EDAH Chapter 73


Chapter 73: Pain and perseverance (Part 2)

“You want me to go back……go back where?  Go back home?”  Su Fei Fei walked backwards, step by step, until she touched the wall.  Her body was weakly pressed against the wall, “No!  I don’t want to…….I don’t want to go back there……I finally found a better place I want to be at…….Even if this path is wrong, I still don’t want to go back……”

Su Luo’s heart trembled slightly.  His daughter’s expression, voice, and eyes, all made his heart feel pain……

“Dad……I am your daughter…….You care about me, but do you really understand me?  Do you know what I want, what I’m thinking about in my heart?  When I was nine, my mom died. Since then you were my only remaining family…..But you talk too much about doing business, building up relationships, and how to deal with people…….You could never be like mom, being by my side every day…….You also didn’t realise that since mom passed away, I’ve been living like this since the past ten years……From when I was small until now, every week, I had to suffer from a kidnapping or an assassination at least twice a week.  I was scared every single day and night, every time I went out I had to be careful.  Even when I was at home I could never be truly relaxed…….That year, mom died and I had survived because she had protected me.  But do you know, sometimes I wished I had died along with her…….dying because of the enemies that you made!”

Su Fei Fei’s shoulders started trembling.  The girl, who was high spirited in front of Ye Tian Xie and arrogant in front of the body guards, was now leaning against the wall with her body shivering.  She was like a little bird that was injured.  Her voice was filled with despair and her eyes were filled with tears, as they continued to flow down her cheeks.


Ye Tian Xie’s smile had vanished.  He silently watched Su Fei Fei and slowly raised his head.  He then slowly let out a long sigh.

“Fei Fei……”  His daughter’s words were akin to having heavy hammers slam down on Su Luo’s heart.  Seeing his daughter break down into tears, his heart throbbed painfully.

His path to success had been paved on the shoulders of countless people and he had walked on the heads and, even, bodies of countless losers.  So, he had created countless personal enemies.  There were people that wanted his wealth and people, whom he had crushed, that all they wanted was to kill his entire family.  There were also his competitors and, even, perverts who simply wanted vengeance against the wealthy……There were simply too many of them.

These people, he withstood and had already gotten use to.  But his daughter, she had to withstand them just like him.

He didn’t spend a lot of time with his daughter.  Everytime he had went home, he had faced this kind of beautiful, bright, and happy daughter, who had never seemed to worry about anything.  Everytime he saw his daughter, all his worries and fatigue seemed to disappear – but now? Now he knew that he was wrong all this time, he had always been wrong…….These past few years, his daughter had been happy for him, to make sure that he wasn’t worried, but now? It seemed like he had never truly understood his daughter.

“……These years, no one who wanted to kidnap me had succeeded, but all the times, it was always very close……Once, only once would be enough…….Did you even think that if I had ever fallen into their hands, what would happen to me?  Will I die like mom or would being dead be better than living…….”

“I’m scared, I’m scared everyday…….You can’t imagine how many nightmares I have everyday.  You can’t imagine how many times I’ve secretly broken out in tears at night……But even though I was scared, I never had a person who could be by my side.  Last year, you came home only thirteen times, the rest of the time I had no idea where you went.  This year, you only came home seven times……Other than these few short days, I’m always alone……I don’t even have a person to confide in!!”

Su Luo’s body visibly trembled and his hands and feet shook.  His face had turned pale white and began to lose its red colouring.  He loved his wife and daughter very much, for them, he chose not to remarry.  Because he didn’t want to let down his wife and even more, he was afraid that his daughter wouldn’t accept it.

He had always tried to make sure that she was satisfied by buying her the best things possible…….But, he finally realized, he was actually an incompetent father.

Su Fei Fei lifted her hands and began to wipe away her tears, “But right now, I have finally found someone who can finally let me not be afraid……That day, when I was almost kidnapped, it was him who saved me.  He is very strong, he’s even stronger than the strongest person on Earth that I could imagine.  But when he saved me, I actually thought that he was a deity from my dreams who would protect me and make it so that I wouldn’t have to be afraid anymore……Because I’ve been scared for so many years, do you know how much I wish for this kind of person to appear?  You have no way of knowing just how important this kind of feeling is to me……From that day on, I’ve always been thinking of him because I kept telling myself and I kept believing……As long as I was by his side, I wouldn’t need to be afraid anymore.  No one would try to kidnap me or assassinate me……Dad, you actually want to take away the hope that I’ve been searching for!”

Su Luo: “…….”

“I’m not silly, I’ve never been silly.  I definitely will not be impulsive……I have a lot of friends by my side.  Men and women are both fine, but I had always felt that I was a lonely person.  I hate them.  I hate you for bringing me to those socializing parties.  Why do those women try to approach me?  Why do those men crowd around me?  It wasn’t because of me……it was because of you and your wealth!  Because you only have one daughter, obtaining me would mean obtaining your entire fortune.  And you?…….You know better than me just how dirty and dark they are under their cheerful appearances.  When talking about marriages, I’ve always been scared that one day I would be forced to marry someone out of benefit…….That so called high class society life is not what I want, I dream about being the daughter of an ordinary family.  I long to find my other half and chase them down, to be with the person I like and not to be used as a bargaining chip!!”

The world suddenly turned silent.  Other than Su Luo’s trembling body, his breathing had almost stopped as he dazedly stared on, his face had turned deathly white……It was as if his soul had flew out of his body to who knows where.

Su Fei Fei’s body slid down the wall.  She hugged her shoulders and curled up the floor while emitting an audible painful “wu, wu” crying sound.  She, her live was truly too tiring.  When the thing that she wanted the most had appeared, no one was able to understand just how important it was to her.  And for this one thing, she became very persistent about obtaining it.

The person she longed for, the one that could protect her and let her never live under the shadow of fear again.  The one that could also make her heart beat fast.  The one, who, she simply couldn’t bring herself to hate.

She, had finally found that person.

The six bodyguards standing at the side were completely silent.  Watching the young miss cry like this, they too felt sharp pains piercing their hearts.  They could truly understand the troubles between the father and daughter.  And her? She was tired just from living.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Well, talk about a sorry life. And now that our MC is in her life, she finally sees hope.

    Now will this be enough to make the MC accept her, and everything that brings. And will the father allow it in the end.

    Guess we’ll find out next chapter.

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