EDAH Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Su Fei Fei (Part 2)

“Hey!”  Su Fei Fei once again stood in front of Ye Tian Xie blocking him.  Only this time, her expression was clearly more anxious, “Are you a man or not!”

“Am I a man……Do you want to try?”  Ye Tian Xie gave a lewd smile.

“You……”  Su Fei Fei’s face turned pure red.  She suddenly fiercely raised her head and stared at him as she said, “Tell me, am I pretty?  Do I count as a beautiful girl.”

“Un.”  Ye Tian Xie scanned her from top to bottom.  From her elegant face to her beautiful legs, his eyes lingering on her chest for a bit.  All of it made him honestly nod his head and say, “You are indeed a very beautiful woman.”


“Then you……”

“But you being a beautiful woman doesn’t seem to have any relations to me right?  Goodbye!”  Without waiting for Su Fei Fei to say anything, Ye Tian Xie quickly cut in to stop her from continuing.  Coldly waving his hands, then sticking his hands into his pocket as he walked away at a moderate pace.

“Hey!  Hey!”  Su Fei Fei quickly ran to chase after him, but something strange happened.  From what one could see, Ye Tian Xie’s steps were clearly slow and she was running fast.  But Ye Tian Xie walked with a kind of speed that made it seem like she was in a dream as he left her behind.  Each one of his steps moved him as far as ten ordinary steps did.  In a short time, he had disappeared into the night in front of her…….This time, the lollipops in his pockets didn’t fall out.

“Ye Tian Xie!  Ye Tian Xie…….You detestable……bad person!  I’ll go to your house tomorrow, you just wait, humph!!”  Su Fei Fei stared in the direction Ye Tian Xie left as she stomped the ground.  Her eyes seemed to be filled with a fiery blaze.  She had always been the one to reject others but today she had been rejected for the first time.

Two people carefully inched over, until they were standing behind Su Fei Fei.  The person on the left asked in a small voice, “Young Miss…….The thing you just said about going to his house…….this……Young Miss, you weren’t serious about it right?”

“Of course I’m serious, humph!”  Su Fei Fei snorted as she angrily walked in the direction that Ye Tian Xie had just left in.

“But……Young Miss, that can’t be proper.  Although his appearance is good and he’s saved the Young Miss before, but we haven’t finished investigating him yet.  If you two go about it like this…….isn’t it a little too fast…..”That person carefully said.

“Fast your head!  You think this lady is repaying him with her body……Humph!  I’ll tell you, he’s stronger than you two a hundred, a thousand times!  If I lived in his house, then I wouldn’t have to worry about my safety.  When I go out, it would be fine to just have him.  You two useless fellows following me around all day makes me feel anxious!  Leave!  I have to go back and pack some things!”

The two of them lowered their head from her shouting.  With their abilities, they could be considered experts among body guards.  But to be able to guard Su Luo and the people around him, it would require an expert above experts.  Moreover they would be at a level normal people could never think of.  So it wasn’t that their strength wasn’t enough, rather it was the fact that it was too dangerous around the Su Luo father daughter combination.

“But, he is a man that is around the same age as Young Miss.  Young Miss is this pretty, if he does anything to Young Miss…….Young Miss won’t have any way to resist, this matter is still…..”

“He dares!”  Su Fei Fei heavily snorted.  Her cheeks turned red in anger, “You just saw it, he didn’t have the time to hide from me…….He actually tried to hide from me, it really infuriates me!”

“…….”  The two of them didn’t make a sound as they meekly followed behind her.  This stubborn Young Miss seemed to have made a crazy decision this time.

In a dark corner.  Ye Tian Xie watched Su Fei Fei enter a humble business vehicle and then drive off.  He looked up into the cloudless sky, thinking whether today was a lucky day or a disastrous one.

“Su Fei Fei……Ah, is this trouble coming for me or is it a god of wealth.”

This was not the main issue right now, the most important thing was……Ye Tian Xie didn’t really leave, but it wasn’t because he was making sure that Su Fei Fei was safe before leaving.  Rather it was because……The fifty lollipops that he had bought had been taken away by Su Fei Fei in her bag.

Using a finger to tap the ground, the hard ground immediately split apart.  Several pieces of cement didn’t bounce away.  Ye Tian picked them up in his hand and then began to throw them.

A “peng” sound rang out and a camera in front of him shattered.  This was all because of Su Fei Fei’s reminder.

He stood in the front of the vending machine and took out a bill to put in.  Then…….he saw a message.  The lollipops had been sold out.

Ye Tian Xie gave a deep sigh as he silently asked the heavens.


Except for a maniac, everyone is afraid of being alone.  Because the natural disposition of humans is to chase away loneliness.  Ye Tian Xie was not an exception.  But since she had disappeared, he had always been alone.  Even though he had a few friends, he never brought them back to his house or take the initiative to contact them.

He wasn’t someone that like being alone.  Rather, he could not find another person that was like her to keep him company.  So, he would rather keep to himself than to show his sadness and loneliness to others.

But, before he knew it, Guo Guo had entered into his world.  Seeing his empty hands, he couldn’t help but laugh at himself……He, had actually gone out to buy lollipops for a girl.  To him, this was a very incredible thing.  At least, he never would have thought that such a day like this could happen.

Although he disdained doing this kind of embarrassing thing, but……Thinking of Guo Guo’s adorable appearance that moved people’s hearts, he always couldn’t help but break out into a smile.  Not being able to buy it for her, his heart was a little anxious.  He was afraid of seeing her unhappy face.

They hadn’t even been together for ten day.  Why did he already feel this way…….She, a small small girl, had already unknowingly entered my world?

This kind of feeling, really felt good…….

It she were to suddenly disappear……

I would……I would really…….give up.

Once he returned home, the minute he opened the door, Ye Tian Xie heard Guo Guo’s voice ringing out from the bathroom.

“Taking a bath, taking a bath, I love taking a bath.  Taking a bath, taking a bath, I love taking a bath.  Taking a bath, taking a bath, I love taking a bath…….Yi?  Master’s smell!  Wa!  Master has come back!  Also there’s the lollipops for me to eat.”

Then there was a slight water splashing sound.

Ye Tian Xie, “……”

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