EDAH Chapter 88


Chapter 88: This is called levelling

Ye Tian Xie had an originally pitiful defense, but now with the “Berserk Fighting Will”, it was even more so.  Then adding his current HP, even normal small raccoons could kill him in two hits.  Facing this small raccoon mini boss, Ye Tian Xie had the possibility of being instakilled.

Ye Tian Xie had cleared out all the small raccoons around him and his health still had not regenerated.  But like this, he welcomed the Small Raccoon Leader coming from in front.  Without getting close, the Moment of Destiny swept out and sliced the Small Raccoon Leader before it could get within two meters, causing a red -242 to appear.

While attacking, Ye Tian Xie dodged the Small Raccoon Leader’s counterattack, falling back from its attack range.  The Small Raccoon Leader mainly attacked with its front forepaw, but unfortunately its paw was not very long and was unable to match the two meter attack range of Ye Tian Xie.  Although the Small Raccoon Leader was much larger than normal raccoons, its range was not much greater.  After its claw hit the air, it roared and charged at Ye Tian Xie……but, although it had a higher speed than normal raccoons, it still couldn’t match Ye Tian Xie with 30% increased speed.

Ye Tian Xie controlled the distance between the Small Raccoon Leader and himself.  He withdrew then attacked, making sure that it was within the range of his Moment of Destiny, while he was out of the range of its claw attacks.  He was very satisfied as he slowly decreased its HP with each attack.


This, was like a kind of kiting.  But it was harder than normal kiting…..and also more despicable.

In the virtual gaming world, move speed was a very important stat.  It didn’t just simply affect how fast a person could travel, it also had an effect on effectively controlling a battle.  Especially in front of a strong enemy, this “important” became “very important”.  Fast move speed not only affected one’s dodging abilities, it also allowed one to safely escape in the face of strong enemies.  Out of all the jobs, Assassin was the job with the highest move speed.  It allowed them to dodge perfectly to make up for their lack of HP.  Sneak attacks, guerrilla warfare, diversions, and escaping were all advantages they had.

And Ye Tian Xie’s reflexes were far beyond normal Assassins and could perfectly use move speed to control the gap between himself and the monsters.  So once this Small Raccoon Leader met Ye Tian Xie, it was doomed.

-241, -244, -236……

Ye Tian Xie attacked and retreated, keeping the perfect distance away from the Small Raccoon Leader.  The Small Raccoon Leader only needed a single hit to kill Ye Tian Xie with his below 20% HP, but regardless of how it attacked, it could not reach his body.  And time after time, Moment of Destiny continued to slice across its stomach.

Perhaps Ye Tian Xie didn’t notice it, but with his high focus, every one of his attacks were clearly faster compared to normal players.  Every time he attacked, he left only a small opening, not giving the Small Raccoon Leader any chance to make a counter attack.

-250, -237, -470!

With a long cry, the Small Raccoon Leader had finally run out of HP under Ye Tian Xie’s shameless fighting style.  It kept its forward momentum as it fell down.

In the Beginner Village Abyss Trial, there were twelve one star Bosses, twelve two star Bosses, twelve three star Bosses one after the other, as well as a level twenty Lord Level Boss.  In comparison, this level fifteen two star elite that made all other players flee was not enough for him.  It was not enough for him to feel any challenge or pressure.  This kind of skills did not depend on his equipment or his stats, rather it was all from his own ability.  That inhuman reflex and his judgement which allowed him to decide the best course of action even after meeting the enemy for the first time.

Two silver coins, several potions, and something with a light copper glow came from the Small Raccoon Leader’s body and fell onto the ground.

Tough Shoulder Pads: Level 15 Bronze Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 close combat Job.

Defense +20, Strength +6, Vitality +5.  

A very hard shoulder pad.  It should have very strong defensive abilities.

He felt helpless as he put the level fifteen Bronze Equipment into his inventory.  With his twelve points of luck, then adding in the fact that he had single handedly taken down all the elites and the boss in the Abyss Level Trial, he believe that he had the most highest quality equipment in all of the Chinese server.  But, what brought him resentment was the fact that other than a few pieces of equipment that had no Job restrictions, most of the strong equipment stayed in his inventory because he was unable to use them.

He urgently needed to get a Job.  Even if he could Job Change into the most common Job, that would still be fine.  With a Job, he could correct his stats and could also wear the equipment that he had.  The most important thing was that with a Job, he would be able to use Job exclusive skills and gain different ways to attack and defend.  This would give him more strategic choices when facing strong opponents.  But currently, other than the “Berserk Fighting Will” skill he obtained from the skill scroll, his only other way of attacking was just slashing.

Simply put, without any skills, he was didn’t find any pleasure in killing.

Squatting down, Ye Tian Xie used the “harvest skill” on the Small Raccoon Leader’s body.

“Ding……you’ve gathered raccoon’s fur.”

Raccoon’s fur: The fur from a Small Raccoon Leader.  It is more tenacious compared to normal small raccoon fur.  Can be used to craft light armour.

“Ding…….Unable to gather anything else.”

Standing up, he took a quiet breath.  Then Ye Tian Xie opened up the level ranking.

Fifth Place: Xie Tian

Level: 11

Job: None

In a single afternoon, in just three short hours, he rose from a place of around a hundred on the level ranking, slaughtering his way up to fifth place.  While other players were grouping together to kill level ten monsters, Ye Tian Xie hunted at just one hundred HP and killed a bunch of level fifteen monsters.  In the same amount of time, the experience points he had obtained was several times more compared to ordinary players.

“As long as I exist in the game world, first place will never belong to anyone else.”

This wasn’t an arrogant statement.  Rather, he had the capability and the self confidence to achieve it.

To Ye Tian Xie, this kind of speed was a very normal thing, but to the people paying attention to the level ranking, his speed was something that left countless people speechless.  Xie Tian, that was the person whose name had resounded through the Chinese server in a single day.  He had completed the Abyss Level Trial that no one else could complete all by himself.  A person that had made the countless rankers of the virtual gaming world pay attention to him.  His terrifying levelling speed had once again made the players of the Chinese server witness his strength.

Then, he continued to kill small raccoons.  (Small raccoon: Cursed human!  Did I provoke or offend you!).

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