GDK Chapter 432


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GDK 432 – Gaining another mystical skill

After the elite metal zomple and the little skeleton were sent back to the netherworld, Han Shuo immediately left Mount Silk and returned to Brettel City.

This time when he returned to Brettel City, Han Shuo did not say much nor did he find out more about Brettel City’s situation. He only went to look for a few people in charge and talked with them for a while, explaining that he was about to train for a period of time.

While Han Shuo wasn’t around, Jack and the others had managed Brettel City excellently. Brettel City grew more prosperous with each passing day and everything was developing smoothly. After the twelve mystical demons surveyed the situation, Han Shuo understood that he simply didn’t need to not worry about the situation in Brettel City.


Now that Lawrence was on the verge of gaining authority over Lancelot Empire, Han Shuo believed that given his relationship with Lawrence, Lawrence definitely wouldn’t treat Han Shuo’s subordinates in Brettel City shabbily. Han Shuo knew his importance to Lawrence from Sabakas and Karel’s words. This was precisely why he would feel at ease to train in seclusion.

Once he ensured everything was in place, Han Shuo entered the secret room within his mansion in Brettel City and used the teleportation array to go to the Cemetery of Death.

The Cemetery of Death was filled with dense deathly aura throughout the year and was as dark and dusky as before. Han Shuo headed directly to the location where he had buried the elite earth zombie and discovered that under the nourishment from the place of extreme earth, the concaved chest of the elite earth zombie no longer looked that unsightly. It seemed that the place of extreme earth, which had nurtured the elite earth zombie, was indeed extremely effective in healing its injuries.

As soon as he entered the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo immediately connected with dark dragon Gilbert. From Gilbert’s calm messages, it seemed that there currently shouldn’t be any situation within the Valley of Sunshine that Gilbert couldn’t handle. Hence, Han Shuo told Gilbert that he would be spending a long time to train.

Han Shuo was currently in the separate demon realm of the nine levels of demonic magic. Whether he could break into the carnal realm would depend on whether he could assimilate the enormous amount of energy within his body and if he could comprehend the frame of mind needed for the carnal realm.

As demonic practitioners paid more attention to forging the physical body, their lifespan was much longer than swordsmen and magi of this world. Even for Han Shuo who was in the separate demon realm, as long as he wasn’t killed or suffered from cultivation deviation, he could easily live for a few hundred years.

Perhaps it was precisely because time was of abundance to demonic practitioners, that they would spend a lot of time during each seclusion. The duration of seclusion differed based on one’s realm. Demonic practitioners of higher realms would require longer periods of time of training in seclusion.

Han Shuo had planned to stay in seclusion for an extended duration this time. After he had arranged all worldly matters properly, he then truly entered the so-called state of seclusion by demonic practitioners.

He sat cross-legged on the ground covered with white bones within the Cemetery of Death. Han Shuo settled his mind down, dispelling the miscellaneous thoughts from his brain. He could feel the frightening killing intent that filled every part of his body, rapidly revolving the demonic yuan energy within his body and directing the enormous amount of energy within his body toward the demon infant.

This was a process that used quite a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, Han Shuo had an astonishing endurance and would persevere once he set his mind on something. From the moment Han Sho sat cross-legged on the ground, he no longer moved, simply focused on the thought of completely assimilating the enormous killing intent within his body, entering the deepest layer of meditation.

The Cemetery of Death was indeed a good location for training. With the existence of the barrier, there was simply no one who could discover its existence. As there was no other person within the Cemetery of Death, it was absolutely silent, which was extremely suitable for a demonic practitioner like Han Shuo.

When Han Shuo began to train without any stray thoughts, time already had no meaning to him. Han Shuo’s consciousness gradually became empty, without any thoughts. It was to the extent that he even forgot his own existence, as though everything had stilled, including his own consciousness.

A demonic practitioner had two types of entering demonhood, classified as active and passive. The active form of entering demonhood was like what happened a few days ago, where the demonic practitioner would sink into a crazed massacre. During that period, the demonic practitioner’s heart would only contain the primal desire to kill ruthlessly, possessing the madness to destroy everything. The demonic practitioner in that state would have absolutely no idea what he or she was doing, and also not be able to feel pain. One’s strength would indeed be more frightening than usual.

