EDAH Chapter 61


Chapter 61: Dragon Soul

“Four sides!  He actually made four sides light up!  This kind of strength has already reached the peak of what humans can reach, it is hard to find someone that could match it, not to mention surpass it.  But the ‘God Summoning Stone’ has a total of eight sides, it requires an even stronger power to light up the other four sides which humans are not capable of…….No, that kind of person would not even be considered human…..rather they would be a god!  A True God…….To be able to light up all eight sides, there is only the legendary high god – Goddess Xi Yao!”


While Kong Xiu was talking, the side at the bottom started to glow with an eye burning white light.  The “God Summoning Stone”, finally one of the sides began to glow.

“Right, just like this…..calm your mind, don’t get distracted.  This is only the beginning, someone with the ability to repel all seven of the main jobs, you should be able to light up three sides!”  Kong Xiu stepped back one step, nodding his head as he reminded.  A little stunned by the light……because he vaguely felt that the light was a little stronger compared to how it was in the past…….but it should be because it has been too long since he used it so he must have forgotten.  He gave himself this explanation.



Right as Kong Xiu finished talking, another side lit up with white light, increasing the amount of light in the chamber by several times.

“Good, the second one.  The amount of people who can make two sides light up are rare, just depending on this, you’re not doomed to be a mortal!”

Zheng——Almost immediately following the second light, the third white light lit up.

Kong Xiu nodded his head again, the smile on his face became more satisfied, “Very good!  It’s as I suspected, you have enough power to light up three sides!  With this kind of potential, once you’ve awakened it, you will definitely become a powerhouse, although…..”

Kong Xiu did not get to finish speaking before the fourth white light lit up.

Kong Xiu’s voice and expression froze, after showing a stunned expression, his originally happy face was replaced with one filled with excitement, “Four sides!  It was unexpectedly four sides……it’s the same as Nameless, another person who has the potential to light up four sides has appeared…..your potential, it’s not the least bit inferior to Nameless!”


The fifth light made Kong Xiu suddenly squint his eyes, it also made the light in the room even more white.

Surrounded by all this light, it was not a simple eye burning light, he was shocked.

“Five…..Five sides!”  Kong Xiu’s wide eyes stared, his voice began to tremble from the shock.  He could not help but rub his eyes, he wanted to make sure that what he saw wasn’t an illusion……Four sides was already the limit of humanity, to be able to make five sides light up, this was a level of power that only a god could reach!!


Kong Xiu’s body swayed, he almost hit his head on the ground.

The sixth side followed closely behind the fifth side as it lit up with bright white light.

“This……This…..This is impossible…..Impossible…….”  Kong Xiu’s face froze, his eyes was staring at the “God Summoning Stone”, he could not believe what he was seeing.”


The seventh side lighting up made his eyes turn white…..under this kind of stimulation, it was hard to tell if Kong Xiu went numb, or if it’s because of this huge shock that he could not speak, it was as if he had lost his soul, unable to say a single word.


When the eighth side had turned white, the entire “God Summoning Stone” had been lit up.  In Kong Xiu’s heart he was only thinking a single thing, that was……was he dreaming.

Other than this being a dream, there was no way to explain this sight that he was seeing.

During this short time, Ye Tian Xie had not moved, his eyes were still closed, therefore he did not notice Kong Xiu’s dumbfounded expression, thinking that this was all a dream.  While all the sides had been illuminated, his hand was still on top of it…….

But after this, it still wasn’t finished.

After all the sides had been illuminated, the entire chamber felt like it was right under the sun.  Even though, Kong Xiu’s sluggish face discovered the the light’s intensity did not stop increasing, his eyes could tell that the light rays were becoming more intense, more and more intense, more and more powerful……until it was strong enough to be considered dazzling.

The source of the light, it was coming from the “God Summoning Stone”!


Kong Xiu would never forget this ear shattering sound, because in front of his continually enlarging eyes, the increasing in strength white light of the “God Summoning Stone” suddenly exploded…..Completely drowning his eyes in white light as it wildly surged forward from the explosion, covering the entire surrounding to create a world of white, and in the middle of this white light, an incomparable large roar rang out……


This huge roaring sound almost dispersed Kong Xiu’s consciousness and soul, his eyes were stubbornly staring forward, even though the white light had become so glaring, his eyes still did not close……he could clearly see, the moment the God Summoning Stone exploded, the moment the white light surged forward, a dragon shape roared out into the sky.  And that incomparably large roar……it was clearly a heaven defying dragon’s roar!

The light quickly dissipated.  From the Summoning God Stone exploding to the dragon’s roar, then to the white light quickly dissipating, all of it happened within a few brief seconds.  The dragon’s roar and the Summoning God Stone exploding helped condense his spirit, awakening the closed eyed Ye Tian Xie, he opened his eyes, puzzled as he stared forward.

The sensation on his hand disappeared, the God Summoning Stone also disappeared and in front of him was a piece of colourless quartz on the ground.  The white light had also disappeared, Ye Tian Xie turned his head to look a Kong Xiu sitting on the ground with a lifeless expression, knitting his brows as he said, “What happened?”

He had been closing his eyes, his spirit had entered the God Summoning Stone and was in a wondrous realm, isolated from his surroundings, so he had not seen anything that Kong Xiu had seen.

Hearing his voice, the lifeless Kong Xiu finally recovered, his eyeballs were so wide that they almost popped out of his head, he slowly turned his head until he was looking at him, staring at his face…….”Dragon……Dragon…….Dragon Soul……”  His words were not clear as he had a look of being stuck in a dream.

The Summoning God Stone had been broken……Even the highest god, Goddess Xi Yao had no way to destroy the God Summoning Stone, yet it had been turned to debris in the hands of this person…….That meant that this power and potential was too strong, strong enough that even the God Summoning Stone could not handle his strength!

Impossible……this was impossible……even though everything had happened in front of his eyes, he still could not believe what he had just seen……this was a kind of large blow that made it hard for people to accept the truth and shock the limits of their cognition.

The broken God Summoning Stone……a dragon’s figure……a dragon’s roar…..

This was something that only existed in legends……

Dragon Soul Power!!

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