LXY Book 11: Chapter 23


Book 11: Chapter 23 – Great Canyon

“We should team up and eradicate him as soon as possible.” Chen Jiu didn’t even attempt to hide his killing intent; the ambush that Lord You Lan had set for the two of them could have killed them.

“We must!” Xue Ying’s eyes were full of killing intent as well. This Lord You Lan had actually laid such a deadly ambush for them in a dangerous place like the first leaf vine world! It was clear that his sense of vengeance was strong. If Lord You Lan managed to become an honorary disciple and leave Crimson Rock Mountain alive, he definitely wouldn’t just return to the Dark Abyss. In all likelihood, he’d be sure to enact his vengeance by slaughtering the entire Xia Clan!

“Congratulations for reaching this point alive, you two.” To the side, the green-haired woman, Xi Wei, suddenly appeared on the main branch.

“Senior Xi Wei,” Xue Ying and Chen Jiu respectfully greeted her.


“This is the second vine leaf.” Xi Wei glanced over the vast second vine leaf world. “You both should know the rules already: There are mountain beasts patrolling the undulating mountain range that extends through the second vine leaf world. As you Transcendents journey through the second vine leaf world, you will suffer an ambush from at least one of these ‘patrolling mountain beasts.’ If you remain in the second vine leaf world for more than ten days, you will suffer an ambush from two patrolling mountain beasts. Finally, if you remain here for over a month, you will suffer an ambush from five.

“If you can survive an ambush from five patrolling mountain beasts…then it naturally wouldn’t be dangerous for you to remain in the second vine leaf world for a longer period of time. Of course, these ambushes aren’t affected by the mutual conflicts that happen amongst you Transcendents.”

“We understand.” Xue Ying and Chen Jiu both nodded.

They were both already aware of the rules.

“The first and second vine leaf worlds are intended to bring out all of your potential; you must make good use of this opportunity to increase your combat power.” Xi Wei finished with a smile on her face before merging with the main branch.

Hu hu.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu immediately rushed down toward the second vine leaf world and landed near the boundary of the enormous vine leaf.

“Dong Bo, Uncle Fu has already broken his talisman and left Crimson Rock Mountain. As such, we don’t have any way to use Deity grade scrolls anymore,” Chen Jiu said. “When we face the patrolling mountain beasts, we’ll likely have a decent amount of trouble with them. Are you still sure that you want us to move together?”

“Naturally. Only then will we have a greater chance of killing Lord You Lan when we meet him,” Xue Ying answered. “As for the patrolling mountain beasts, even though we can’t use any Deity grade scrolls, my True Meaning of Star has now reached the stage three realm. Its Gravity Domain should have enough of a restraining effect on them.””

Chen Jiu revealed a pleasant look. “Alright. And this True Meaning of Star of yours is indeed quite balanced; it seems to be useful in all kinds of dangerous situations.”

Xue Ying nodded.

True Meanings.

Some were skewed towards one end of the spectrum, while others were balanced.

His Mirage and Extreme Piercing True Meanings were both extremely skewed. Another example of an extreme was Chen Jiu’s True Meaning of Only Me, as it only focused on strengthening one’s fleshy body.

His True Meaning of Star, on the other hand, was quite balanced.

First off, both its defense and strength were strong. Of course, pure strength wouldn’t have such a great effect when it came to offense. As such, the True Meaning of Star could only be considered to have an ordinary amount of power in terms of offense. Furthermore, it had a domain-related technique: the Gravity Domain. This attractive or repulsive force had an enormous area of effect, and the greater the mass of the entity affected by it, the greater the effect the Gravity Domain would have on it.

With these True Meanings at hand, he could cover almost all aspects of combat.

This was especially true when he fused the True Meaning of Star and the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing to give rise to Star Meteor Annihilation! This secret skill was his most perfect, ultimate technique, as it had a terrifying Profound Mystery of Destruction imbued within it.

The second vine leaf world was a vast range of mountains that flowed on continuously.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu had just reached the entrance to the Great Canyon; to get through the second vine leaf world, they’d have to follow this canyon all the way to the end.

“The Meishan Clan Master’s team was the fastest; they arrived a day ago,” Chen Jiu said. “As for You Lan, he shouldn’t be much faster than we are. Who knows, we might still catch up to him.”

“Let’s continue chasing him!” Xue Ying nodded.

Sou sou.

The two of them entered the canyon.

Around an hour or so after they’d entered the canyon, a figure walked out from a cave embedded in an enormous mountain in the distance. He was none other than the barefoot, black-skinned teenager that had a white cloth wrapped around him. He looked toward the entrance to the Great Canyon and sneered, his eyes filled with killing intent. “You two imbeciles. The two of you are still thinking of chasing me, yet you don’t even know that I’m now behind you two. It doesn’t matter how much you try to chase me, you’ll never be able to catch me!”

