EDAH Chapter 76


Chapter 76: Sky high price (Part 1)

“My wife has died……dead for ten years, dying in the hands of enemy I created…..then I used the cruelest method possible to get rid of those enemies……But, even then, my wife still could never come back.  And my daughter, she used her life to block the bullet and used her life to save our daughter.  She became the last family member and in my life, the most precious thing.  Since then, I’ve satisfied all her request, all to make sure she is happy everyday…….I never thought…..I was always wrong.”

He raised his head and faced the sky as he gave a long painful sigh.  This kind of appearance from this world famous and earth shaking person, perhaps Ye Tian Xie is the only one who had seen it before.  He turned around and faced Ye Tian Xie, “If this is truly what Fei Fei wants, I won’t stop her……I only hope that she will be truly safe here.  If by being here she can be happy everyday, then, I will be truly grateful to you.”

“If your gratitude can be exchanged for money, then I will happily accept it.”  Ye Tian Xie smiled, the meaning of his smile was very clear.  Su Luo had stalled for a while and hasn’t even mentioned the most important issue of “protection fee” so he had to remind him a bit.

“Ten million!  If you can keep my daughter safe then I’ll give you ten million every year!”  Su Luo gathered himself and said.  He didn’t hate Ye Tian Xie’s straightforwardness.  Money, that was the reason why he accepted Su Fei Fei.  And the thing that made it the hardest for him to accept was not having a reason.  If it was like that, it would have made it several times harder for him to accept.


Ten million……An amount that a normal family would not be able to spend in a lifetime.  What he offered showed that he truly was the richest man in all of Asia.

However what was strange to Su Luo was the fact that Ye Tian Xie didn’t instantly accept.  Instead he knit his brows and the happy expression on his face disappeared.  Ye Tian Xie eyes narrowed and he lightly said, “Your daughter’s safety is only worth ten million?  With your so called assets, isn’t this only one part out of ten thousand!?”

Su Luo’s brow also wrinkled as he said, “This has nothing to do with how important Fei Fei is to me.  Ten million, your ability is worth this sky high price, and I believe……For protecting a person, this is already the highest price that can be given!

Even “Black Panther” and “Scarlet Wolf” by his side, they only received two million per year.  Moreover, they didn’t just provide simple protection.

“The highest price?”  The corner of Ye Tian Xie’s mouth twitched and he used a strange gaze to look at Su Luo as he casually said, “Actually there has been someone that offered me two hundred million per year to protect him……Do you believe this?”

Every year…….two hundred million!?

Su Luo’s eyes became fierce, but he also slowly shook his head, “That’s impossible!  There is no one that crazy in this world.  Moreover if that is true……How could you be lacking money.”

“He, I rejected that person’s offer.  It was because I would have lost my freedom.  And your daughter…….protecting her, I won’t lose my freedom.  And your daughter, she’s quite a beauty, protecting her could be considered a feast for the eyes.  It’s definitely better than protecting a man and most importantly……I believe you can give a price higher than two hundred million…..Don’t you think so?”  Ye Tian Xie’s mouth curled up and turned into a mysterious smile.

To use a yearly salary of two hundred million to “hire” a bodyguard, even to the far richer than normal people Su Luo, he felt as if he was listening to a fantasy.  What kind of person can come up with this kind of sky high price and is crazy enough to offer this kind of price?  This kind of price was something that even he couldn’t accept that easily.  

“That person, who is he!”  Su Luo said with knitted brows.  This kind of joke he would never believe, but faced with Ye Tian Xie’s expression, he couldn’t help but start to think if this was true…….Then, who was it that had this kind of financial power.  And to make someone give him a price of two hundred million, this mysterious man that was standing in front of him, what was he hiding……”

“That person, you should recognize him.”  Ye Tian Xie said, then he slowly said that person’s name, “His name is…….Zuo…..Zhen…..Hua!”

Those three words, they were like three thunderbolts slamming into Su Luo’s head.  His heart and body all trembled and his eyes instantly shrank to the size of needles.  His body swayed from the immense shock that he received and his gaze changed as he stared at Ye Tian Xie.

Zuo Zhen Hua……That was the name of the person that had the most power in all of China and was the history’s youngest head of state.

And this kind of person who with a single stomp of his foot, he could create a tremendous change in China.  This person that could make the entire world tremble.  This kind of person had the strongest Chinese soldiers guarding him and these people were all Power Users that had power beyond normal people.  It could be said he had greatest authority in all of China and had the strongest protection…..And this kind of person actually gave a sky high price of two hundred million per year just to compel this less than twenty year old boy to protect him.

Perhaps, his power was stronger than the strongest soldiers and even the strongest Power Users?

“Do you believe?”  Seeing Su Luo’s trembling eyes, Ye Tian Xie slowly said,

From Ye Tian Xie’s eyes he could see they were plain and clear, there was not a single trace of abnormality.  To Suo Luo with his vast experience in reading people, to be able to say this with that kind of expression……It meant that it was impossible for him to be lying.

He suddenly understood why he couldn’t find out anything that he wanted to know and he understood why he felt it was so dangerous.  Ye Tian Xie was so mysterious that he seemed to be covered in a dense fog.  But this fog, it was at the level that normal people couldn’t understand how high it was……

What kind of person was he.

This kind of person that could compel a price of two hundred million from the highest authority and had the guts to reject him.  If he had this person who even the highest authority couldn’t compel to guard his daughter, those enemies of his would have no way to harm his daughter.

“Three hundred million…….As long as you can protect my daughter, I’ll give you three hundred million per year.  After six months, I’ll give you the first year’s three hundred million.”  Su Luo said.  When his mouth gave this unbelievable astronomical figure, he found that the giant stone deep down in his heart had finally been a little relieved and a little satisfied.  His daughter was the most important thing to him.  He had already lost his wife and if his daughter continued to live under this shadow of fear and one day left him, no matter how much money he made, he wouldn’t have a use for it.

Three hundred million…….A price that was even higher than the highest authority in all of China…….This was because, his daughter’s safety was even more important than Zuo Zhen Hua.  It was more important than anyone else in the world.

“Very good, this price I can accept.  With Boss Su’s wealth, three hundred million a year isn’t enough to shake your foundation…..”  Ye Tian Xie had a bright and pleasant smile.  “But, aren’t you afraid that I’m lying and cheating you Boss Su?  You can be considered the sharpest businessman in all of Asia, this kind of sloppy behaviour doesn’t fit your style.”

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