EDAH Chapter 94


Chapter 94: Daughter of Heaven

The sky of the Destiny world was a pure blue colour.  The sun was floating high up in the sky, gently wrapping the living beings on the earth.  The sky was vast, without a single trace of clouds.  Occasionally, there were a few birds’ cries that rang out over the vast open plains.  

This was to the north of Heavenly Stellar City.  It was a pleasant environment, a plain with docile monsters.

Son of Heaven was standing over this lush green plain with his set of magnificent armour, silently gazing at the scene in front of him.  An unfathomable glow shined in his handsome eyes.  “Such a beautiful place.  This world, it is much more comforting than that dirty world.  If I can become the king of this world, how enjoyable that would be.”

A gentle breeze blew by his ears and blew away the sound of Son of Heaven’s voice.


“King?  This title, will belong to the strongest person.  For example, that person named Xie Tian, don’t you think so?  My beloved big brother.”

A girl wearing a purple mage’s outfit silently walked out from behind him.  That tight fitting robe perfectly outlined her body.  Her body had just the right curves that made people’s imaginations run wild.  Her smile under the sun was too bright.  Her snow white skin revealed a trace of pink, it was just like a layer of rouge was painted on it.  Her eyes seemed to shine bright in the sunlight.

Long silk hair, a face that had a distinct charm, and an elegant neck that was like flowing jade.  Her eyes shined like stars, her lips were like rubies, and her skin was as white as a lotus.  This was a terrifyingly beautiful girl, but her beauty still couldn’t compare to her charming eyes.  The first thing that people would notice when they looked at her would always be her eyes.

It was a pair of brightly shining eyes.  At first glance, it would be no different from a pair of normal person’s eyes, but there was an undeniable attractive force hidden within those eyes.  The first thing that people looked at when they saw her was always her eyes.  If one could understand them, then one would be shocked by how deep they were.  They were profound like a bottomless sea, or, like the endless starry sky.  They were so deep that when people looked into them, they felt as if they wanted to sink in and follow her deepest and darkest desires.  This feeling made people feel infatuated with her, but, at the same time it evoked a deep sense of fear.

The corners of her mouth turned into a faint smile, almost as if it didn’t exist.  She was clearly right in front of him, but her face and body seemed to be covered in mist.  It made her look as if she was just like an illusion……Almost as if she appeared from a dream.

This was a girl that, once seen, would be remembered for the rest of a person’s life.

“Xie Tian?”  Thinking of the dazzling name that was ranked first on the level ranking, Son of Heaven long and narrow eyes shrank slightly.  A kind of cold glow that had an unknown meaning, but was as sharp as a blade shined in his eyes, “Xie Tian.  Ah, he should have triggered a hidden quest or perhaps used an unconventional method to pass the Abyss Level Trial.  All of it, is merely just the beginning.  He, doesn’t have the qualifications to be a ‘king’.”

A slight sigh came from the woman’s mouth as she turned her eyes away.  She silently looked forward as she said with a voice as gentle as wind, “Always finding excuses for why others are stronger.  You, still haven’t grown up yet.”

She, was seventeen this year.

Son of Heaven, her big brother, was twenty four this year.

A little sister that was younger than her older brother by seven years was looking at him with a disappointed face as she said he hadn’t grown up……This was a scene that people couldn’t help laughing at, but…the famous prideful Son of Heaven didn’t smile.  He didn’t show any kind of dissatisfaction or disdain, in short, he didn’t even react.  Only his mouth slightly twitched a bit.

He would never forget that it was his little sister that made him who he was now.  Otherwise, he would have already become a beggar on the street, or, have even lost his life.  He could act as wildly as he wished, he could even insult their parents, but he could never disrespect his little sister no matter what.

Only his blood relatives knew this forgotten name, no one outside of their family knew.  This little girl that no one cared about was actually the most terrifying person in their family.  She was so terrifying that whenever he thought of her, his body couldn’t help but start to tremble slightly.

