GDK Chapter 429


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GDK 429 – New status

When Han Shuo was still lecturing Bollands, Sabakas and the others had hurried over after learning of his return.

“Bryan, are you alright?” Fanny looked tenderly at Han Shuo was the first to speak.

Han Shuo smiled, shaking his head as he replied, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


Emily and Phoebe’s gazes were also fixed on Han Shuo. They were overjoyed to see the man they love showing his extraordinariness and were even happier than if they were the ones in the spotlight. Such was the deep-rooted nature of a woman, to be proud of their man’s achievements.

“Brat, well done!” Even Firenze praised Han Shuo. However, he immediately added, “No matter how powerful you are, if you dare bully my daughter, I’ll will still never let you off.”

“Father, what are you saying, Bryan would never bully me! Ha, I’m still considered his teacher. Even though he’s powerful now, he’s still my student.” After these days, Fanny had clearly become less reserved, and appeared much more cheerful and lively.

When Firenze saw that Fanny revealed a smile as soon as she saw Han Shuo, he understood that Fanny’s feelings for Han Shuo were indeed extremely deep. As he observed her daughter’s sincere joy, Firenze gave a hollow laugh and did not continue speaking so as to avoid making her unhappy.

“Bryan, I didn’t expect your strength to actually be so frightening. It seems that you didn’t go all out in our previous spar. You little brat, did you feel I was unworthy of your full strength?” Karel’s expression changed as he said with some displeasure.

Bryan smiled bitterly and immediately explained, “Mister Karel, you have misunderstood me. A while ago, I was only able to injure Blount because I borrowed external energy. My actual strength is far weaker than Blount. All of you had seen it as well. The blood cloud that enveloped the sky previously was the energy I relied on.

The energy within the blood cloud has been fully released by me. My strength has returned to its original level. I didn’t hold back during our spar, I’m really not that strong. Please don’t misunderstand.”

“So that was the case. For you to actually be able to manipulate the chaotic energy within the blood cloud, your martial technique is truly mystical.” Karel was amazed. He was just pretending to be unhappy. He actually had some idea of the truth and simply wanted Han Shuo to verify it personally.

Bollands had already stood up, staring blankly while being unable to make head or tail of the conversation as he had no idea of what had happened just now.

When Lawrence saw Bollands’ puzzled expression, he took the initiative to approach Bollands, smiling as he described the extent of the strength Han Shuo had displayed. Lawrence was ineffably excited as he described the happenings. Bollands was incomparably shocked when he heard the story. He stared blankly at Han Shuo, feeling as though he was getting to know Han Shuo again. This wasn’t the first time Bollands had felt this way.

Only experts at Bollands’ level would understand how terrifying sacred knight Blount and earth sacred magus Dempus are. When he heard Lawrence say that two sacred rank experts had to escape from Han Shuo in succession, and Blount was even injured in the end, Bollands was extremely shocked.

However, when the shock faded, his heart was filled with excitement. To Bollands, the stronger Han Shuo was, the more beneficial it was to him. This news implied that Han Shuo’s martial technique had matchless, mystical strength. Bollands, who was currently practicing martial arts imparted by Han Shuo, naturally felt even more expectation about the martial technique.

“Everyone, the battle in the northern city district has yet to end. I think we should get back to what we need to do.” Han Shuo smiled as he said to the group who was buzzing with inquiries about his condition.

As Han Shuo’s previous performance was truly excessive and the situation in the northern city district was already determined, they had immediately rushed over when Sabakas said that Han Shuo had returned to the castle, desperate to know what was going on. They were extremely curious, their gazes peculiar as they looked at Han Shuo. Even Sabakas and Karel were kinder when they spoke to him, indicating their approval of Han Shuo’s strength.

Firenze was the first to react when he heard Han Shuo’s statement. He snorted and said, “I was just accompanying my daughter to take a look. Well, I still have to command those idiots to fight, so I won’t accompany you any longer.”

