EDAH Chapter 89


Chapter 89: Becoming first in a single step

Just like the majority of virtual online games, the «Destiny» world did not have a true night.  Rather, the sky of the world just became darker.  It was currently dusk.

On the west side of the Falling Winds Plains.  A levelling area was currently being occupied by the God Realm guild.

After the God Realm guild’s name had spread, there were no players that dared to enter this large area.  They were scared to see what kind of power this name represented.  At the same time, no one would have thought that the God Realm guildmaster would be there.

“Young Master……Right now, that Xie Tian has just reached third place on the level ranking!”  God Realm Shadow appeared behind Buried God, his face full of shock as he spoke.  Because the God Realm Guild had their eye on Xie Tian, as soon as the level ranking opened, they immediately searched for his name.  They found that he was ranked one hundred seventy eight on the level ranking.


But, after just a few short hours, when God Realm Shadow opened the level ranking once again, he found that Xie Tian’s name was at seventh place.  He simply couldn’t believe his own eyes.

To be able to enter into the top one hundred ranking, one had to be a levelling maniac with incredible strength and stats.  Additionally, there would be no one taking a break from levelling during this short time.  This was a competition where no one took a break.  But this person called Xie Tian who finished the Abyss Level Trial alone was now slowly rising above all the rankers.

How was this possible……What kind of method was he using……

“He’s already in third place?”  The silver dagger in Buried God’s hand traced out a silver line and the giant lizard in front of him ran out of HP as it fell to the ground.  He turned around with wrinkled eyebrows and opened the level ranking.  Xie Tian’s speed in climbing the ranks could be considered incredible, he could no longer ignore it.

His eyes swept across the top ten names on the level ranking and then his locked brows sank even deeper.  His eyes stared at the top name as he stayed motionless.

Buried God’s reaction made God Realm Shadow feel a burst of apprehension as he asked, “Young Master, what is it?  Could it be…..”

“Take a look at the level ranking yourself.”  Buried God was emotionless as he spoke, he then turned around and knit his brows as he faced forward.  “Xie Tian……”  He silently contemplated this name, this name that made it impossible for him to not care.

God Realm Shadow opened the level ranking and his eyes went up.  They went up again……Then again……

“First…..First place!?”  Seeing the name at the top, God Realm Shadow’s eyes opened wide and he couldn’t help giving a shocked cry.

Level Ranking

First Place: Xie Tian

Level: 11

Job: None!

“Impossible…..How could it be possible……He was just third place!”  God Realm Shadow stuttered out, it took him a while to recover from his shock.  He couldn’t believe what he had just seen.  A minute ago, he was still third place.  In the blink of an eye, he had rushed past second place and reached first, directly taking the top rank on the level ranking…….This wasn’t like going from ten million and third place to ten million and first place.  It wasn’t even like going from one hundred and third place to one hundred and first place……..It was going from third to first.  It was impossible to achieve something like this in such a short amount of time!

“He should have just killed a Boss and gained a large amount of experience.”  Buried God who was facing away from him spoke.  He then lifted his head and said in a low voice, “What I care more about is why does he not have a job?  Could it be that he intentionally avoided getting a Job Change…..Or is there another reason……Shadow, make everyone in the guild find out where he is.  I want to get all the information we can get on this person.”


A three star elite Small Raccoon Captain had fallen to Ye Tian Xie in around twenty attacks.  Its body that could be considered big fell down on the ground and it gave a pitiful cry.

Ye Tian Xie let out a small sigh of relief and slowly picked up the loot from the ground.  When he summoned the level ranking, he was very pleased to see his name at the top of the rankings.

Ordinary players would have to work like crazy to even get on the list, but for him, it was as simple as taking something out of his pocket.  The experience a level fifteen three star small boss would give, it allowed him to shock countless players as he took a large step to reach the first place on the level ranking.

The Small Raccoon Captain (Was there any difference from the Small Raccoon Leader?  Is there?  Is there……there is.  One was a leader, one was a captain……En, there really is no difference.  Then why was one two stars and the other three stars?  How would I know!  Such a complicated question, it’s better not to ask me it.)  dropped two pieces of equipment.  One was a level fifteen White Equipment to sell at a store, the other was a bronze coloured leg guard.

Tough Leg Guards: Level 15 Bronze Equipment

Requirement: Level 15 close combat Job.

Defense +15, Strength +5, Vitality +5

A very hard leg guard.  It should have very strong defensive abilities.

“Ding……There are real world people calling you.  Would you like to exit the game?”

The prompt resounded in his ears and Ye Tian Xie returned the Tough Leg Guards into his inventory.  He calculated how much time he had played and then logged off.

As soon as his eyes cleared, Ye Tian Xie saw a slender and delicate figure.  A young girl wearing a tight purple vest was bending over and blinking as she stared at him lying on the sofa.  Being this close, her body seemed even more charming.  Because the purple vest was too tight, her chest was squeezed tight and the two little bundles seemed fuller.  It made people worry that the top button would give away at any moment.  Her hands were soft as grass and she had creamy white skin.  Jade like arms that were as delicate as snow and a nice slender waist.  Every time someone’s vision fell on them, they would feel good and their heart would fill with an urge to stretch out their hands and touch them.  Her soft and delicate body quivered with each breath she took.  This kind of body could be considered perfect, it made people’s eyes turn in haste to look at her.

Seeing Ye Tian Xie open his eyes, Su Fei Fei who had been secretly staring at him had a nervous expression as if her secret had been discovered, but it instantly returned to normal.  She relaxed and crossed her hands across her chest, wrinkling her nose as she said, “It’s already dark and you finally come out.  Aren’t you afraid of dying of hunger?”

Ye Tian Xie stretched his body and did not respond.  He raised his head to look at the electrical clock on the wall and discovered that it was 8pm.  As soon as he stood up, he realized that his surroundings seemed to have changed.

The smell that he was used to had already disappeared.  Although there was a slight trace that was impossible to get rid of in a short amount of time, but the majority of it had already been masked with a light flowery fragrance.  He looked around and saw that the messy floors had become as smooth as mirrors, he could not find a single spot that was pitch black like before.  Each window had been wiped clean and they were glittering.  It wasn’t only this, the originally messy table had been completely tidied up.  Even the television covered in gray dust had been wiped clean.  Everything had become spotless.

As the owner of the house, he was very clear on just how messy the house was before.  But now, what appeared before him was clean to the point that he couldn’t believe it.  It was so clean, it made him feel as if he had entered another world.

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