LDK Chapter 3


Chapter 3 – Little Wu Lin’s Family

Even as he exited the gates of Red Mountain Academy, Tang Wu Lin was flummoxed.

Like every year, those who awakened soul power along with their martial soul were invited to join the Soul Master class of Red Mountain Academy as new students. No matter which elementary academy it was, the Soul Master class was undoubtedly the most important.

Tang Wu Lin’s previous agitation hadn’t completely dissipated; his head felt swollen, and his body was heating up. He dizzily continued walking.

“Son, you really are one in a million!” Tang Zi Ran’s gentle voice awakened Tang Wu Lin from his dazed state.


Tang Wu Lin raised his head and faced his father’s gentle and loving expression. “Dad, is Bluesilver Grass a trash martial soul?”

Tang Zi Ran solemnly replied, “How could it be a trash martial soul? You  need to know only one in a thousand people have soul power! You have both a trash martial soul and soul power, doesn’t that mean you’re one in a million? Therefore, my son is unique and by definition unmatched. Haven’t I told you the story of the founding ancestor of the Tang Sect, Tang San? It was with his Bluesilver Grass….”

Tang Wu Lin’s family lived in the commoner’s district of Glorybound City. His father was a machine repairman specializing in soul machines. However, his skill was only ordinary so he could only earn a meager wage to support his family.

His mother, Lan Yue, was a housewife and had single handedly taken care of Tang Wu Lin. She was exceptionally skilled at cooking delicious dishes.

The entirety of their home was comprised of a living room about a dozen square meters large, a small kitchen, a washroom and two rooms with less than ten square meters in space.

“Son, you’re home! You must be hungry. Mom will cook up something delicious for you.” Lang Yue couldn’t be regarded as a beauty, but she was definitely charming. She crouched down and hugged little Wu Lin.

“I’m not hungry mom, just a bit sleepy. I want to go take a nap.” Tang Wu Lin hugged her neck in response before scurrying off towards his own room.

Lang Yue watched the little figure retreat into his room before gently sighing. “This child has wanted to become a Soul Master since childhood, but becoming a Soul Master isn’t that easy! We need to go comfort him.”

Tang Zi Ran entered the small living room and sat down beside the dinner table. For lunch, there was sauted vegetables, stewed pork ribs, some salad and a bowl of three vegetable soup. This was already considered luxurious for the Tang family.

“He has soul power, but I wish he didn’t.” Tang Zi Ran sighed.

Astonished, Lang Yue sat down beside her husband. “What did you say? Wu Lin possesses soul power? Doesn’t that mean he can become a Soul Master?”

Tang Zi Ran forced out a bitter laugh. “How could it be that easy? His martial soul is Bluesilver Grass, and his innate soul power is only rank 3. Becoming a Soul Master is easier said than done. Although he is able to enter the Soul Master class, I fear that the pressure will be too much for him.”

Lang Yue was confused for a moment, but quickly understood the meaning of her husband’s words. “Then Wu Lin, he….”

Tang Zi Ran replied, “He seems to be in shock. He didn’t say anything on the way back. In the process of growing up, our family’s little man will definitely encounter some setbacks. It’s best to just leave him be for now.”

Lang Yue glanced at her son’s room with worried eyes. Sighing loudly, she refilled her husband’s bowl of rice. “Let’s eat first then, we won’t disturb him either. Wu Lin has always been obedient. So we’ll transfer him to the normal class if it doesn’t work out.”


Tang Zi Ran and his wife both didn’t know that it wasn’t because he encountered this setback that Tang Wu Lin didn’t eat lunch. He truly was too exhausted to eat.

As soon as he returned to his room, he fell headfirst onto his bed and entered the land of dreams.

Soon after, Tang Wu Lin’s body began twisting and turning atop the bed, his skin flushed crimson. If Tang Zi Ran or Lang Yue were there, they would discover that Tang Wu Lin’s body temperature was increasing at an astonishing rate.

The deep red pigmentation of his skin began to gradually penetrate deeper and deeper until his meridian channels were becoming faintly visible. Even with this faintness, his blood flow could be seen. His heartbeat began increasing rapidly; it had become at least three times his normal heartbeat.

The gold lines that had appeared in the awakening chamber, once again re-emerged on his forehead. The line pattern began to extend from his head to his toes, before returning upwards once again.

After three cycles of traveling the length of his body, the gold line pattern quietly receded back into the depths his body once again. Tang Wu Lin’s whole body began making slight creaking noises, but after a moment, the undisturbed silence returned, and his body returned to its normal temperature. He then entered an even deeper slumber.

In his dreams, Tang Wu Lin found himself in a prairie completely covered in Bluesilver Grass with a golden sky overhead. In front of him stood a gigantic colossus possessing a large golden mouth that seemed to have dropped from the golden sky. In the next moment, he was swallowed by the golden mouth and entered a borderless golden realm.

Ah~” He cried out in surprise and abruptly sat up. Tang Wu Lin found himself covered in oily and sticky sweat. He couldn’t even find the words to describe the discomfort he was in.

Having been raised in an impoverished family, Tang Wu Lin was significantly more sensible and mature than others of his age. He didn’t go disturb his mother and father. Rather, he peeled off his clothes and went to the washroom to wash himself off. He was amazed to discover that the odorous sweat immediately disappeared after he washed himself.

Ah, where’s Lin Lin?” Just then, Lang Yue’s voice called out from outside.

“I’m in here mom. I’m taking a bath.” Tang Wu Lin hurriedly dashed out in nothing but his underwear, trying to respond to his mother’s calls..

Rebukingly, Lang Yue said, “Hurry up and put on some clothes. You’re going to freeze.” She pinched her son’s tender little pink face before pushing him into his room.

After closing the door, Lang Yue muttered to herself, ‘That little guy’s skin is even more tender and elastic now. Mom is so jealous!

It was only after Tang Wu Lin dressed himself and left his small room that he realized the sky had already turned dark. He had actually slept away the whole afternoon.

Tang Zi Ran had taken a leave of absence today, so he would be at home the entire time. He beckoned to Tang Wu Lin, “Come over here son.”

Tang Wu Lin sat down beside his father. Right when Tang Zi Ran was about to speak, Tang Wu Lin’s belly cried out. Gugu. After hearing it Tang Zi Ran immediately broke out into laughter with Lang Yue.

Tang Wu Lin happily smiled, at their good-natured laughter. “Mom, can I go eat? I’m really hungry.”

“Go eat.” Lang Yue served him a bowl of rice. She shot her husband a glance, indicating that they should speak after he finished eating.

When Tang Wu Lin raised his rice bowl a fourth time, Tang Zi Ran and Lang Yue were already extremely shocked. Even if he hadn’t eaten lunch, it was impossible for him to be able to eat this much!

“Mom, it’s delicious. I still want more…”

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