Firenze simply walked away as soon as he finished speaking.

“Lawrence, the situation in the northern city district is under control. It just so happens that I need this time to train. However, there’s something that I want to tell you.” Han Shuo said while looking at Lawrence sternly.

Lawrence currently had an extremely favorable opinion of Han Shuo. Moreover, he understood in his heart that Han Shuo played a big part in helping him secure control over Ossen City, and gained the upper hand in the war. Therefore, when he heard that Han Shuo had something to say, Lawrence immediately smiled cooperatively and said, “Hey, do not hesitate to be direct with me. You know that there’s no need to be so courteous between us.”

Han Shuo felt more comfortable when he heard what Lawrence said. He glanced at the three women, Amyes and the others and said, “I would like to discuss this matter with just you and the two sacred rank experts!”

“Alright, let’s get back to our own matters. Everyone, let’s leave.” Amyes, one of the three heavyweights of Dark Mantle, smiled gracefully as he responded, taking the lead to leave.

With Amyes taking the lead and leave, the others in the area left while harboring suspicions. Even Emily, Phoebe and Fanny left one after another at Han Shuo’s request.

In the blink of an eye, the important people within the castle who had come over out of curiosity took Amyes hint and left the area. Only Han Shuo, Lawrence, space sacred magus Sabakas, and sacred swordmaster Karel was left on the clocktower.

After the others had gone a distance away from the clocktower, Lawrence looked at Han Shuo in amazement and asked, “Bryan, what’s the matter?”

Space sacred magus Sabakas waved his hand and deployed a space barrier which enveloped the immediate area of the clocktower, preventing their conversation from being leaked. Sabakas faintly understood what Han Shuo was about to say to Lawrence.

“Since the defeat of Ashburn and eldest prince Charles is inevitable unless something unexpected happens, you will definitely be the new king of the Lancelot Empire. His Majesty had previously discussed a few things with me in secret. You have always been curious as to what His Majesty had said to me. I feel that I can reveal it to you now.” Han Shuo looked firmly at Lawrence and said seriously.

“Oh?” Lawrence’s curiosity was suddenly roused, his eyes glistening as he looked at Han Shuo and asked, “Bryan, what did Father say to you? Why was it that after you left the palace, His Majesty began to fully support me?”

Han Shuo glanced at space sacred magus Sabakas, and said with a smile, “Mister Sabakas, I believe you know of this?”

Sabakas smile and nodded, replying calmly, “That’s right. I’m indeed aware of that matter.”

When Lawrence’s doubt-filled gaze turned towards Sabakas, he explained, “Old astrologer Madam Grace prophesied that the prince Bryan supports will become the next king of the Lancelot Empire, and shall bring a new wave of prosperity to the empire.

Hehe, as expected, with the good relationship you have with Bryan, you would be the fortunate one. Madam Grace has made prophecies for the Lancelot Empire for many years and she has not once let down His Majesty. Therefore, His Majesty believed that you will be his successor, and will bring prosperity to the empire. That was why he went all out in assisting you.”

When Lawrence heard Sabakas’s explanation, he looked at Han Shuo with a startled expression. It was only now that he realized that the reason he, an illegitimate child, had become the center of attention was due to Han Shuo’s assistance, instead of His Majesty suddenly thinking highly of him.

To Lawrence who only paid attention to the results, he was clearly somewhat astonished upon hearing Sabakas’ words. He stared blankly at Han Shuo for a long time before finally taking a deep breath and said wholeheartedly to Han Shuo, “So that’s what happened. Bryan, thank you!”

“Since we are friends, hehe, I will naturally assist you. Furthermore, only with you as the king would Lancelot Empire be more prosperous. I know your capabilities, and I truly believe that you would bring a new future to the Lancelot Empire.” Han Shuo said with a smile.

Lawrence gave a wry smile as he shook his head and said, “It seems that I still need to rely on you. If I were to hear those words from Sabakas before today, I would perhaps not take them seriously. However, after I witnessed your unstoppable demeanor just now, I can’t help but admire Madam Grace’s incredible vision.

