EDAH Chapter 90


Chapter 90: (Unable to think of)

“You…..” Ye Tian Xie stared at Su Fei Fei, it was hard for him to imagine what Su Fei Fei would want to do.  As the daughter of Asia’s richest man, she had grown up in a very favourable environment, there was nothing for her to be worried about.  Of the various dirty jobs that needed to be taken care off, she only needed to say a single word…….Actually she didn’t even need to say anything and there would be someone to do it perfectly for her.  But……what he saw, other than Su Fei Fei, who else could have done it.

“Humph!”  Thinking of how Ye Tian Xie reacted this afternoon after she had called the cleaning company, Su Fei Fei was pouting her lips out in dissatisfaction, “Relax!  Without your permission, this little girl wouldn’t let anyone else enter your house.  This was all done by me……Hu, it made me sweat so much and even caused my favourite outfit to become dirty.”  She suddenly smiled and turned her body around, “Look, is this set of purple clothes nice?”

“It looks good.”  Ye Tian Xie mechanically nodded his head.

“Hey!  What kind of expression is that!”  Facing Ye Tian Xie’s stiff face, Su Fei Fei unhappily stomped her foot down.


“Do you usually……also do housework?”  Ye Tian Xie slowly asked.  He then used his eyes too look around the completely changed house……feeling that everything seemed to be an illusion.

“Of course.  Humph, humph!  Don’t think that just because my father’s Su Luo that I’m the kind of girl that likes to be waited on.  Since I was little, my mom taught me that I need to do things myself, so I’ve learned how to cook and clean.  If not, I would just be a vase after getting married.  So normally, I’m the one who cleans my own room and no one else is allowed to enter.  Also, the dishes I like to eat I normally make myself……Ah, I almost forgot!”

Mentioning “dishes”, Su Fei Fei suddenly remembered something.  Her pink slippers ran over to the kitchen that Ye Tian Xie had not used for eight hundred years.  But right now, the kitchen had already been completely cleaned.

As the person that understood the house the best, he still didn’t know just how much effort and pain it would take for a person to make the house look like this in just one afternoon.  He was in the «Destiny» world for the entire afternoon and a small part of the evening at least.  She had been here cleaning every corner by herself……But when he faced her, she didn’t complain.  Not only did she not complain, she also didn’t blame him.  In between those delicate eyebrows, there was even a look of accomplishment.

At this moment, Ye Tian Xie realized that he didn’t know much about this girl that he had been for this short while.  This also changed his understanding of girls from wealthy families greatly.

She, was serious about making this place her new…..”home”?

He quietly contemplated for a while about it…….This was clearly his house, but after she had left, it had been a while since he had the feeling of this being a home.

Su Fei Fei came from the kitchen with expensive plates from who knows where.  From close up, the fragrances from the dishes began to make Ye Tian Xie’s taste buds move restlessly in anticipation.

Su Fei Fei prepared dinner in front of Ye Tian Xie and stared at him with a look of anticipation.  A little smile appeared on Su Fei Fei’s face, “This is your dinner.  I wanted to call you to eat earlier, but you seemed to be entranced by your game so I didn’t call you.  Look, this is the meat porridge that I made.  Heng, heng, heng, heng, it’ll be better than any meat porridge you’ve ever had.  This plate is the one that I love making the most and also the one that I love eating the most.  This is something my mom taught me, it’s something you definitely haven’t eaten before.  It even has a great sounding name, it is called Month with Nine Stars.  Quickly have a taste.”

Su Fei Fei sat in front of Ye Tian Xie.  She had a hand on her cheek and there was a smile in her beautiful eyes as she anticipated his reaction.

“You also know how to cook?”

“Of course, I’ve already said it before.  Humph, really, you are clearly a bodyguard my dad has hired for me and you still make me cook for you……I am really blessed.

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

“Have a taste already.  I’ll tell you, other than my dad, there is no one else that is qualified to eat the food cooked by me.”

“Why are you making this for me?”

“Because……Although you can be annoying sometimes, you could still be considered my saviour.”  Su Fei Fei said with a smile.  As for the real reason, even she was still a little confused herself.

Ye Tian Xie’s house was very messy and from this accumulation of mess, she could tell what kind of things he usually ate.  Moreover in Ye Tian Xie’s house, she couldn’t find any rice, vegetables, fruits, or spices and the kitchen seemed like it hadn’t been used in a while.  But fortunately, Su Luo, who understood Ye Tian Xie’s household conditions and his own daughter, made people send over ingredients, which she could use to make some things for them to eat.  And while Su Fei Fei was making her own dinner, she also decided to make Ye Tian Xie a portion.  Vaguely, she felt a kind of inexplicable desire coming from her heart.

Even now, watching him open his mouth to eat her cooking, she had a kind of indescribable feeling coming from her heart.  It was a kind of strange, but wonderful feeling.  Just like how it was very hard for her, but she was insistent on cleaning up this entire place…….Subconsciously, she began to think of this place as another home.  One that could let her no longer be afraid, a home that she could depend on.

“It’s very good.”  Ye Tian Xie put down the small bowl and sincerely said.  He felt the meat porridge that was at the perfect temperature going down his throat and entering his stomach.  Then he felt a kind of warm feeling enter fill his heart, then it entered his internal organs and finally spreading to his four limbs and eight meridians…….At this moment, a shadow of her appeared in his eyes.  It startled him and his eyes shook.

“Of course, this young lady has been practicing since she was six years old.  My dad has eaten all kinds of delicious food from all over the world, but his favourite is still the food that I make…..”  Su Fei Fei beamed with happiness, as she had a triumphant look on her face.

“Yi ya!  A nice smell.  A really nice, fragrant smell!”

Guo Guo was awoken from her sleep by a kind of nice smell that she had never smelled before.  She quickly appeared on Ye Tian Xie’s shoulder and her little nose began to sniff.  Soon, she was guided by the smell to the little bowl that Ye Tian Xie was holding.  The random things that Ye Tian Xie normally ate did not entice any interest from Guo Guo and she paid the most attention to lollipops.  But when the meat porridge that Su Fei Fei made appeared, she smelled a fragrance that was just as nice as lollipops.

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