GDK Chapter 433


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GDK 433 – Undead Creature in the Dead Sea

Practicing necromancy was similarly quite exhausting. However, Han Shuo was able to grasp the spell pertaining to letting his soul freely travel to and from the netherworld rather quickly.

Perhaps it was because Han Shuo had already experienced entering the netherworld twice and also had detailed descriptions on how to use the skeletal staff to travel to and from the netherworld, Han Shuo took less than half a month to grasp the spell which allowed one’s soul to cross into the netherworld.

During this half a month, the little skeleton, elite earth zombie, and the others could often sense Han Shuo’s presence in the netherworld. However, as Han Shuo still couldn’t master a precise location, he would often find himself extremely far from the little skeleton and the others.


Every time Han Shuo entered the netherworld, he could immediately sense the messages the little skeleton and the others were transmitting to him. As the auras of the little skeleton and the others grew increasingly stronger and clearer, Han Shuo could felt their pressing thoughts to meet him. However, Han Shuo, who was constantly studying the necromancy magic meticulously, wasn’t in a hurry to reach the area where the little skeleton and the others were.

It was until a long time had passed that Han Shuo truly mastered the method of shuttling his soul to the netherworld. With necromancy spells and the assistance from the skeletal staff, Han Shuo could descend into the netherworld with a single thought and could rapidly return to the Profound Continent from the lifeless netherworld by sensing his physical body.

After mastering the necromancy spell, Han Shuo spent a few more days to research on how to accurately arrive at their location by utilizing his connection with the little skeleton and the others.

The bodies of the little skeleton and the others were marked not just by Han Shuo’s blood essence, they were also marked by dark seals. Whenever Han Shuo entered the netherworld, he could clearly feel the existence of the little skeleton and the others. After numerous adjustments to the skeletal staff and spell based on this connection, Han Shuo was finally able to succeed in arriving beside the little skeleton a few days later.

“Father!” the little skeleton said gently when Han Shuo landed beside him.

The little skeleton, fire elite zombie, and water elite zombie were on top of the bald mountain. And behind the little skeleton stood an army of densely packed undead creatures. These creatures included the three evil knights, the bone demon, and the mummy lord Pharaoh. Even more hate warriors, zombie warriors, and skeletal warriors filled the bald mountain.

Under the dusky grey sky, hundreds and thousands of gargoyles flew around in every direction. It seemed like they too were part of the little skeleton’s undead army.

Looking ahead, a vast, black sea could be seen below the bald mountain and it stretched all the way into the horizon. Within this lifeless and pitch-black black sea, there were numerous severed limbs and bones floating on the surface. It was just like another cemetery for the undead creatures and was full of dense deathly aura.

Several enormous auras hid within the vast black sea, as though they were secretly observing everything. Han Shuo could sense just how terrifying those few existences were. When he looked at the little skeleton and the others who were ready and waiting, Han Shuo suddenly realized what was going on.

It seems that the little skeleton had ill intentions when he led his undead army over to this location.

“Father, you can reach us accurately now?” When the little skeleton saw that Han Shuo only glanced around after landing beside the little skeleton, the little skeleton couldn’t help but repeated his question again.

Many sounds of breaking and snapping were heard. Under the manipulation of Han Shuo’s consciousness, several bones were forcibly removed from the bodies of around ten skeleton warriors. He then manipulated a dense deathly aura to rapidly strengthen these bones, making them tougher. In just a short while, Han Shuo had forged a white skeletal body.

“When I leave, I’ll return all the bones I took from their bodies.” Han Shuo said to the little skeleton.

“They should be honored to have their bones used by Father. These low-rank skeletal warriors will only obey commands and don’t have much intelligence. Their bones are not that tough. If Father wants a good skeleton body, I can help you find some better bones,” the little skeleton said to Han Shuo.

“There’s no need for that. Once I figure out the mysteries behind the transportation matrix in the Cemetery of Death, my real body will be able to enter this world. By then, my physical body will be in the Netherworld and no other bones will be more suitable for me.” Han Shuo explained to the little skeleton.

“That’s right. Father’s physical body is extremely strong. Even a bone dragon’s bone, the strongest bone in this world, is not as durable as Father’s bones.” The little skeleton nodded in agreement.

