EDAH Chapter 71


Chapter 71: Fei Fei moves in

Ye Tian Xie stood behind Su Fei Fei.  In an extremely strange tone, he said, “Young Miss Su, shouldn’t you receive my agreement first?  I seem to never have agreed to letting you move in, right?”

“Hey!”  Su Fei Fei turned around and pouted her lips as she stared at him with dissatisfaction. “I’m a very beautiful girl!  Taking the initiative to move into a single male’s home like yours, you should be happy beyond belief……Look at you, you live alone in such a large house, and a lot of rooms are going to waste.  Are you that petty that you can’t even give a single room to a beautiful girl like me?  Also, look at your own house~~~~messy!  Even if a pig lived here, it would feel wronged.  I can help you clean up…….Let me tell you, I’ve never helped anyone else clean their room.  You’ve earned big!”

Ye Tian Xie: “……”

“Humph!  Who told you be my saviour, moreover…..”  Her voice became quiet, and even her head tilted down. In a soft voice only Ye Tian Xie could hear she said, “You’re a bad guy that had even touched me…….You have to take responsibility for me!  Once you’ve been locked on by this young lady, you can never escape.”


The normally healthy and unable to become sick Ye Tian Xie felt the beginnings of a headache.  At the same time, he suddenly developed an interest in what kind of environment this girl had grown up in.

The things that Su Fei Fei brought with her were very exaggerated……Her bed, blanket, pillow, table, her dresser full of clothing, a variety of toys for girls, luxury items, and daily necessities……..There was even a bag full of snacks.

She had brought everything she had in her room with her, telling everyone that she was serious about moving in with Ye Tian Xie.

She had only met Ye Tian Xie in passing a few times, she had been unable to learn everything about him.  She was from understanding him.  She didn’t know his family history, character, habits, and behaviour…….To say they were strangers was not overrated……But she still wanted to hurriedly move into a single man’s house.

All the people close to Su Fei Fei didn’t understand just exactly what this not stupid young miss was thinking.

Was it that her heart had been moved by him when he had rescued her in that moment of despair during that one night, or was there another reason?

What was certain, however, was that Su Fei Fei wasn’t joking.  In addition, it was to the extent that she had moved in as soon as possible.  The sun hadn’t even risen yet today and she had already called every person that she could call to help her pack up all her things.

When the four black clothed bodyguards brought her incomparably beautiful jade bed into Ye Tian Xie’s house, the four of them simultaneously stopped.  Their eyes popped open as their mouths opened wide, their chins fell onto the floor……..They had never seen a room as messy as this before.  These men all had the instinct to turn around and leave……Was the extinguished young miss about to live in a place like this?

They couldn’t help but look aside and say nothing.  Ye Tian Xie had an expression that he didn’t know anything on his face, but the meaning in his eyes were clear.

“Look!  This is my bed, it’s very beautiful.  He……Quickly give me an empty room.  That’s right, which room do you live in?”  Su Fei Fei coyly smiled as she spoke.  The originally ugly face caused by the pungent smell had already returned to normal…..It was obvious that she was gradually becoming accustomed to the environment.  She really had steeled her heart to live here.

Ye Tian Xie stiffly lifted his arm and pointed to the room he normally slept in.

“Then……I want this room!  I know that you live alone, so there definitely won’t be anyone else here.” Su Fei Fei’s high heels went “ta, ta” as she walked several steps over.  The closed door hadn’t been locked as she could gently opened it.  But the minute her hand touched the doorknob, she began to regret it……Because she could feel dust on her hand.  The moment the door opened, dust flew out, forcing her to retreat several steps.  She quickly fanned her hands in front of her and almost didn’t make a coughing noise.

Ye Tian Xie turned away, an innocent expression on his face.

“You, you, you, you……How many hundreds of years have you not cleaned for!”  Su Fei Fei stomped her feet before carefully opening another room. A cloud of dust exploded again. Without a word, Su Fei Fei turned around and she pointed at the first room she had picked and said, “You four…..I’ll give you one hour to make sure that there is not even a single speck of dust left.”

The four formidable bodyguards all stood speechless next to the door to the room.  Finally, the old head bodyguard said with a crying face, “Young miss……This is even harder than just tearing down the whole house.”

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“No talking back!  I’ll only give you an hour, if you don’t finish then I’ll deduct a month’s salary!  Quickly, quickly!”

The four of them could only temporarily be cleaning workers as they dived into the room that had three inches worth of dust. As soon as they took three steps, three of the four people came back out choking. They then braced themselves and went back in……After three minutes, two of them rushed out.  Before long, a set of the most efficient and extravagant cleaning equipment were pushed in.

In Ye Tian Xie’s home, they couldn’t find any mops, vacuum machines, or any cleaning detergent.  There wasn’t even a cleaning rag……

Ye Tian Xie turned on the television and watched the screen.  Su Fei Fei’s small voice screaming out orders rang through his ears.  Towards the four working hard and walking in and out, he didn’t even spare them a glance…….It was as if he was the guest in the house.

He had never permitted other people to enter his house.  Even the few friends that he approved of, he had never taken the initiative to invite them over, and those people that truly understood him would never have taken the initiative to come over.

But today, he had actually allowed Su Fei Fei to enter his house. He even allowed her to freely toss whatever she wanted.

What was he thinking in his mind.

…….Three hours later.

This truly was an eerie situation. One was the young miss from the richest family in China, but insisted on living in a single man’s house and her actions were very serious.  The other side did nothing to stop her.  They were like good friends, but in reality, they had only briefly met each other three times, and each time was only for a few minutes.

The trash and empty bottles scattered all over the floor for a time that even Ye Tian Xie didn’t know had all disappeared.  The ground could finally slightly fit the words “clean”.  Such a large house yet it was messy to this extent, not to mention the four people, even with forty people and a whole day, they still wouldn’t be able to clean it all.  The four non professionals could only clean the places that appeared to be the most disgusting and smelled the worst, with the focus being the room that young miss Su Fei Fei had picked.

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