EDAH Chapter 77


Chapter 77: Sky high price (Part 2)

Su Luo stared at him and the corners of his mouth rose up to form a smile, “If a reason is required, then you can say……I believe in my own feelings.  Three hundred million, each word carries its own weight.  I hope that for the next year, Fei Fei can be safe and also truly happy…….This can also count as my request to you.”  His voice trembled.

“The first half I can promise, but the second half about her mood, I can’t do anything.”  Ye Tian Xie smiled.

“No, you can.”  Su Luo shook his head.  He looked at Ye Tian Xie with a complex look, “Do you think that Fei Fei really chose to move here just because of your ability to protect her?  The night you saved her, she definitely saw your power.  So she believes you can protect her and can let her feel truly safe……But, have you never thought that with your ability, appearance, and the moment of desperation, what kind of effect this has on a girl…….Have you never considered it?”

Ye Tian Xie, “……:


“This, I don’t know the answer to since I’m not a girl.” Ye Tian Xie was silent for two seconds and then gave an answer that made him deserve to be punched.

Su Luo nodded and lifted his foot to prepare to leave.

“That, it seems like you’ve come to believe in me.  But, since it concerns your daughter’s safety, just believing my words doesn’t seem to be the style of an astute businessman like you.  Then to earn your trust and to make you a little happy…….Of course this is more for me.  There’s something I want to show you.”

Su Luo stopped and turned around doubtfully.  Ye Tian Xie walked out in front of him and slowly pulled something out of his pocket.  Something as large as his palm with a round shape, it was a badge like object.

When he saw the design and the words written below on the badge, Su Luo’s expression suddenly changed.  He looked shocked as he said, “Chi…..Chinese Protection……”

“There no need to say the name out loud.  Boss Su is truly experienced, he even knows what this thing is.  But since you know what this is, then you should know that what I’ve said isn’t a lie.  Now you can relax, right?”  Ye Tian Xie cut Su Luo off as he took the badge back and placed it in his pocket, “To be honest, when I received this thing in the past, I never thought that I would ever have a use for it one day……Ah, good thing I didn’t throw it away.”

The storm of shock in Su Luo’s heart had already reached an earth-shattering situation.  From the moment he entered Ye Tian Xie’s house until now, the amount of shock he felt was greater than anything he had felt in his half a lifetime of experience.  The sum of up and down emotion swings was greater than anything he had ever felt…….And when he heard what Ye Tian Xie said, his face began to visibly twitch……That badge, it was the legendary badge that symbolized the greatest honour.  Since China had been established several hundred years ago, only three people had received it before……If he was counted, it would be four people, but he had actually wanted to throw it away.

Then what kind of things could enter his eyes!?

“Un……If Boss Su is relieved, then can you give me the first year’s three hundred million as soon as possible instead of half a year later?  Recently I’ve been a little lacking in terms of money.”  Ye Tian Xie revealed his original goal.

“No wonder.…..”  Su Luo slowly said these words, and his uncertain gaze wavered  as he stared at Ye Tian Xie.

No wonder Zuo Zhen Hua would go so far for his protection and no wonder he was able to reject Zuo Zhen Hua.  Before he received a badge, there were only three of them……And there was no one as young as him who was able to receive one.  Behind him, who was his backer……

Like Ye Tian Xie said, he had given Su Luo a feeling that he could trust him.  But being willing to believe is not full trust.  Although he had shown abilities that went beyond what could be imagined, this concerned his daughter’s safety.  He would still be careful and would try to use all kinds of methods to investigate him.

But with this badge, there was no need.  Moreover, someone who could possess this badge, he could not investigate them again.  At the same time, because of the badge, even if he had ten thousand hearts, he could still relax.

Su Fei Fei just needed to stay by his side and she would definitely be safe.  She would never be in danger again.

Su Fei Fei’s choice was based on her heart……And Su Luo at this moment was certain that this decision of hers was the most correct decision of her life.  Only she wouldn’t know what kind of person she had picked.

“Tomorrow morning before nine o’clock, the three hundred million chinese dollars will be in your account.”  Su Luo said in a voice devoid of any reluctance.  Three hundred million a year could buy his daughter’s absolute safety, as well as absolute stability and peace of mind……At the same time, creating a relation with this person that was becoming more and more mysterious, this astute businessman felt that it was worth it.  Definitely worth it.

“Boss Su truly is a straightforward businessman.” Ye Tian snapped, his eyes filled with a bright glow.  Money, could be easily obtained……the key being that the other party was the richest man in Asia.  If he wanted to protect anyone else’s daughter, he wouldn’t be able to get three hundred million per year.

Su Luo smiled, “If possible, you can call me Uncle Su or Uncle Su.”

[TL Note: This is weird in english because chinese has two different ways of referring to uncles.]

“Uncle Su.”  Without any hesitation or reluctance, Ye Tian Xie directly called him this and gave a similar smile at the same time.

Su Luo smiled as he nodded.  As he slightly moved his head up and down, he saw that Ye Tian Xie’s eyes contained some things, “To be called uncle by someone like you, ah……I feel like it’s an honour.  Fei Fei……She is my only daughter, I hope that that can live a happy life.  If you’ve willing to protect her forever and she is willing to be protected by you for her lifetime, then I can give you… entire fortune.”

The meaning in Su Luo’s words, it was quite obvious.

Ye Tian Xie’s expression did not change.  His eyes were indifferent and he gave no response.

A feeling of disappointment appeared in Su Luo’s heart.  His daughter’s appearance did not lose out to any other girl.  Her body and character, and her family background……Her father was also the richest man in Asia.  He had also thought that there would be no man that was worthy his daughter, not that his daughter would not be worthy of a man and that there would be a man that could reject his daughter…….Facing Ye Tian Xie, this idea of his had been turned around.

This was the first time he felt his daughter wasn’t worthy of a man……This man was like a child of god, everything about him was beyond what normal people could imagine.  He clearly stood on his own side, but faintly, it seemed like he stood on another higher level, looking down on all living beings.

If he had not met Ye Tian Xie, he would have never imagined this kind of person existed.

If Su Fei Fei could be joined with this kind of person, she would live a perfect life.  At least, there would never be a person that could hurt her again.  And him, he could be a thousand, even ten thousand times more relaxed.

He turned around and slowly walked downstairs.  A low voice slowly entered into Ye Tian Xie’s ear, “Protect Fei Fei properly, but if you do anything that goes against Fei Fei’s will, then regardless of who you are I will……not be gentle.”

Watching his back, Ye Tian Xie said with a smile, “Very good, these are the words that a father should say.”


Thinking of the nightmare from last night, his face held a gloomy expression, but it quickly disappeared.  He didn’t go downstairs and instead stayed on the balcony, silently looking down on the familiar scenery outside.  His expression was still and his eyes were calm as dead water.  It was unknown what he was thinking or what he was remembering.

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