EDAH Chapter 99


Chapter 99: Skeleton Cavern’s second floor

Over ten figures covered in blood were slowly and silently approaching, they were all skeletons.  But they only had bodies and were missing heads.  From their blood spraying neck, a long red tongue stretched out and hung in front of their chest.

Ya Tian Xie subconsciously withdrew a step.  His hair stood up as he almost threw up his dinner.  He didn’t even have the slightest desire to look at the stats of these skeletons as he wildly ran deeper into the Skeleton Cavern.

Goddammit……It really isn’t good to trick little kids.  Words can’t be randomly said……It’s retribution, retribution!!

Ye Tian Xie had ran forward several steps before a commotion sounded out in his surroundings.  A large pile of bones that was just sleeping at the side suddenly stood up.  The first floor of the Skeleton Cavern didn’t just simply have a few monsters.  There were many hidden skeletons here that will awaken when a living being approaches.


Ye Tian Xie quickly realized this and did not stay to fight with these skeletons.  Rather, with the “Berserk Fighting Will” and summoning the Ferghana Horse, he prepared to escape as fast as possible, leaving their sensory range before the skeletons could even attack him.  He rushed straight forward, looking for the entrance to the second floor.

Not long passed before he saw a black hole appearing in this dark blue world in front of him, it was the shape of an entrance.  Ye Tian Xie didn’t even think about it before rushing towards it and then he recalled the Ferghana Horse.  Before coming here, he had asked the Heavenly Stellar City guard just how deep this place was.  This Skeleton Cavern had five floors altogether.  The first four were all directly connected, but the fifth floor had two entrances.  One led to where the blood phoenix reside and the other……should lead to where the Undead Monarch was forming.

Right after he entered the Skeleton Cavern’s second floor, a “gazhi, gazhi” sound welcomed him.  From the sound he heard, Ye Tian Xie could tell that there were at least seven-eight skeletons coming over……Moreover, the first floor had the most basic level skeletons, so the ones from the second floor had to be of a higher level.

Immediately, Ye Tian Xie found out just how……high levelled the skeletons were.

These shadows that were causing the footsteps finally appeared in his limited line of sight.  The faces of skeletons appeared before him, the were completely different from the skeletons on the first floor.  Their bodies were covered in worn out armour and they had used helmets of their heads.  At the same time, their right hands held a rusty sword and their left hands held old shields……

Sword and Shield Skeleton Soldiers: Level 24

HP: 1800

Battle type undead monsters that were formed from the skeletons of soldiers from a battlefield.  Filled with the fighting desire and the guardian spirit of the warriors even after death, they will relentlessly fight off all intruders.

Innate Skill:

Undead Body: Automatically restores HP under the effects of darkness or an undead aura and provides 70% death element resistance.


Two Heavy Attacks: Uses the sword in hand to instantly attack the enemy twice.  The two attacks respectively have 70% and 80% of the original attack power.  It is used at a high frequency.

Heavy Shield Rush: Uses the heavy shield in hand to heavily hit the enemy and deals 80% of normal attack damage.  There is also a 25% chance of causing a three second stun.  It is used at a normal frequency.

Behind the Sword and Shield Skeleton Warriors, there were a few black figures that were floating like ghosts.  They were three skeletons that were wearing black cloaks without their feet touching the ground!

Undead Skeleton Mage: Level 24

HP: 1200

Magic type undead monsters that were formed from the skeletons of dead magicians from a battlefield.  They have strong undead magic and healing abilities.

Innate Skill:

Undead Body: Automatically restores HP under the effects of darkness or an undead aura and provides 70% death element resistance.


Undead Elemental Ball: Uses condensed death aura to attack a target within a six meter range.  When cast in an area with a undead environment, there is no need to use a casting chant.

Undead Healing: Summons an undead aura to heal all surrounding undead beings for 600 HP.  It is automatically casted when a surrounding ally’s HP falls below 20%.  

Cooldown Time: 5 seconds.

Level twenty five monsters…….Moreover two kinds!

Monsters past level twenty were stronger than monsters between level ten-twenty by a whole level.  Not only were their stats higher, they also gained more skills and more defensive abilities.  While he was looking at the stats of the three Undead Skeleton Mages, Ye Tian Xie eyes instantly fell onto something……With this Undead Healing Spell, it was without a doubt that if he wanted to take care of these undead monsters, he had to kill the three Undead Skeleton Mages first.

Over ten Sword and Shield Skeleton Soldiers came closer and their chaotic moving pattern became uniform, just like a trained skeleton squad.  The skeleton soldiers in front of him, regardless of overall stats or quantity, all surpassed the twelve level ten three starred elites that Ye Tian Xie had faced on the third stage of the Abyss Level Trial – the Wild Vicious Bulls.  And compared to the original level ten stats, the current Ye Tian Xie had not undergone a Job Change so his strength had not changed by much.  Which meant that if he wanted to take care of the enemies in front of him, it would be much harder than when he faced the Wild Vicious Bulls.