Howl… While Han Shuo and the little skeleton were chatting, a terrifying howl suddenly sounded from within the boundless Black Sea before them, as though a terrifying undead creature was issuing a challenge to the little skeleton.

The little skeleton’s Purple Demon Eye suddenly shot out a ray of dazzling purple light. The purple ray appeared solid, piercing through space and actually flew directly towards the direction of the howling. It carried an extremely frosty and ruthless aura.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, a series of explosions could be heard coming from the origin of the howling. The deathly stillness of the black sea water suddenly looked as though it was boiling, with a few dark pillars abruptly shooting up towards the sky.

A hideous, octopus-like creature with a colossal body and sharp bone spurs grown on its tentacles, floated to the surface, revealing more than half of its body. It looked up and said angrily, “Petty existence, you dare to challenge my might?! Do you think you can defeat me today?”

Following the octopus-like creature’s emergence, countless grotesquely shaped creatures slowly appeared. These undead creatures looked very similar to other commonly seen undead creatures. It’s just that perhaps because they had been under the black sea for too long, they don’t look the same as ordinary undead creatures.

The creatures that appeared included skeletal warriors, zombie warriors, hate warriors, and even powerful high-rank creatures like evil knights. However, these creatures had fins on their body, appearing extremely strange. There were also undead creatures which looked totally different from those which Han Shuo was familiar with. They had obviously evolved from some species of fishes found on the Profound Continent, and also possessed an ugly figure.

“Tumoja, the vast area of the eastern dead sea will also be my territory. If you pledge allegiance to me, I shall let you live!” the little skeleton said loftily to the weird looking undead creature, Tumoja as he rode on his bone demon which had the ability to fly.

“Ha, you shameless skeleton. You have lost to me time and time again. With your strength, are you worthy of my service? ” Tumoja sneered, not fearing the little skeleton.

“It seems that you are seeking death!” the little skeleton shouted and guiding the bone demon he was riding to fly toward that area.

The elite water zombie who had been standing still took the lead and dashed towards the Black Sea. Before it was even reached the sea, the elite water zombie began to display its remarkable ability. Under the manipulation of its power, the seawater suddenly split apart before him and miraculously formed a passageway directly to the seafloor.

The undead army brought along by the little skeleton were currently advancing with the elite fire zombie towards the exposed seafloor where the elite water zombie stood. Strands of bizarre energy formed naturally around the elite water zombie as the surging black seawater surged continuously, crushing many creatures within the seawater.

When the enormous army from the bald mountain reached his side, the water elite zombie took the lead and headed straight toward the depths of the black sea. Under the elite water zombie’s control, the surging black waves split open voluntarily, forming a path which they could walk through.

“Tumoja, do you see that? My brother can manipulate the water of your Dead Sea. You are no longer able to rule this region. But as long as you pledge your allegiance to me, you will still be the hegemon of this dead sea. Otherwise, if you force me to act, I’ll make you pay,” the little skeleton rode on his bone demon, flying high above the elite water zombie as he showed disdain for Tumoja, urging it to surrender.

While the little skeleton flew towards the sea, Han Shuo had also got on the little skeleton’s bone demon. As he looked at the towering little skeleton, who was advising the undead creature beneath to surrender, he suddenly realized that the little skeleton had indeed evolved to become more and more human-like.

In the past, the little skeleton wouldn’t be so talkative, simply using pure strength to subdue the opponent. The act of using words to convince the enemy to surrender would only be done by high-rank creatures which possess intelligence.

However, Tumoja was clearly a formidable existence that was unwilling to be ruled. It paid no heed to the little skeleton’s persuasion at all, obviously unconvinced that the little skeleton had the strength to defeat it

When the little skeleton realized that Tumoja failed to appreciate his kindness, a violent light flashed from within his Purple Demon Eye. His three-meter-long bone spur suddenly moved. The dense deathly aura above the dead sea started to rush toward the bone spur in the little skeleton’s hand. An aura of death began to spread from the little skeleton.

“Puny Tumoja, you shall pay the price for your stupidity!” The little skeleton’s thought spread through the whole region as he rode his bone demon and charged toward that undead creature in the Dead Sea.

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