EDAH Chapter 63


Chapter 63: Legend of the Dragon God Stone

“Other than this, are there any other ways?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.  Ordinary players could get normal jobs, but for him this would become a hard to cross gap…..perhaps, was he doomed by destiny to be a person that never has a job?

Kong Xiu shook his head, “None.  Unless……Normal jobs will be rejected by your power, unless your power spontaneously awakens, the awakened power will become a unique job for you……Also perhaps, you could find a special power, one that matches your power to become a Hidden Job!”

Ye Tian Xie’s face kept changing, finally he bitterly smiled as he said, “Alright, since it’s like this, I won’t bother you anymore.”

What awakening power, what hidden job……This was all a joke!  He didn’t even know what kind of power was in his body, who would know how to awaken it.  Hidden Job?  To be able to obtain a legendary Hidden Job was harder than ascending the heavens, where would he even look for one?


Opening the stone door, Ye Tian Xie walked out into the light, but at this time, Kong Xiu’s voice rang out from behind him, “Xie Tian, wait a minute.”

Ye Tian Xie stopped mid step, he turned around at looked at him.

Kong Xiu quickly ran in front of him, his eyebrows were relaxed, he was excited as he said, “I suddenly remembered something, that thing perhaps will be useful to you.”

“Oh?  What is it?”

“Dragon God’s Stone!”  Kong Xiu said, “Rumours say, in the far south, there is an abyss named ‘Hidden Dragon Abyss’, in the abyss lies a Dragon God Stone.  It is the Dragon Power concentrated by the dragon race’s highest Dragon God before he died, as long as a young dragon from the dragon race touches it, it will immediately awaken their Dragon Strength.”  Kong Xiu paused and then said, “The Lost Scriptures had records on the Dragon God Stone, but its existence is only a rumour.  Since the Dragon God Stone can awaken slumbering Dragon’s Strength for dragons…..then for the Dragon’s Strength you own, perhaps it can awaken it too.”

“You want me to find the Dragon God Stone?”  Ye Tian Xie knit his brows, thinking carefully about what Kong Xiu said.

“That’s right.  The Hidden Dragon Abyss is a restricted area humans cannot enter, but even if it wasn’t a restricted area, normal people don’t have the ability to enter.  Dragons have long since disappeared, but that does not mean that they have gone extinct, there may be dragons lying in wait in the Hidden Dragon Abyss, they won’t permit other life forms to enter, like me……not to mention me, even if I had ten times the courage I have now, I still wouldn’t go in.  But, I hope that you will be able to go once……You have the Badge of Bravery, that itself is already a miracle, perhaps an even greater miracle will be born because of you.  At the same time, you have the Dragon Soul Power, even if there are dragons there, perhaps they will allow you to enter……and, if you otherworlders die, you’ll only lose a level and there won’t be any danger to your life, although with your ability, going there is certain death, but I still hope……if you have the chance, you’ll visit the Hidden Dragon Abyss.”  Kong Xiu’s face was solemn, his voice became more and more serious.  Today, he witnessed something that he could never even dream of, but at the same time, he was wildly hoping to see the birth of another powerhouse.  Because this was the first time someone had shattered the God Summoning Stone and the first time someone possessed the Dragon’s Strength.

Was there truly a Dragon God Stone in the Hidden Dragon Abyss?  No one knew for sure?  Could the Dragon God Stone really awaken Ye Tian Xie’s power, no one was certain.  Whether dragons existed in this Hidden Dragon Abyss, no one know……But if it was like Kong Xiu said, players could not truly die, he had no reason to not explore it.

“Where is the Hidden Dragon Abyss?”  Ye Tian Xie asked.

“Three thousand kilometers south.  Once you’re there, you can ask anyone where the Ten Thousand Zhang Abyss is.  But, right now you don’t have the ability to go there.  If you go there now, you would be taken out by the strong monsters surrounding it.  Wait until you reach level 70……no, when you reach level 80, then you should have the ability to reach the Ten Thousand Zhang Abyss.  As for how you’ll enter the Hidden Dragon Abyss……That will depend on you to find a way.”  Kong Xiu said.

[TL note – 1 zhang = 3.3m]

Three thousand kilometers south……Level 80…….Ten Thousand Zhang Abyss…….What kind of joke was this!!

A distance of three thousand kilometers, with a player’s starting move speed of 100, who knew how long it would take even if a person walked non stop, not to mention the increasing in level monsters along the way, it was far beyond what beginning players could deal with.  Level 80……with the levelling speed of the «Destiny» world, Ye Tian Xie used 10 days to go from level 0 to level 11, this speed was already considered the fastest in terms of players, who knew how long it would take him to reach level 80.  Ten Thousand Zhang Abyss……Ye Tian Xie currently had the ability to fall tens of meters without dying, ten thousand zhang…….it was enough to let him die over a hundred times.

Ye Tian Xie’s heart was tangled, then he silently walked out under Kong Xiu’s gaze.

“Oh la la!  Master, I saw everything and heard everything.”  Little Guo Guo rode on his shoulder, a grin was on her face, as if she had achieved a large accomplishment.  In her hands was a half eaten lollipop, her little tongue went back and forth along it, her face filled with satisfaction.

This little girl was sometimes so upset that she would break into tears, making Ye Tian Xie unable to disobey her, other times she was as comfortable as a little princess.  From the second day he met Guo Guo, Ye Tian Xie began to wonder between him and Guo Guo, who was actually the master.

“Guo Guo, do you know this Hidden Dragon Abyss place?”  Ye Tian Xie pondered as he asked.  This seemingly clear as crystal little girl seemed to know a lot of hidden things that other people didn’t know about.

“En…..”  Guo Guo blinked her eyes, using the lollipop to block her mouth, while using her lips were sucking the lollipop flavour she said, “I don’t know right now…..but, if I could get ten apple flavoured lollipops, ten lemon flavoured lollipops, ten mango flavoured lollipops, ten orange flavour lollipops, ten peach flavoured lollipops, and ten banana flavoured lollipops……then, I might be able to remember.”

Ye Tian Xie’s veins popped out when he heard this.  Guo Guo had already used this trick on him N times, and it was well tested, every time he asked her a question and if she knew the answer, she would take the opportunity to ruthlessly blackmail him.   But Ye Tian Xie could only clench his teeth…….and then obediently follow along.



Author’s note: (Buying candy once again next time……….once again…………)

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