Bryan, there truly is boundless potential within you. I still remember your strength when you were still a student in the necromancy major. At that time, you acted as my practice target for just a few gold coins, and I could even defeat you then. But now, how long has it been? In less than five years, you’re already standing on the pinnacle! Oh, and you are just over twenty years old. Your future is something that no one can predict!”

“I have to say that Madam Grace’s prophecy is expectedly accurate. Everything has currently developed according to her predictions. It looks like the Lancelot Empire would really enjoy hundred years of prosperity thanks to Bryan’s existence, just as Madam Grace predicted.” Sacred swordmaster Karel also sighed as he remarked.

“It’s hard to predict what will happen in the future. Hehe, the future won’t always be the same, at least that’s how I feel.” Han Shuo said before he swiftly concealed his smile and said, “However, when His Majesty agreed to fully support us, he made me agree to one condition. I believe I should inform you now.“

“Bryan, you’re too polite. No matter what happens, we will still be friends! Moreover, there would be more occasions that I would need to rely on you in the future. There’s no need to speak in a roundabout way between us.” Lawrence replied.

From Sabakas and Karel’s accounts, Lawrence also understood how important Han Shuo was to the Lancelot Empire. As someone who could alter the entire Lancelot Empire, his throne would be extremely stable and the Lancelot Empire would grow even more prosperous.

With Grace even sacrificing her life to show the path to the future, he clearly understood how he should treat Han Shuo, the huge support he should tightly cling onto.

“Alright then, I will just say it then. His Majesty made me to promise that no matter what happens, the other three princes must live!” Han Shuo looked at Lawrence and added, “As a father, His Majesty didn’t wish to have three sons die horrifically by my hand. I’ve promised him, but I still want to respect your opinion.”

“Your Highness, this was also what His Majesty said to us.” Sabakas explained, his gaze fixed on Lawrence.

Lawrence stared blankly and was silent for a while before he creased his brows and said,“Since this is Father’s last wish, I know what I should do. But I will still banish or imprison Charles. As for the other two, as long as they don’t oppose me, I’ll let them be princes and not treat them shabbily.”

If it wasn’t for Han Shuo, Sabakas, and Karel’s words, Lawrence would definitely have ruthlessly exterminated Charles. Afterall, Charles caused the greatest harm to him. Lawrence had actually thought of brutally killing Charles with his own hands, so as to make up for the humiliation he suffered previously.

However, now that Han Shuo and the two sacred rank experts had spoken, and it was also his father’s dying wish, he must let Charles live on, regardless of whether he truly willing, he had to let Charles live. However, apart from letting him live, it wasn’t clear if Lawrence would also humiliate Charles.

With Lawrence’s guarantee, Han Shuo let out a sigh of relief. He then smiled and said, “Since you agreed, I can be at ease. Alright, Ossen City currently contains special energy I need for my training. I think I’ll need at least three days to train. With the two sacred rank experts and Lord Firenze within Ossen City, I believe Ashburn and the others have already reached the end of the road and I can train at ease.”

“Bryan, train well. Your strength will allow our Lancelot Empire to become stronger!” Lawrence immediately smiled and agreed.

He understood what it meant for an empire to have an expert who is unrestrained. The appearance of demigod Ayermike Cotton at that time had allowed the Lancelot Empire to be established and enjoy a golden age of a hundred years. If Han Shuo could achieve Ayermike Cotton’s level, he too could bring Lancelot Empire to new heights.

“Alright, this clocktower will be my training group. You should get going with your own matters. Right, please tell Emily and the other ladies not to bother me as the next few days are very important to me!” Han Shuo smiled as he chased Lawrence and the others away.

After the three of them left, Han Shuo closed his eyes to sense the residual energy from the dead that enveloped the whole of Ossen City. With a pleased expression, he muttered to himself, “Whether I can break through to the next realm will depend on the next few days!”

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