However, this active form of demonhood was extremely dangerous for a demonic practitioner. With a single slip, the demonic practitioner would permanently fall into demonhood, never regaining his consciousness and becoming the purest killing machine.

Previously when Han Shuo entered that state, he had a brief moment of soberness prior to entering demonhood. Due to the hatred buried deep in his heart, he had identified sacred knight Blount as his target. Furthermore, the previous time Han Shuo entered demonhood was purely due to him being unable to control the energy within the Demonslayer Edge while attending to the killing intent within his body at the same time.

When the energy that caused Han Shuo to enter demonhood was released through Han Shuo’s crazed attacks, the energy that didn’t originate from Han Shuo’s body disappeared permanently, allowing Han Shuo to gradually regain his consciousness.

If the previous time he entered demonhood wasn’t caused by external energy, but was instead due to some kind of stimulation which caused his consciousness to enter demonhood and the demon infant to have the intention of slaughter, he wouldn’t have been able to recover so easily.

In contrast to the harmful active demonhood, the passive type of demonhood was a state that demonic practitioners were most willing to enter. The self-forgetting state of demonhood would allow a demonic practitioner to not have any stray thoughts and was extremely beneficial to a demonic practitioner’s training.

However, this type of demonhood was extremely hard to enter. Some demonic practitioner would never enter such a state in their entire life while other innately talented demonic practitioners would enter it many times at fortuitous moments. These people would usually become formidable characters of the demonic path. They were extremely skillful, had high perseverance and possessed great knowledge.

In Han Shuo’s case, this wasn’t the first time he entered demonhood. For an unknown reason, he had once again entered this mysterious state. It was as though the whole world including himself had been discarded from his mind, leaving his consciousness totally empty.

Han Shuo no longer had any concept of time. He just sat cross-legged in the Cemetery of Death in a selfless state, while a snake-like strand of black electricity circled across his body as a frightening aura emanated from his body.

Thick blood-red fog flowed out from his pores and curled around Han Shuo. The fog was then inhaled by Han Shuo through his nose into his body, forming a cycle.

After an unknown amount of time, Han Shuo was awakened by a wave of crisp pitter-patter noises. When he came to his senses, he suddenly felt that the demon infant in his body had become a vortex, continuously revolving at high speed, releasing strands of energy into his limbs, bones, and meridians.

The energy filled every corner of Han Shuo’s body, further refining his already otherworldly strong body. Strands of energy surged within Han Shuo’s body and a familiar tearing pain appeared once again, as though countless daggers had stabbed his body.

As one’s demonic arts improved, one’s body would be tempered repeatedly by the sudden rise in demonic yuan energy, so as to allow one’s body to adapt to the circulation of the qualitatively changed demonic yuan energy, causing one’s body to reach the same realm as one’s cultivation.

Having experienced this a few times previously, Han Shuo was already used to the pain from strengthening his physical body. When the energy released by the demon infant seeped into Han Shuo’s limbs and bones, he could even sense that his bones were the first to react. His bones that have been refined by black resolute crystal and was now tempered by the energy from the demon infant seemed to suddenly change peculiarly. This originally iron-like bones seemed to have incited something strange when the strands of energy from the demon infant had seeped into them. With a though, Han Shuo suddenly flung out his left hand. In accordance with his thoughts, his left hand unexpectedly lengthened by ten centimeters.

Han Shuo was stunned. Shortly after, he punched and kicked toward the sky. Han Shuo discovered that he could actually lengthen part of the bones in his limbs with his thoughts. His iron-like bones had gained a mystical flexibility.

What was particularly surprising to Han Shuo was that he could actually control the lengthening and shortening of his bones!

In other words, whenever Han Shuo threw a punch, his arms could suddenly stretch if he wanted to. If he was in close combat, such a miraculous ability to stretch his arms and legs would definitely catch his opponent off guard to great effect, causing his opponent to be unable to defend effectively.

