EDAH Chapter 86


Chapter 86: Small Raccoon

“Ding……You have obtained the ‘Ferghana Horse’ bestowed upon you by the Heavenly City mount store owner.  It now exists in your mounts space and you can summon it out to ride anyway.”

The prompt that resounded in Ye Tian Xie’s ears allowed him to recover from his shock and he quickly fixed his expression.  He said to the mount shop owner, “It will help me a lot, thank you for your present.”

“He, he, you saying this is my honor.”  The mount store boss gave a gentle smile.

Each player had their own mount space which could hold up to ten mounts, but each time, they could only summon one out to ride.  Riding a mount was a means of transportation for players and players could not be hurt while they were mounted.  At the same time, in the early period of the game, the only professions that could fight on mounts were Warriors and Knights.  Archers, Assassins, Magicians, Priests, and Summoners could not fight while mounted.  Only after the reach level thirty could they learn the required skill to fight on mounts…….like the “horseback archery” skill for Archers.


The mounts themselves wouldn’t have a way to attack, or at least the ones sold in the Heavenly Stellar mount shop.  But, mounts were also divided into different ranks.  From weak to strong they were divided into, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Spiritual Grade, Heaven Brilliance Grade, Mysterious God Grade, and Saint Extermination Grade.  The mounts that the mount shop sold were from the First Grade to Fourth Grade, which were also easy for players to obtain.  From the Fifth Grade up, mounts would have a special skill.  They could even have an attack skill which could help their masters fight.  But, Fifth Grade and up mounts were hard to obtain, it was not something normal players could expect to have.  The Fourth Grade Ferghana Horse already costed thirty thousand gold coins.  It was hard to imagine just how much a Fifth Grade mount would cost.

A player could ride mounts in the city, but if Ye Tian Xie rode the Ferghana Horse worth thirty thousand gold coins around in the city, then he would surely attract countless unwanted gazes.  He hesitated for a bit, then walked out of town on foot.

To the south of Heavenly Stellar City there was a plain not far away, it was named the Falling Winds Plains.  Here,  a bunch of small and weak animals roamed.  But currently, all around there were players.  Right now, the highest levelled players were still level eleven and this was a map with level ten to twelve mobs so it was the best place for people to grind.  Then add in the City Lord’s quest of killing Flashing Lightning Rabbits, the players coming here was beyond the normal amount.

Ye Tian Xie wasn’t anxious about completing the Unique Quest, right now he just wanted to level…….In the shortest amount of time possible, he had to bring down that person who was in first place on the level rankings.  He had said to himself before, as long as he existed in the online world, first place will never belong to anyone else!

Walking past the crowd of players, Ye Tian Xie set off deep into the Falling Winds Plains.  He kept walking until he couldn’t even see the shadow of another player.

Falling Winds Plains, level fifteen small raccoon’s territory.  A level fifteen mob, it was naturally something that a normal player could not deal with right now.

Small Raccoon:  Level 15

HP: 680

A type of mammal that belongs in the raccoon category.  It has very sensitive feet and attacks prey with its claws.  Because of legal branding issues with Dry Crispy Noodles, it abhors Dry Crispy Noodles.

Skills: None.

After the players underwent their first Job Change, they would have even more skills and their stats would also increase.  Their strengths would inevitably receive a large scale promotion.  But the promotion of players’ strength also led to an increase in the strength of mobs.  It was unknown how many times stronger this flock of fluffy small raccoons were compared to the monsters in the Beginner Village.  And Ye Tian Xie who hadn’t changed his job at level ten didn’t receive any increase in strength.  In terms of proportion with the other players, he was much weaker.

The small raccoons were gentle, non aggressive animals.  Ye Tian Xie was not in a hurry to attack them as he slowly took out a scroll from his inventory.

In the last stage of the Abyss Level Trial, he had received the “Berserk Fighting Will” from the Amethyst War Tiger.  His hand moved and he crushed the scroll.  A dark glow came from the scroll and fell onto Ye Tian Xie’s body.

“Ding……. You have learned the skill “Berserk Fighting Will”.  When your HP falls below 20%, it will activate.  Once activated, your physical attack, magical attack, and move speed will increase by 30% and your defense will fall by 50%.  Using this skill consumes 30 MP and it will last 30 seconds.  No cooldown time.  It will automatically disappear after your health rises above 20%.”

“Wa, oh, I feel that Master has gained a new power.  Didn’t you just become very strong?”  Guo Guo woke up and stretched as she appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder.  Then she took out a lollipop and licked it while talking.

Ye Tian Xie stopped in his tracks as he turned his head to look at Guo Guo and said, “Guo Guo, is there anything else that you forgot to tell me?”

“Yi?”  Guo Guo looked up and blinked her eyes, “Is there?  Guo Guo can’t remember.”

“You said yesterday that if I buy you a lot of lollipops, you would tell me about the Hidden Dragon Abyss.”

“Hidden Dragon…..Abyss?”  What kind of place it that?”  Guo Guo held the lollipop as her face filled with a curious expression.  The words that came from her mouth made Ye Tian Xie almost unable to control the urge to slap his shoulder.

“Oh, la, la, Guo Guo really doesn’t know any Hidden Dragon Abyss, but I have seen a dragon.  Dragons are really, really big, and they are a bit scary.  Also in a deep and dark place to the south, there is a true dragon……He is a very powerful dragon.”  Guo Guo was biting her candy as she diligently thought and talked seriously.

To the south, deep and dark……Perhaps that was the Hidden Dragon Abyss?

But even if it was, was there any difference from nothing said?  Was there any difference!?

“Yi ya……These little pandas are really cute.”  Guo Guo’s eyes lit up when she saw the group of little raccoons and her face revealed an excited and fond expression.  Her shining eyes stared happily at these little raccoons as she crisply said, “Master, let’s kill them all ok?”

This little girl had a completely different way of thinking compared to normal people.  Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help but admit defeat as he release Moment of Destiny and charged at the small raccoons.

-49, -50, -48…….

Ye Tian Xie only gently stabbed a small raccoon once.  Instantly, the originally harmless raccoon that was playing quietly suddenly attacked Ye Tian Xie and a stream of damage numbers began to appear from the little raccoon attacking Ye Tian Xie.  Ye Tian Xie was still wearing the same Beginner clothes as before.  They caused the thirty damage received from same level monsters to become fifty damage once it hit Ye Tian Xie’s body.  Ye Tian Xie just stood there without moving, taking all the hits as his HP fell.

All the way until his HP was below one hundred……..Which was also below twenty percent of Ye Tian Xie’s max HP.

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