In this story, the third character in their name represents their family name or their surname.

Zhang Gong Wei (长弓威) – Protagonist of the story, chooses to learn the uncommon Light element magic. Major: Light, Minor: Spatial. Later known as White Rice Bucket

Xiao Jin (小金) – Zhang Gong’s magical beast. Light element growth type magical beast.

Ao De (奥德) – Zhang Gong’s best friend. Major in water element and minor in spatial element.


Ma Ke (马克) – Zhang Gong’s classmate in the Royal Magic Academy. Major pervert. Major in fire and minor in wind. AKA Red Haired Rice Cake

Hai Ri Xing- (星) Yue Xing’s older brother. Representative of fourth grade. Beats up Ma Ke regularly. Major: Fire. Belonging to the Great Xing clan of Aixia.

Hai Yue Xing-(海月星) 3rd Year student being chased after Ma Ke. Belonging to the Great Xing clan of Aixia. Younger sister of Hai Ri Xing.

Hai Shui Xing-(海水星) 2nd Year Student. Finalist in the end of Semester Competition with Zhang Gong. Major: Water. Belonging to the Great Xing clan of Aixia. Yue Xing’s little sister.

Teacher Lin/Old Witch (林老师/老巫婆) – 50 year old advanced fire mage. San Ke elementary Teacher.

Teacher Xiu(Xi Li Xiu)(席雨秀老师) – Principal of San Ke elementary academy, major:spatial element, minor: light element.  Great Mage. Known as “Old Devil”

Teacher Di (Lao Lun Di) (劳论迪) – Continent’s Rank four light magister. Teaches Zhang Gong at the academy. Light Magister and Principal.

Teacher Long – Ma Ke’s Teacher. Vice Principal of the academy. Fire Magister.

Long De An and Shui Yang Ming – Zhang Gong’s room mates (Green Hair is a roommate too).
Di Nuo Lun (缔那伦)- Continent’s rank one spatial mage. Former record to fastest compression of his magic sphere.

Long Meng– Leader of the Mercenary Company that Zhang Gong traveled with before meeting Zhan Hu.

Zhan Hu ( Jing Yun Xiuda) – Powerful knight and Zhang Gong’s sworn brother. Was a bandit. Name means War Tiger.

Teacher Wen (Li Ke Wen) – Principal of Xiuda’s Royal Knight Academy. Long friend of Teacher Di.

Dong Ri– Half Elf and great at archery. Disciple of Teacher Wen.

Hong Xue Hua Lun – Noble girl infatuated with Dong Ri.

 Xing Ao and Gao De– Talented knights from the knight academy. Their boss is Xiu Si.

Xiu Si – Top student at the knight academy. A heaven knight.

Bi Qi – Duke, Radiant Knight, Arrogant aristocrat.

Bi Er – Eldest son of Duke Bi Qi. Leader of a regiment of the Earth Dragon Corps.

Shan Yun Xiuda – Zhan Hu’s elder brother.  Son of Prince Qi Lu Xiuda.

Prince Qi Lu Xiuda – Long live King of Xiuda. May his reign be great and his sons be strong.


Tian Wu (天舞) – Eastern Continent where Zhang Gong lives

Li Bo (里拨)  – Western Continent

Aixia (艾夏) – Magic kingdom where Zhang Gong lives

Xiuda (修达) – A kingdom of knights

Dalu (达路) – A kingdom of many resources


Magic Types – Light, Darkness,Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Summoning, Spatial and others

Mage Ranks – novice mage, elementary mage, intermediate mage, advanced mage, great mage, magic scholar, magister and Legendary Grand Magister.

Magic Spell Classes

1-3 – Elementary class

4-5 – Intermediate class

6-8 – Advanced class

9 – Forbidden class

Warrior Ranks – elementary warrior, intermediate warrior, advanced warrior, knight, earth knight, sky knight, radiant knight, sword saint and Legendary War God

Levels of battle spirit cultivation –  establishing the foundation, entry, basic understanding, first success, understanding, purification, transformation, ascension, peerless and unfathomable.

Battle Spirit Classes – battle spirit, earth battle spirit, sky battle spirit, divine battle spirit and holy battle spirit

Money – 1 diamond coin = 100 gold coins = 10 000 silver coins = 1 000 000 copper coins


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  1. Why do the knights have 9 Ranks and the Mages only 8?
    If you take this in mind : are the Radiant knight and Magister rank really the same?

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