Only now did Lord You Lan enter the Great Canyon. He’d naturally released his Time Deceleration Domain, as he was still on high alert and was scouting for any enemies.

This Great Canyon penetrated through the entire mountain range, all the way to the end!

It was around 4.5 million kilometers long.

Hu, hu.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu’s speeds were relatively fast. Along the way, they’d seen various pictures left behind along the canyon’s precipice. At times, they’d even unknowingly stopped just to have a look at these pictures. However, they would always resume their journey within half an hour of doing so.


The Meishan Clan Master, the white-robed young woman, and the black-robed male were currently in a grassy clearing, attempting to comprehend the mysteries behind the pictures of a sword technique that had been left behind.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, Chen Jiu, the two of you are quite fast.” The Meishan Clan Master turned to look at the approaching Xue Ying and Chen Jiu. He then took a step forward out of the grassland that they were comprehending the sword technique on, as it held a huge time-acceleration. There were actually many places where time was accelerated in order to aid Transcendents in comprehending the pictures that had been left behind faster.

This was because after ten days, one would face an attack from two patrolling mountain beasts.

However, if time was accelerated tenfold in a certain location, that would mean one would have a hundred days of accelerated time during those ten days! After all, the ten day time period stipulated referred to the ordinary flow of time.

The Meishan Clan Master laughed. “Even though I arrived here earlier than you two, why are you two in such a rush to catch up? Why don’t you ponder over the many profound mysteries left behind by the ancestors on the precipice and the many fist and spear techniques?”

“We’re not in a rush to study those.” Chen Jiu laughed. “We’re thinking of killing that Lord You Lan first. Once that’s done, we’ll turn back and ponder over these pictures.”

“Right, Meishan Clan Master, have you seen Lord You Lan?” Xue Ying asked.

The Meisha Clan Master shook his head. “I haven’t seen him. He must not have reached this point yet, as I certainly would’ve been able to discover him the moment that he did!”


Xue Ying and Chen Jiu looked toward one another.

“He’s behind us!” Xue Ying shouted. “This Lord You Lan certainly knows that we’re chasing him… When he reached the second vine leaf world, he must’ve not entered the Great Canyon and instead hid inside one of the huge mountains around the entrance. He must’ve only entered the Great Canyon once we had.”

“Then, what should we do now?” Chen Jiu asked, “Should we turn around and pursue him?””

“We’re not in a rush.” Xue Ying shook his head. “Who knows how long he’ll hide amongst those huge mountains? However, he’ll eventually enter the Great Canyon. Thus, all we have to do is cultivate and wait until the moment that he enters our net.”

Chen Jiu nodded and laughed. “Mn, on our way here, I saw quite a few interesting places that we didn’t stop to cultivate at.”

“Come, come, let’s head back and take a look.” Xue Ying also felt an itch in his heart.

“Thank you, we’ll make sure to make a move first.” Xue Ying and Chen Jiu bade farewell to the Meishan Clan Master.

The two of them then turned around and left.

They chatted about the carvings left behind on the precipices that they’d gone past, and soon were able to find a location that they were both interested in. However, only after backtracking about a hundred thousand kilometers or so did they finally stop.

They looked ahead.

Inscribed on the precipice ahead of them was a picture formed from countless lines; it was almost as if it was the entrance to an enormous volcano. Countless spherical particles flew out of the volcano, every single one filled with an aura of destruction. The volcano seemed to run truly deep, such that one couldn’t see the bottom of it. In fact, it was as if it was the origin of all destruction.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu immediately located the region near the precipice where time was accelerated, which was near a river. Time was accelerated at approximately nine times the original flow of time there.

“Hey little guy, try to absorb as much as you can.” Xue Ying looked toward the Blood Creeping Flower curled around his wrist. Clearly, it was continuously absorbing the World Energy around them wantonly.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu calmed down before they began their cultivation.

Of course…

Xue Ying has separated part of his concentration to scout out their surroundings within the Mirage. As for Chen Jiu, he was using his True Meaning of Eight Dragons to keep a look-out over the five thousand kilometers around them. If Lord You Lan were to enter their range of detection, they would naturally begin their attack on him.

This sort of destructive feeling… Xue Ying looked toward the volcano entrance on the precipice. He felt as if it represented the beginning of everything, which was implicitly ‘that point of extremity.’ He then began to experience it. At times, he would move his fingers to test out what he was thinking about..


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