EDAH Chapter 75


Chapter 75: Recently I’ve been lacking some money to spend……

“Does this count as proving my ability?”  Ye Tian Xie had a casual smile as he spoke.

“You are a Power User?”  Su Luo could not help saying.

“I’m not!”  Ye Tian Xie’s reply was even more simple.  From what he could see, Su Luo didn’t see anything unnatural.  

“Then you……”  If he wasn’t a Power User, then what was this power that was beyond common sense?


“You don’t need to know.”  Ye Tian Xie impolitely cut him off.  Power?  That kind of thing, he looked down on.  But what kind of ability did he have?  He didn’t even know.

Su Luo was silent.  When he had investigated Ye Tian Xie, he had seen group after group being lost, some people, no matter what couldn’t help but become lost.  And this time coming in actual contact with him, he became even more unclear.  This was his first time not being able to see through anything, not being able to see through a person……Moreover it was someone that was so young.  And this time, his experience told him that if he truly wanted to investigate this person, it would be a very dangerous endeavour.

“Your display, it only showed your anti detection skills.  I want to see your ability to protect her.”  Su Luo said.  He moved out of the way to let the two bodyguards behind him pass, “These two have obtained first and second in the Chinese Special Forces competition for ten years now.  Even now, there’s no one in the Chinese Army that don’t know the names of “Black Panther” and “Scarlet Wolf”.  It is because of their protection that I have been safe all these years.  If you can defeat them, then I’ll be relieved in letting Fei Fei stay here.”

The two bodyguards understood Su Luo’s meaning as they stepped forward together.  Before they came here, they already knew that he had saved Su Fei Fei once before.  But with their strength, facing Ye Tian Xie, they couldn’t help but instinctively feel contempt.  But the ability that Ye Tian Xie had just showed them had destroyed all traces of their contempt.  The two of them had a cautious look as they waited for Ye Tian Xie to make a move.

Ye Tian Xie’s next sentence made their faces turn darker.

“Do I kill them or cripple them?”  Ye Tian Xie shot a look at “Black Panther” and “Scarlet Wolf”.  His voice was very casual, as if he was simply saying he was going to eat or take a nap.

This kind of response had caught Su Luo off guard, he didn’t know how to respond……Because he couldn’t say “cripple them” and he definitely couldn’t say “kill them”…….

Ye Tian Xie just shrugged his shoulder and raised his right hand.  “Black Panther” and “Scarlet Wolf” knitted their brows and prepared themselves.  Although they were the strongest special forces soldiers, they still recognized that there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons and that they shouldn’t be contemptful towards anyone.  Although Ye Tian Xie was only around twenty years old, he still made them feel a bit of pressure – if he didn’t have any skills, he wouldn’t be this arrogant.

Ye Tian Xie raised his hand but didn’t attack.  He flicked his finger and fired a shot through the air.

A clear sound rang out and the tightly shut balcony glass suddenly opened.  “Black Panther” and Scarlet Wolf” instinctively looked behind, but in that moment they felt a breeze from in front of them.  Right as they turned around, their bodies were already being held up by Ye Tian Xie by their necks, “When facing an enemy, being distracted is a big taboo.  Whether one is in the military or a bodyguard, it is something they should not forget.”

After he finished saying so, he flicked his hands and the two of them were tossed out of the recently opened window.  Then the window mysteriously closed by itself.  

The fight between Ye Tian Xie and the two bodyguards hadn’t even began and it was already over.  Su Luo’s shock once again increased by several times.  Even if he was a fool, he could tell that the two trump cards on his side and the youth in front of him…..Their abilities were not on the same level!

“Alright.  Boss Su, since there are no outsiders now, we can say what needs to be said.”  Ye Tia Xie patted his hands together and turned around.  His facial expression did not have any agitation nor did it have any kind of pride.  His expression gave the impression that he had just taken care of two bugs, “Now, do you think I have the ability to take care of your daughter?  Also, you don’t have to worry about me having any indecent thoughts about your daughter, or making a move on her.  Although your daughter is very beautiful, but she can’t enter my eyes.  But……”  Ye Tian Xie’s lips curled up, “If your daughter takes the initiative to make a move, then I can only act like a normal man.  I can’t guarantee I won’t do things that you don’t want to see.”

Su Luo’s expression kept changing, sometimes dark, sometimes gloomy.  His eyes erratically moved around.  This was the expression of a person who had a hard time making up his mind.  Thinking about what Su Fei Fei had told him, he felt his heart twist in pain and he did not know why his daughter would make this kind of decision.  Thinking of that scene, he already couldn’t go and stop her.  He had no way to stop her.

But facing this the man, seeing what he had displayed had shocked someone like him who had experienced everything.  But, he also knew nothing about him.  He knew only the surface details that his investigative team had gotten for him.  The things he wanted to know, he had no way of finding out.

This kind of Ye Tian Xie, he could never be relaxed letting his daughter and him live together.

“Tell me your reason or goal.”  Su Luo who had hesitated for a while finally opened his mouth.

“It’s very simple.”  Ye Tian Xie gave a bright smiling face, “Recently I’ve been lacking some money to spend……And you, are the richest man in Asia, this makes it very convenient.  And since I’m protecting your daughter, I think you should give me a bit of protection fee.”

Hearing such a straightforward reason coming from Ye Tian Xie’s mouth, actually made Su Luo’s chaotic heart calm down.  Indeed, from the beginning, he had not seen any kind of deceptive behaviour from Ye Tian Xie.  This kind of feeling made him calmly believe everything he had said.  Finally it was slowly developing into a sense of trust.

He had experienced people deceiving each other more than anybody and he was an expert in this field.  Everyday he wore a different mask to meet people with the same kind of mask.  He would never believe anyone and only trusted his one instinct.  Otherwise, he would not have reached where he was today.

But Ye Tian Xie, his words and gestures seemed to have a kind of strange magic to it that made it that he could not help but want to believe him……Although this was his first time meeting him.

Ye Tian Xie had said it very straightforwardly.  He had accepted Su Fei Fei because……he wanted money!  A lot of money as protection fee.

Thinking of the his daughter’s words which had pierced his heart and the tears that he had not seen in who knows how many years, Su Luo threw out the last bit of hesitation left in his heart.  He sighed as he said, “Only today did I find out that Fei Fei has not been happy.  Instead because of me, she has had to live under the shadow of fear.  And in order to please me, every time she saw me, she would always pretend to be happy…..These things, I was never aware of it…….For ten years, I have never been aware of it…….”

His voice became smaller as his brows knit together, like a dried autumn leaf, which were filled with sadness.

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