EDAH Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Land of Dreams (Part 2)

The little boy’s eyes felt like they had been stubbornly pulled by something.  While he was in a daze, he wasn’t able to do anything.  He forgot how to breathe, how to talk, he even forgot about his own existence.  In his eyes, in his heart……the only thing left in this world was that person who had appeared in front of him. He confusedly stared at the girl.  His emotions had been frozen for many years now.  His disposition was still the disposition of a young ten year old boy. He felt that she was so beautiful, that no other girl was as beautiful as her, her beauty made him feel as though he was in a dream.

The cold wind began to blow and their hair began to scatter. Upon noticing the boy standing in front of her the cold look in the girl’s eyes faded into captivation.   She only wore a light snow white clothing and standing in this world of ice and snow, it had seemed as if her body and world fused together to outline a beautiful picture. Her face was as pretty as a picture, painted with the most beautiful colours. He felt that this dream of his would turn barren and colourless if she was not in it.

A girl beautiful to this extent would be described as a “Dazzling beauty” or as “beautiful enough to bring about the downfall of a country”. But this kind of vulgar praise was inappropriate for a 10-year-old. It would be degrading and profane compliment.



The corners of the young girl’s mouth slightly bent and the coldness in her eyes slowly melted away.  It melted into a drop of water that silently fell into the snow at her feet.

A tear……

After the tear fell, she rushed forward.  Before the youth even had the time to recover from his dazed state, she had already hugged his back.  She forcefully hugged his back and the tears she had forced down began to flow, slowly turning his clothes wet.

“I……finally…….found you……”

Bending on his shoulders, she said in a low voice.  The sound was soft and gentle like a breeze through the valley, it was almost as if it came from out of this world.  She was clothed in pure white clothing and the little boy was clothed in dirty gray clothing causing a giant clash to the eyes.  She did not care that he was dirty, she just used all her strength to hold on closely to him…….As if she was afraid that if she let go, she would never be able to see him again.

The weak and warm breath hit the back of his neck, the thing inside his chest that moved his body began to gently tremble.  Never hugging a girl and never been hugged by a girl, the little boy stood there frozen in place.  He was believing more and more that he was stuck in a dream.

After a while, the young girl wiped her tears and loosened her grip, but she still tightly held onto him.  A pair of eyes that seemed to hold all the vitality in the world was enchanted as they stared at him.  And him, he had a kind of almost surreal look as he stared at her…….Standing so close to her, she looked like the ice and snow.  With white and creamy skin, indescribably beautiful eyes that shone like crystals, and bright red cherry lips that were like cherry blossoms falling in the spring with long black flowing hair that slightly danced in the cold wind, lining her picture perfect face.  She was so beautiful that he didn’t dare look right at her.

Anyone who saw her, they would be captivated by her body.  Her appearance, every inch of her skin, every breath, every glance, every sound, every smile, they could all easily conquer any man.  Even if she was only currently ten years old.

“Who…….are……you…….”  Always avoiding crowds, the boy that had always avoided contact with others didn’t even consider pushing her away this time.  He just stared at her, he was completely lost in her that he couldn’t even hear the sounds he had just made.

The girl’s tears clouded her eyes as she began to smile – a smile so beautiful that the boy thought that the he had witnessed the blooming of the world’s most beautiful flower.   She gently said, “First tell me……What is your name?”

“Xie Tian.”  Him who had already almost forgotten his own name couldn’t help but say his name in response to her question.

“Xie Tian……”  The girl whispered the name and softly said, “Why are you here alone…..Where is your home?  Where are your parents?”


The girl felt the boy’s body turning stiff and even his skin turned cold in that moment.  He shook his head and emotionlessly said, “I don’t have a home……My mom and dad are both dead……My big brother died to protect me…….I’ve always been… myself.”

The girl’s body trembled slightly.  At once, she who had only paid attention to him suddenly saw the little snowman, the rags he was wearing, and the cookie in his hands with bite marks on them…….For a while, her heart felt as if a thousand knives had just stabbed into it causing her dried eyes to, once again, fill with tears……

She extended her warm hand and placed it on his face and through her heart-wrenching sobs she said, “Why…..why are you so lonely…!  I don’t want you to be this way……I won’t let you be alone, I will not let you be harmed.  For me……you have given up too much.  This time, I’ll use all my strength to protect you……”

He did not understand anything she said.

“Why……You…….Have you recognized the wrong person……”He instinctively asked.

“No…….Even if I forget about myself, I will never forget about you.  I will never recognize the wrong person……”  She gently shook her head and wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes and broke out into a smile, “Your birthday is June 7th right?”

The little boy confusedly nodded his head.

“Mine is also on June 7th…….Do you believe me?  We were born on the same year, same month, same day, same hour…….even born on the same second……”

The little boy, “…….”

“From now on, you won’t be alone.  Let me stay with you ok?  If you’re willing, can you first listen to me just once……You won’t be called Ye Tian from now on, rather you’ll be called……Ye Tian Xie, alright…….”




The warm sunlight filled the room and Ye Tian Xie who had finally woken up sat up straight on the bed.  Staring out through the window, he recalled the dream that he had had many times already.  Whenever this occurred, his face always became blank.  Whenever he stared blankly, he was never sad or confused.

If they had to separate, why had they met in the first place.

Since they had to meet, why did they have to separate.

Didn’t you say you would be with me for a lifetime, never leaving my side…….

Why was this “forever” so short.

Where are you……Where did you go……Why did you leave…….

Over ten years of being together, your love for me was beyond your everything, but why?  Even to this day……I don’t know…….

Who are you……

He gave a long sigh.  Three years.  Her departure had made him crazy, made him dispirited, and turned his heart turn back into smouldering ashes.  All these years, he had slowly endured it, but his longing for her had suddenly came back.  But not to mention three years, even if it was ten years or even thirty years, he would never be able to erase his thoughts and feelings for her or let them go.

He believed that she was an immortal from the heavens and that it was the heavens that bestowed upon him this most beautiful star…….

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. So he is probably some form of a reincarnated person, presumably somehow linked to the world the vr game supposedly takes them? (A theory as a reader.)

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