His hand tightened around the Moment of Destiny and he couldn’t help changing his choice.

“Wa, wa……it appeared, it appeared, it appeared again…..Wu wa……How terrifying!”  Seeing this team of skeletons, Guo Guo screamed in terror once again, once again making Ye Tian Xie’s eardrums ring.  He looked forward at the enemy in front as he helplessly said, “If you’re scared then you can just return to the Moment of Destiny, that way you won’t be able to see anything.”  

After a short silence……

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…….Master, why didn’t you say so earlier?  Guo Guo really hates you……”

With a hum, Guo Guo turned into a small ball of light and entered into the Moment of Destiny in Ye Tian Xie’s hands.  Then there was no movement, leaving Ye Tian Xie silently standing there dumbfounded.

When the Sword and Shield Skeleton Soldiers appeared in front of him, Ye Tian Xie finally made a move.  He first stepped back a single step and then he charged forward, passing through the large hole in between the formation of the skeleton squad.  The skeletons reacted by chopping down with their sword, but all they did was hit an afterimage.




Three gray coloured Undead Elemental Balls came from the darkness, coming from different directions as they shot at Ye Tian Xie’s body that was rushing forward.  Ye Tian Xie didn’t turn his head and from the faint sounds and air flowing through the air, he instantly calculated the flight path of the Undead Elemental Balls and how long it would take for them to make contact.  He stepped off with a foot and suddenly changed directions, going from charging forward to the direction of one of the Undead Skeleton Mages that just sent out a Undead Elemental Ball.  The Moment of Destiny shot out in the darkness and thrusted forward.

The three Undead Elemental Balls all hit thin air and Ye Tian Xie’s attack accurately fell onto the body of an Undead Skeleton Mage……

Miss, miss……

Ye Tian Xie: “…….”

His attacks had also hit thin air.  With an over ten level difference, there was a large decrease in his accuracy.  Ye Tian Xie no longer hesitated as he quickly folded his body and ran inside the cave as fast as he could.  Wherever he went, more Sword and Shield Skeleton Soldiers and Skeleton Mages kept appearing.  It was good that these heavy skeleton soldiers could not keep up with Ye Tian Xie’s move speed, but the magic balls of the Skeleton Mages continued to fly at him.  Ye Tian Xie listened to the sounds of the projectiles and dodged them all without too much effort.  He kept running until he reached the end of the Skeleton Cavern’s second floor.

If it was any other level fourteen player, if they wanted to rush like this and safely pass through the Skeleton Cavern’s second floor, it would be beyond difficult or even considered impossible.  And……from Heavenly Stellar City to the far away Gu Ping Town, Ye Tian Xie had passed through countless dangerous areas.  He had even passed through a level seventy golden armoured earthworm’s territory……unharmed.  Relatively speaking, to pass through this group of level twenty four monsters that couldn’t instant kill him, it was considered quite easy.  Rushing from the beginning of the Skeleton Cavern’s second floor to the end, it was hard to tell how many times he changed his body position.  But it had been a very comfortable experience and there was not the slightest bit of tension or worry.

Another patch of darkness appeared before him and Ye Tian Xie dived in without any hesitation.

The sounds of skeletons chasing him and the flying Undead Elemental Balls all stopped and his surroundings was filled with silence once again.  And in front of him, the scene had experienced a huge change.  It was no longer glowing dark blue like the first and second level, rather the surrounding was filled with a white glow…….But it wasn’t a normal white glow, rather it was a very evil white glow.

The source of this white glow……It was coming from the white ground beneath his feet.

Skeleton Cavern’s third floor…….A skeletal road.  As the name suggested, the road was covered in skeleton’s bones.  This kind of road, Ye Tian Xie couldn’t help feeling a little chill run through his heart.  But because of this white glow coming from the ground, he could also see quite a bit further in the distance.

Ye Tian Xie carefully moved forward a few steps and finally awoken something.  And when the skeleton appeared, Ye Tian Xie’s eyes couldn’t help narrowing……

A large skeleton slowly walked over…….Slow, but that was only relative to the pace it was moving at, but it’s actual speed wasn’t slow.  This was because a single step was equivalent to the distance travelled by a normal skeleton taking three steps.  The skeleton itself was around five-six meters tall and it wasn’t wearing any kind of armour or anything of the kind.  It also did not have any kind of dirt covering it.  Its white bone shining in the white glow made it even more sinister and terrifying.

Giant Skeleton: Level 38


Since there was a greater than ten level difference, the inspect skill could not show any of its details.  Level thirty eight, it was at a level Ye Tian Xie could never defeat.

Perhaps because of its large build, there weren’t many Giant Skeletons present.  Ye Tian Xie was only scared like this for a second.  He looked around his surroundings and like before, he rushed at the Giant Skeleton.

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