me, you all failed?”

“That’s right.”  The Knight Job Change Instructor nodded with a serious face, his eyes turning to look at Ye Tian Xie, “Moreover, I never noticed this before, but he has the Badge of Bravery on his body!”


Seven pairs of eyes turned to stare at Ye Tian Xie’s chest, where, a plain and ancient bronze badge was hanging.  On top of it were the two words “Brave One” carved which made the eyes of the seven Job Change Instructors pop out as they continued to stare for a while.

“This, perhaps…..”  The face of the Magician Job Change Instructor became solemn, an obvious change occurred in his eyes as he looked at Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie’s heart began to race, he did not ask anything, he just silently stood there looking at them……it seemed like, something interesting was about to happen.

“Young man……Oh, your name is Xie Tian.  Xie Tian, do you know why you’re unable to obtain a job?”  The Warrior Job Change Instructor said with a serious face.

Ye Tian Xie shook his head as he waited for the answer.

“It’s not as if people who cannot obtain jobs haven’t happened before, but it still rarely occurs.  There are two reasons to explain the current situation, one is that the person is too weak, too weak to bear the strength bestowed upon them, they do not possess the qualification to obtain a job through the Job Change process.  But this kind of person, it is rare to encounter someone like this.  But you……have obtained the Badge of Bravery, so it is impossible for this case to apply to you, you can only be the other kind, this kind is even rarer, or at least, in my lifetime, I’ve never seen someone like this.”

The seven of them all looked at Ye Tian Xie with eager expressions.  To make them all gather  together just for Ye Tian Xie, there was no doubt that something big was about to occur.

“The amount of people who can obtain the Badge of Bravery is already too little, a hundred years ago, there once was a man named Gu Ping, and in the recent century, there has only Nameless that has achieved this task.  Just based on this point, you’ve already obtained a sort of qualification.  And this kind of situation is……your body’s strength is too strong!  So strong that we are not qualified to grant a Job to you!  Thus your body instinctively repels us!”  The Warrior Job Change Instructor said with a serious face.

Nameless, the number one expert on the Lost Continent, after him, another person had appeared with the ability to obtain the Badge of Bravery, even more he brought great surprise to them, rejecting all the jobs that they tried to bestow upon him.  But in the legends, to have the ability and qualifications to cause this kind of phenomenon, there was only Nameless himself……

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

The depressed look on Ye Tian Xie’s face had already disappeared, he raised his head to look them in the eyes, then he said with an honest face, “Actually……I’m not as strong as you think.”

Normal people weren’t qualified to obtain the same job as him……..Fuck, this truly was a great honor!

The Warrior Job Change Instructor stared at him and said, “Xie Tian, you are a formidable otherworlder, but your stats are the same as the other formidable otherworlders who have just left the Beginner Village.  To be able to rely on these stats to obtain the Badge of Bravery, this makes me truly interested in what kinds of special power you have.  But looking at your stats, it’s possible that your power is in a deep slumber right now, it hasn’t been revealed yet……Xie Tian, not having a job, you should also be bothered by this.  You don’t need to worry, just come with us to see someone……he’ll definitely be interested to meet you.”

“Oh?  See who?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

Strange things one after the other seemed to keep happening to his body.  He was beginning to think that the «Destiny» world was not simply just a virtual world, rather it seemed like…….it was a real world in a different space.

“My teacher, Heavenly Stellar City’s greatest sacred archmage – Kong Xiu.”  The Magician Job Change Instructor continued to say, “The Moment of Destiny has vanished, the demons are making their move, chaos is wide spread right now and the  Lost Continent needs some true powerhouses.  But not long ago, my teacher Kong Xiu told us to pay attention to otherworlds to see if there were any formidable individuals.  With the Badge of Bravery and rejecting all the jobs…….he’ll definitely be interested in you.  Perhaps, he’ll be able to guide you to become as strong as Nameless.

Sacred Archmage Kong Xiu……the secret NPC that normal people have no chance of meeting!?

“Alright, take me there!”  At this time, even a fool would know to nod his head.

Although he had been subjected to this unfair treatment, but it seemed like he was about to receive something pleasantly surprising.  But there was still something clouded with thick dense fog……that was destiny.  No one could guess what destiny had in store for them

From the strange looks and expressions on the faces of the seven Job Change Instructors, his heart brimmed with interest toward the person he was about to meet……but it also filled his heart with doubt.

But at this moment, the seven Job Change Instructors had all left their positions with an “Unavailable” sign, the countless excited players who had just left the Beginner Village could only look on helplessly as they arrived at the Job Change Temple.

The seven Job Change Instructors would rather face punishment than to miss witnessing this.  It was clear that they were all interested in Ye Tian Xie.

Heavenly Stellar City was much more prosperous than Ye Tian Xie thought, following the seven Job Change Instructors, his eyes scanned over all the luxuries that was used to make the street.  The coloured glazed tiles, saying that it was gold and jade in glorious splendor was not an exaggeration, it was just like an ancient Imperial City on a movie set.  If a Main City was like this, then the Imperial City……how grand would it be.

At the center of Heavenly Stellar City, was the heavily guarded City Lord Palace facing the west.

This place was strangely peaceful……The streets of the Heavenly Stellar City were filled with people, the players entering the city continued to increase the volume level until it became explosive.  But here it was as if the sound from outside was isolated, the minute he stepped inside, the noise that was assaulting his ears immediately stopped.

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