EDAH Chapter 72


Chapter 72: Pain and perseverance (Part 1)

After the four people’s full out effort, the room that no one could go into finally had a new appearance.  The dust had all been cleaned and the walls and ceiling had all been covered in luxurious wallpaper.  The floor was also covered in a light yellow carpet.  This carpet had originally been the carpet in Su Fei Fei’s room and had been brought over with her persistent request.  What was a coincidence was the fact that the carpet surprisingly fit perfectly with the room.  This discovery made Su Fei Fei emit gold stars as she continued to scream in surprise about how she and this room were fated to be.  The four bodyguards listening to this felt their hearts tremble.

Bed, cabinet, desk, dressing table, and mirror……they were all set in place.  The four bodyguard’s suits and dress shoes had all turned completely black, as if they had just crawled out of a heap of dust.  But seeing this completely new room, they could finally breath a sigh of relief.  Su Fei Fei had always grown up in an extravagant lifestyle.  If she had to live in a room as dirty as this room was previously, not to mention the young miss, the four of them wouldn’t accept that.

They’ve cleaned up everything…….That means that she was really going to live here now.

“Young miss, everything has been cleaned.”


Hua la……..Su Fei Fei took out a long list from her bag that she had just written not long ago.  She gave it to the bodyguards and said, “These are the things I need to buy, I’ll give you an hour to buy everything and come back!”

Seeing this meter long list, the bodyguards almost couldn’t hold back their tears.

Ye Tian Xie who was like a corpse staring at the television finally looked up with his eyes, but he didn’t look at Su Fei Fei, rather he stared at the front door.

Several hurried footsteps began to approach and it was followed by a ringing sound.  Then the front suddenly burst open and a man wearing a neat suit walked in.  His eyes scanned over the room and his limp brows became wrinkled.  This was a middle aged man around 40 years old.  He had a normal stature, ordinary looks, a face that seemed like he was from the countryside, but he had incomparably sharp eyes that shocked people.  His eyes allowed him to pierce through into a person’s heart and make them feel that he was standing high above them.  He was followed by two men around the same age as him.  The two of them were as ordinary as him, but if their eyes fell on you, a kind of pressure fell that made it hard to breathe.  

Their eyes moved as fast as lightning, finally they looked back at Su Fei Fei.  Ye Tian Xie instantly recognized who this man was.

Su Fei Fei and the four bodyguards had shocked faces as they stared at the man that had just appeared.  Su Fei Fei went forward two steps and stopped, then she cautiously said, “Dad……Why are you here?”

“Humph!”  The middle aged man gave a heavy snort, his eyebrows were still tightly locked together, “Nonsense!  Truly nonsense!  If I didn’t come back, you really would have started living here…….You can’t live in a single man’s house!”  Once he finished, he used his eyes to shoot a look at Ye Tian Xie.  But the minute he met Ye Tian Xie’s eyes, his heart gently trembled.  This was a man with a perfect appearance, one that could easily break down the defenses of a girl’s heart…….But what he cared most about was his eyes and expression.  At this time he wasn’t surprised, or nervous, or did he expression contain any traces of fear.  He had a calm expression on his face with a trace of a smile and his eyes, they had a trace of interest and a trace of curiosity.

Su Luo……Su Fei Fei’s father…….He was the richest man in China and at the same time the richest man in Asia.  His assets were enough to rival a country.  He had battled hard for half of his life.  He had seen all kind of people and encountered all kinds of situations before……..But Ye Tian Xie’s current expression made it hard for him to understand him.

“Boss.”  The four bodyguards by Su Fei Fei’s side simultaneously went forward to pay their respects.  Their heads dropped and they all had an expression of knowing they did something wrong.  Su Luo’s eyes swept over the four of them as he scolded, “This kind of thing, you guys still follow along with her nonsense!  Why didn’t you contact me earlier?  Truly too outrageous!”

The four of them didn’t say much as they stood there and accepted their punishment.  They had obviously wanted to contact Su Luo about this, but……if the young lady knew, it would be even more frightening than their boss.

“Dad!”  Su Fei Fei gently bit her lips and her eyes stubbornly looked at her dad, “This matter, you don’t need to care about.  I’ve already decided!  Before I decide to live here, so I will live here!”

“You can’t!  You definitely can’t!  Fei Fei, you’re already not a child anymore.  Do you know what you are doing!”  Su Luo wrinkled his brows and said, but Su Fei Fei’s expression made his eyebrows jump.  She once again had that stubborn expression where even if she was wrong, she still wouldn’t turn back.  Moreover……her room back home had already been emptied.  All her things, including her most precious things, the things she could never discard had all disappeared……..They had all been moved over.  This meant that she was serious and persistent about moving into this strange man’s house.

What could it be that attracted her to want to move here.

“Right!  I’m already not a child anymore, so I know what I’m doing!  I will live here!”  Su Fei Fei stubbornly shook her head.  Her eyes looked over at Ye Tian Xie, expecting him to say a few words for her.

The television had been turned off by Ye Tian Xie and he had partly turned over with an expression that he was watching a play as he stared at them.  That expression almost made the two statue like people behind Su Luo want to jump out and punch him once.

Su Luo was silent, he was clearly surprised that his daughter would be so persistent for no reason.  He was her father, there was no one that understood his daughter better than him……But this time, he couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do.  Was this an impulse or a moment of craziness?

His face relaxed and his voice became as gentle as possible as he sincerely said, “Fei Fei, I know what you want to do.  But, do you truly understand him?”  He hinted with his eyes at Ye Tian Xie, “Do you know his background?  Do you know his personality?  Do you know his manners and temperament?  You and him do not even get along, not to mention understand.  Perhaps just because he saved you, you’ll just…..Then again, this place is this messy, how can you stand it!  Ai!  Fei Fei, you really aren’t a child anymore, you should be able to understand what you can and cannot do.”

Su Fei Fei was still biting her lip.  Her father’s persuasion did not change her mind the slightest bit as she shook her head again, “Dad, I’ve already made my decision on this matter.  I will live here and anyone that tries to persuade me…..I won’t listen to them!”

Su Luo heavily breathed out.  His brows sank and he took heavy steps forward, until he was standing in front of Su Fei Fei.  Su Fei Fei didn’t step back, rather she stubbornly went forward and stared him in the eyes.

“Come back with me.  If there are things you want to say, we can talk about them once we get home.”  Su Luo tried to grab Su Fei Fei’s arm.  Su Fei Fei dodged and firmly shook her head, “I won’t go back.  I only want to live here.  Dad, I’m not playing around.  I’m very serious about staying here, you don’t need to worry about it ok!

Su Luo’s eyebrows became tighter as he stepped forward and said, “Come back with me!”


That extremely loud shout made Su Luo’s face freeze.  Even Ye Tian Xie and the six bodyguards were startled.

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