EDAH Chapter 68


Chapter 68: Land of Dreams (Part 1)

It was a warm winter day with gentle cold winds blowing. The entire Earth was blanketed under a thick layer of pure white snow due to the heavy snowfall, as far as the eye could see. An ash-gray clothed figure travelled inconspicuously through this dazzling white world.

There was a small hill and at the foot of the hill sat a little boy.  He opened his eyes and slowly stood up. Even though the weather was cold, he only wore a light ash-gray coat, moreover, his clothes were messy and damaged.  But what was surprising was the fact that the boy had a very calm face.  His eyes, which shined like crystals against the snow white background, releasing a cold look beyond compare.

He walked forward two steps and his feet sank deep into the snow.  He suddenly stopped and bent over, slowly picking up the snow on the ground with his hands and stared…. staring at the snow in his hands, that indifferent face which did not contain a single trace of human emotions unexpectedly broke out into a slight smile.  His smile was handsome……and indifferent. The abrupt smile that blossomed in this snow covered world….it was a scene that was capable of making hearts tremble, but alas, there was no one around to appreciate it.

He bent down to put the snow back on the ground.  Then he picked up even more snow and then piled it together in the same place…he kept piling the snow until it was as tall as him and used his hands to shape the snow.  His face was tranquil and concentrated.  It was as if he had put all his focus into it and nothing else in the world could distract him.  Soon, the pile of snow quickly changed into the shape of a person.  The young boy gave a chuckle and silently looked at the little snowman he had made.  Then he carefully took out a cookie that he had brought out with him.  His palms used a little force and he broke the cookie into two equal halves.  One half was placed on top of the little snowman.


He was only ten years old, he should have still been under the caring love of his mother and father as he grew.  But……At this age, who would have thought that he had been wandering alone for many years now.  And that cookie, it was the only food that he had with him today.

He was an indifferent person and he repelled everyone.  But deep down in his heart, he still wished for a friend or a partner that would chase away his loneliness……but, he never found a person who could become his friend.  This was because, he did not believe in anyone. Being afraid, hating people, he had already come to hate this world……the snowman he made was the only one who had the qualifications to become his partner.  It would accompany him and never hurt him.  Friends, they share the things they had to eat.

If there wasn’t any snow around, this place would have been revealed to be a desolate and uninhabited mountain region.  Normally there would be only a few people that would come here. He would spent every single day wandering around without any goals.  Wherever there were less people, that was where he would go.  He had no goals nor could he find a goal.  In fact he couldn’t even see his tomorrow, he couldn’t find a reason to keep on living.  He had only survived this long based purely on his instincts.

This was a very strange youth.  His body emitted an indifferent and empty aura which caused people to be unable to sense his presence .  Perhaps the little snowman he had just built beside him, when compared to him, it would have even more of an existential feel.

The little boy slowly bit into the cookie that had already began to freeze.  His movements were small out of fear that he would eat it too fast.  And other than the sound of his chewing the occasional breeze, there was not a single other sound in the world.  Right as the wind disappointingly stopped blowing, a pair of soft footsteps cut through the emptiness.  It brought a bit of life to the lonely cold snow filled landscape.

The little boy stopped eating his cookie.  A pair of eyes that were mature beyond their age that was filled with coldness and vigilance stared to see where the source of the sound was coming from.  The footsteps sounded light, but they were very urgent.  It was as if the person they belonged to couldn’t wait to get to where they were going……..And what the footsteps were heading towards, was the location that the boy was currently standing.

Not that far apart, the little boy saw something that made him have a kind of “drunk” feeling.  He felt bewildered.  It had been a long time since he had felt such strong emotions, his ice cold heart started to beat fast for the first time in a while.  His eyes and face froze as he blankly stared at the nearby figure.

That shadow came closer and finally he could see her body and her face……At that moment, the world lost all colour.  Whether it was the simple white landscape or the sky that was a light blue.  Even the bright rays of the sun.  All of it turned colourless as the girl lifted her head, the only thing left was her stunning beauty.

This was a girl, a girl that was around the same age as the boy.  A single glance could tell that she was around ten years old.  So young yet she didn’t have a home.  A person without a clear goal like him had appeared in this kind of place.  But even though she was this young, she was also quite beautiful.  A beauty that could not appear on a girl of this age, a kind of indescribable beauty……A contradicting beauty!

An exquisite face that was like an ice sculpture.  Under the glow of the setting sun, it shined and sparkled like a kind of holy beauty.  The corners of her mouth were curved into a smile, it held a kind of intoxicating satisfying feel to it.  A silent beauty that was like a lotus shining brightly under the glow of the moon.  She was enveloped in a fog that made her exude fairy like beauty aura.  However when her gentle eyelashes fluttered and her eyes slowly opened and a pair of water drop like eyes glittered with a cold glare stared forward.  It instantly shattered the fairy like fog around her and made people’s hearts tremble……A cold beauty!  She was very cold, like she was a piece of ice jade that could not be touched.  Especially her eyes, they seemed like rare black pearls. Clear and yet profound that made it hard to look away, but if they stared at too long, it gave off a feeling that your body was being frozen.  However, she was truly beautiful.  A kind of holy beauty that could not be ignored.  A kind of mysterious beauty that could not be touched.  Slightly opened eyes and a curved lip, this emitted an endless temptation.  It was like opium that could enchant people.  Even if they knew they would die, a moth would still fly into the flame.

Holy and pure…….Cold……Charming…….Were these things that a ten year old girl could have?  Could these things really appear on a ten year old girl’s body?

If they didn’t see her, everyone would not hesitate to say “impossible”.  But once they saw her, they would feel as if they had just seen a kind of girl that could only exist in their dreams.

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