In his mind, he was afraid of her.  She was the only one he feared, the only one who could reprimand him, and the only one he listened to.

“Do not think too much about one’s strongest opponent and do not look down on anyone, even if it is a beggar on the street.  This is something I’ve taught you a long time ago.”  The young girl said with a low voice.  Her face was just like as soft as flowers blooming or a gentle breeze.  Although she knew that he had just heard her, she knew that he would soon forget all of it.  The thing that was hardest to change was a person’s natural disposition.

“I will be careful of this Xie Tian person, but that does not mean that I will fear him.”  Son of Heaven said.  With a strong enough background to allow him to look down on the world, his confidence, as well as, arrogance, knew no bounds.  He liked having the feeling of being in control.

“Then, before, why did you not dare take the initiative to provoke Tian Mo Xie?”  The young girl’s eyes slightly moved and looked at him.  She said the words that was Son of Heaven’s achilles heel.

“Because……Humph, he did not interfere with my interests.  Otherwise, he would have become my subordinate already.  He would have already lost all the prestige that he had ever gained……A single person could defeat ten people, or even a hundred people……Perhaps even a thousand people……But my Wings of Shrouded Heaven has over a million people.  He is nothing more than an ant.”  Son of Heaven said with a disdainful smile, but his smile was a little forced.

“Although Tian Mo Xie definitely cannot fight ten thousand people by himself, but even if you’re protected by a million people, he can still take your life.  Do you believe this?”  The young girl calmly said.  That gentle voice was like a cold blade in Son of Heaven’s ears.

The smile on Son of Heaven’s face froze…..Tian Mo Xie, this person who he couldn’t ignore, this person who he couldn’t help being afraid of.  He had never met him before, but from the rumours and the videos he had seen, he had a thorough understanding of this person.  After watching all the videos of him, an unbreakable image of Tian Mo Xie was left in his heart…Or rather, it was his shadow.

Even with a million troops…That monstrous man, he……Could he really do it?

“Since you’ve already decided to go against him, then you should think carefully about your next move.  I truly hope that my words haven’t broken your spirit.”  The young girl said slowly.  Her eyes that were as deep as the skies saw right through into Son of Heaven’s innermost feelings.

“You don’t need to worry……I really want to see if he dares to provoke me with the protection of my Wings of Shrouded Heavens…….and become my enemy!”  Son of Heaven had a relaxed look as he had a relaxed smile on his face. “Also, there’s that man that has the same title as me.  He is my greatest opponent.”

The young girl turned her eyes as visible emotions appeared on her tranquil face, “God, give me some new eyes.  I really want to see this woman that can make the two of you act this way.”

Son of Heaven turned around.  He stared at the young girl and said, “Since you’re on this topic, I’m really curious as to what kind of man can actually enter your eyes.”

“That person hasn’t appeared yet.  Perhaps he might never appear.”  The young girl gave a slight smile.  Her voice didn’t have any kind of regret or sadness, rather there was a hint of relief.

“……I also can’t think of anyone in this world that could be deserving of you……Even that so called ‘Son of God’, the only person that could be considered a match for me, I don’t think he could be a match for you.  Even in the capital, the man that runs wild, the one that even he doesn’t dare to offend, Zuo Po Jun, even he isn’t worthy of you.  If we weren’t siblings, in front of you, even I would be ashamed and wouldn’t dare profane you.  You, are something that shouldn’t be in this world, my little sister.”  Son of Heaven stared at her.  His face revealed a trace of rare loneliness and self depreciation.

“The man I am destined to be with, he is the true ‘king’.”

She said in a low voice.  It wasn’t known whether it was for herself or for him to hear.  She gracefully turned around and slowly left.  Her voice rang out from the distance into Son of Heaven’s ears, “Your true enemy is not Son of God, rather it is Xie Tian and the real…..Tian Mo Xie.   If you can step over him, then you can easily crush Buried God and obtain the one you want……Liu Qi Yue.”

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