Moreover, Han Shuo could faintly feel that ten centimeters weren’t the limit. It seems that with practice and a further increase in his strength, it could improve further. Han Shuo was ineffably appalled when he thought about what this meant. Such a mystical ability was simply something no human could possibly achieve.

There didn’t seem to be such a mystical ability within Chu Cang Lan’s memories. A demonic practitioner’s physical body could be very powerful and unnatural. At its most powerful state, even severed arms could be regrown. However, there was no knowledge of an ability where the limbs could be so flexible they could lengthen and shorten.

Han Shuo carefully thought for a moment and understood that this was perhaps because the little skeleton’s black resolute crystal and the demonic magic’s tempering had caused a mutation. He thought inwardly, every demonic art was created by man and wasn’t always the same and instead evolved with training.

Other than his bones becoming flexible, Han Shuo’s inner organs, as well as his flesh, was further strengthened. His meridian channels, in particular, had expanded by a shocking amount after being tempered this time around. The circulation speed of his demonic yuan energy was much faster than it used to be.

After examining his body with his consciousness, Han Shuo discovered that although his physical body had been strengthened, he still seemed to be a step away from the next realm and had not reached the carnal realm. However, Han Shuo could feel that he was extremely close to the next realm. As long as he had a moment of enlightenment, Han Shuo would immediately enter the carnal realm.

However, the practice of demonic magic was as such, where each realm was extremely profound. Comprehension could not be forced. The strength of Han Shuo’s body was sufficient, and his demonic yuan energy was also enough for him to break through to the next realm. As long as Han Shuo could comprehend the carnal realm, the demon infant will immediately mutate, and his consciousness will advance to the carnal realm.

Han Shuo gently exhaled, smiling bitterly as he sat down cross-legged again. He carefully went through Chu Cang Lan’s remnant memories. Unfortunately, even though Chu Cang Lan’s memories was complex, it didn’t contain definitive information about the comprehending the carnal realm.

Han Shuo realized that he would still have to depend on his own comprehension. Everything was ready and it all depended on his understanding of the next realm of demonic magic.

“Father, I’ve already recovered completely!” When Han Shuo was pondering silently, he suddenly received a message from the elite earth zombie.

Han Shuo was startled for a moment but came to his senses soon afterward. He turned around and realized that the naive elite earth zombie had left the place of extreme earth and was looking at Han Shuo from a short distance away.

The originally dented area on the elite earth zombie’s chest had returned to normal. It looks as if the elite earth zombie had indeed fully recovered.

“Very good, you’ve finally recovered. Next time, we will kill that bastard. I promise!” Han Shuo looked at the elite earth zombie and said solemnly.

“I know, Father has grown even stronger now.” The elite earth zombie transmitted.

“Alright then, I’ll send you back first. I’ll spend some time to research on a method to freely enter and exit your world. I think that soon after you return, I will be able to meet you all in your world.” Han Shuo smiled as he looked at the elite earth zombie and said.

“Ok, I miss my brothers as well. Father, please hurry and enter our world. There are many interesting things in our world too.” The elite earth zombie transmitted.

“Yes, I know!” Han Shuo replied and then sent the elite earth zombie back to the netherworld.

After sending the elite earth zombie away, Han Shuo didn’t continue pondering the issue of the carnal realm and instead started to examine how to utilize the skeleton staff to freely enter and exit the netherworld.

A serene luster gem and a black resolute crystal had separately been extremely beneficial to Han Shuo’s mental strength and physical body. Such beneficial items that only existed in the netherworld had aroused his interest. It also caused Han Shuo to understand that the netherworld filled with undead creatures, there was similarly many unusual treasures.

Most importantly, the little skeleton and the others were in the netherworld. The little skeleton had even named itself Han Hao, indicating that the little skeleton’s intelligence was becoming higher. Other than his skeletal figure, he was already the same as other highly intelligent lifeforms, possessing his own consciousness and could think clearly and make his own decisions.

Han Shuo was extremely concerned and also extremely curious about the little skeleton and the others. Only by gaining the ability to freely enter and exit the netherworld with his soul, could Han Shuo gain a greater understanding of them and even help the little skeleton and the others to advance faster.

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