LDK Chapter 22


Chapter 22 – Teacher is also a Soul Master?

Tang Wu Lin finally noticed him and hastily said, “Teacher.”

Mang Tian nodded. “Come here.”

Tang Wu Lin looked at his mother, then his teacher, before jumping off the bed. He lifted his right hand and with just a thought, the dim room immediately lit up.

A white ring of light slowly rose from his feet and revolved rhythmically around his body.


This was a Soul Master’s soul ring. A white soul ring represented a 10 year soul ring, the lowest type.

Spirit souls hadn’t existed ten thousand years ago when soul rings were still the most defining characteristic of a Soul Master.

Tang Wu Lin opened up his hand to reveal a brilliant yellow radiance. Within it appeared the little grass snake. Immediately afterwards, a slender blade of blue vine-like grass as thick as a finger twirled into existence. The vine spread outwards, quickly spreading into every corner of the room.

This was the first time he had released his martial soul since he had become a true Soul Master. The difference between not having a soul ring before and having one now was as different as black and white. He felt as if this grass was an extension of his own consciousness. Anything it touched would be immediately transmitted back to him. In fact, he could even sense the elated mood that the little Grass Snake sent. This feeling was much clearer than during his fusion.

Despite the fact that it was merely a 10 year soul ring, the rhythmic up and down motion of the white light still basked Tang Wu Lin’s body with a radiant luster. This was the glamor of a Soul Master. Even a single soul ring would make a Soul Master and an ordinary person as different as night and day.

Lang Yue was stunned, Tang Zi Ran’s eyes finally regained some determination, and Nuo’er was once again at a loss.

Mang Tian lifted up his arm and pulled on some Bluesilver Grass. It seemed as if these slenders vines were really weak. After all, how could a trash martial soul and a defective spirit soul fuse together to produce a good evolution?

Mang Tian’s heart was a bit dreary as looked towards Tang Wu Lin and said, “Don’t be discouraged. Although your spirit soul isn’t too good, you have still become a true Soul Master. Your soul power now has space to continue growing. The possession of soul power will prove helpful to any profession you choose. Ten thousand years ago, many Soul Masters had approved of the first soul tools because their martial souls and soul rings weren’t powerful. It was with the help of soul tools that they were able to increase their own power. The same goes with mechas. As long as you have soul power, you can still become a mecha master even if without the aid of a powerful soul soul. A mecha master with a weak martial soul but a formidable strength isn’t necessarily impossible. soul power is also very useful when forging; it can sharpen your senses while also increasing your strength.”

Mang Tian released the Bluesilver Grass as he said this, letting it fall onto the ground to make a crisp sound.

Ah!” Mang Tian revealed a look of surprise as he once again picked up the Bluesilver Grass. His brows immediately creased.

Tang Wu Lin’s heart was filled with hope again at Mang Tian’s words. Even if he couldn’t become a powerful Soul Master, he could still become a formidable mecha master.

“Brother Mang, what is it?” Tang Zi Ran noticed Mang Tian’s reaction, and asked thoughtlessly.

Mang Tian didn’t speak. Instead, he grabbed some Bluesilver Grass and tried to pull it apart.

One could only imagine the physical strength he possessed as a blacksmith. However, the Bluesilver Grass only straightened out when he pulled it without any signs of it snapping. This seemingly weak existence was unexpectedly so tenacious.

“Your Bluesilver Grass is a bit abnormal.” Mang Tian said to Tang Wu Lin.

Tang Wu Lin doubtfully asked, “Teacher, what part of it is abnormal?”

Mang Tian answered, “First of all is its weight. I didn’t feel it at first, but I noticed when it fell onto the ground that the sound it made wasn’t light at all. After inspecting it again, I discovered that although it is very slender, its body is actually very heavy. It’s even heavier than a vine. Bluesilver Grass with only one soul ring shouldn’t possess this type of attribute. Let me test it again first.”

His eyes suddenly began shining as he said this when four soul rings appeared, one white, two yellow and one purple. They immediately lit up the room. As a fellow Soul Master, Tang Wu Lin subconsciously retreated from the aura released by Mang Tian.

Tang Wu Lin was shocked into speechlessness.

According to how Soul Masters were ranked, 0 to 10 were Soul Scholars, ranks 11 to 20 were Soul Masters, and after every ten ranks they would be promoted to a new title. After Soul Master was Soul Grandmaster, Soul Elder, Soul Ancestor, Soul King, Soul Emperor, Soul Sage, Soul Douluo and at the very peak with nine soul rings, Title Douluos.

His blacksmithing master was unexpectedly a powerful Soul Ancestor with four soul rings!

After the soul rings appeared, three spirit souls became visible on Mang Tian’s shoulders. The first one was the smallest and weakest, a tiny rabbit. It was crawling about his body while emitting a white ring of light. The yellow spirit soul was a pair of hammers that flickered with a yellow shine. Artificial spirit soul manufacturing process could even make tool spirit souls. It would be impossible for a tool spirit soul to appear naturally.

The last spirit soul was purple, a brown bear that was about a meter tall with two unusually thick arms. It looked very fierce as it bared its fangs whilst jumping down upon Mang Tian’s shoulders, as if it was deciding who it wanted to bite.

In addition to the three types of spirit souls released, Mang Tian’s martial soul was also shown. It was actually a hammer that glowed with a dim white light nearly identical in appearance to a forging hammer. On top of the hammer were some deep brown vein lines.

Mang Tian’s martial soul was the Earth Hammer.

After releasing his martial soul, Mang Tian appeared much more imposing as well as magnificent. His first spirit soul shined for a moment before the little white rabbit transformed into a layer of white light that covered his body.

First soul skill, ten year soul ability, Tenacity.

This was an ordinary soul skill that made Mang Tian’s muscles more flexible and powerful.

Mang Tian forcefully pulled on the Bluesilver Grass with the backing of his soul skill as well as his formidable soul power.

A bizarre scene appeared in front of them all. Everyone, including Tang Wu Lin, expected the Bluesilver Grass to be torn apart. Unexpectedly however, the dim body of the Bluesilver Grass began to shine under the opposing forces exerted upon it.

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