LDK Chapter 36


Chapter 36 – Fight

“My little sister embroidered that.”

The little flower design on the blanket had purple petals while the rest of it was silver. Although it wasn’t perfect, it was still a memento from Nuo’er.

Tang Wu Lin still clearly remembered that time. He was laughing by Nuo’er’s side as she embroidered the blanket. He had even teased her and said, “These small crooked flowers still aren’t as pretty as you.”

“Remember this you brat, I’m the one in charge here.” Zhou Zhang Xi pointed at himself with his thumb.


Sitting on the other bed, Yun Xiao suddenly felt something wrong. Something seemed to influence the room’s atmosphere. It now felt colder than before.

After sensing this, he saw Tang Wu Lin slowly raise his head.

His eyes had already turned red and his fists were clenched. There was actually a ‘pa pa’ sound coming from his knuckles!

Zhou Zhang Xi looked down from above and said, “Are you going to bite me?”

Tang Wu Lin moved, charging at Zhou Zhang Xi like an artillery shell as he swung out his right arm. A series of explosions resounded in the air as the fist flew, arriving in front of Zhou Zhang Xi in a flash.

Zhou Zhang Xi wasn’t an idiot and knew that Tang Wu Lin might explode at any moment. He was already prepared and as soon as he saw that fist flying towards him, his right hand moved to deflect it.




The first sound was Zhou Zhang Xi’s palm meeting Tang Wu Lin’s fist. His judgement had been accurate and he had even managed to meet the fist head on. Unfortunately for him, it was like an ant trying to shake a large tree. He wasn’t able to move Tang Wu Lin’s fist at all!

The second sound was Tang Wu Lin’s fist colliding with Zhou Zhang Xi’s chest. There was a muffled sound of an impact, and he was sent flying through the air.

The final sound was made when Zhou Zhang Xi flew through the window with barely any resistance. He had flown out of the dormitory from the second floor!

“Ah!” A miserable scream followed shortly after.

By now, Yun Xiao had already gotten off his bed and was foolishly staring at Tang Wu Lin who  released an aura similar to that of a tyrannical dragon. He didn’t even know that the book in his hands had dropped to the floor.

Zhou Zhang Xi’s martial soul was the Titan Ape. He was a rank 11 power system martial soul master. The only reason he was assigned to class five and to this dorm room was because his soul power wasn’t that high. Still, he was the strongest person Yun Xiao had ever met that was his age.

Yun Xiao was absolutely certain that Tang Wu Lin’s punch had contained no soul power at all when it sent Zhou Zhang Xi flying. That punch was thrown with only brute strength!

With his martial soul being the Titan Ape, Zhou Zhang Xi’s bones were tougher and harder than an ordinary person’s. As a result, he was actually heavier than an adult at the age of nine.

Even with such a solid body, he was sent flying through the window by Tang Wu Lin’s punch. Just how much strength was required to do this…?

Right at that moment, a person wearing an ice-cold face and clothed in black sportswear entered the room. He looked at the things scattered all over the floor and wrinkled his brows before kicking Tang Wu Lin’s items to the side. He coldly said to Tang Wu Lin who was obstructing his way, “Get out of the way.”

Tang Wu Lin’s unstable state of mind was filled with the image of Nuo’er’s smiling face at this moment. When Zhou Zhang Xi had stepped on the flower that Nuo’er embroidered for him, he had seen it as Zhou Zhang Xi stepping on Nuo’er herself. When that icy and arrogant youngster kicked away his things, it was like a fused had been lit.

“You’re seeking death!” Tang Wu Lin snarled as he furiously charged at the youth in black with another punch.

The icily arrogant youth didn’t even spare him a glance as he took half a step to the side, avoiding Tang Wu Lin’s punch. His elbow sweeped across Tang Wu Lin’s back as his left foot extended below.

Immediately, Tang Wu Lin fell over under his own strength in addition to the youth’s. He wasn’t flying towards the window, but rather, the door.

Yun Xiao swallowed his saliva. In the elementary academy, he was known as the Mastermind, but now, he felt as if he wasn’t smart enough. What kind of situation was this?

“You bastard!” Tang Wu Lin snarled once again. This time, his voice spread throughout the whole hall. Like the wind, he charged back into the dorm room and towards the icily arrogant youth once again.

A trace of surprise flashed through the arrogant youth’s eyes. He hadn’t restrained his strength just now, yet Tang Wu Lin had actually gotten up so fast. Moreover, when he had struck Tang Wu Lin from behind with his elbow, he had clearly felt a tremor from Tang Wu Lin’s back which issued a force that wasn’t inferior to his own.

He jumped, twisted his body, and unleashed a whirling kick. These three movements were completed as smooth as floating clouds and flowing water. Not only did he avoid Tang Wu Lin’s charge, he actually stepped on Tang Wu Lin’s back and kicked him away, causing him to smash onto the floor when he fell.

The wooden floor was scattered and smashed while Tang Wu Lin’s clothes were all cut up.

The arrogant youth landed nimbly on Tang Wu Lin’s blanket. Moreover, he had actually landed on the flower embroiderment of Nuo’er’s by accident.  

Tang Wu Lin bellowed with grief and indignation, “You city people are all so rotten!” A pure white light was released from Tang Wu Lin’s 10 year soul ring which rose up from his feet. Slender vine-like strands of Bluesilver Grass suddenly appeared, all of it attacked the arrogant youth.

Tang Wu Lin’s first soul skill was the 10 year soul skill of Bluesilver Grass, Bind!

Bluesilver Grass covered the entirety of the room in but a moment. Even though the arrogant youth was exceptionally agile, he still couldn’t dodge all of these vines in such a narrow space.

His response was still extremely quick. He raised his right hand, which began to emit a dazzling golden radiance while a yellow soul ring rose up from his feet. A dazzling flash arced through the air as it chopped towards the Bluesilver Grass.

The move was extraordinarily accurate as he aimed to cut down every single strand of Bluesilver Grass with a golden dagger. Although the strands of Bluesilver Grass were struck, they hadn’t been cut apart like he had imagined.

‘Not good!’ The arrogant youth thought to himself. If he had retreated immediately, he could have rushed out of the dorm room. Instead, he had tried yet, had been unable, to cut down the Bluesilver Grass. Now, even more strands of Bluesilver Grass had appeared and moved to engulf him.

The soul ring underneath his feet began to shine brightly as the dagger’s blade in his hands began to twinkle. There was also a quiet dragon roar that resounded out as he attempted, with all his strength, to throw off the Bluesilver Grass that was binding him. However, a fist appeared in front of him at that moment.


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      1. He just kicked the stuff out of the way. There is a difference. Tang Wu Lin was just in a bad mental state.

        He was more apathetic than bad. And we gotta remember, the stuff was all over the floor…

        He could have just walked on it, but that’d have been worse.

        1. He was trying to bully the MC.. it was meant to happen or MC had to become the servant.. maybe handled peacefully ya but then this is wuxianovel ..

          1. Not the Ape kid, I’m talking about the cold kid that didn’t seem to give a f***. He just didn’t seem to care about them rather than wanting to bully…

  1. Ahh, i remember when Tang-san fought for his bedding, our little MC is on the right path to become a great blue silver emperor :’)

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