LXY Book 11: Chapter 24


Book 11: Chapter 24 – The Might of the Patrolling Mountain Beasts


About fifteen thousand kilometers into the Great Canyon.

The hands of the black-skinned teenager, Lord You Lan, were folded in front of his chest. He was frowning at the picture on the cliff ahead of him. The scar was likely formed using sword and blade techniques and was probably left behind by an ancestor from the Deity world.

“Time and space.” Lord You Lan squinted his eyes at the image.


“Sword as time, blade as space.”

“He could actually use the might of both time and space simultaneously. He might not have fused them together as one and transformed them into the complete Time and Space Deity Heart, but to have even fused just those two Laws of Profound Mysteries to this extent can already be considered quite amazing.” Lord You Lan’s eyes shimmered with greed. He could determine that before him was likely the result of a secret skill created by a Deity with both a Time Deity Heart and a Space Deity Heart.

Of course, one could only have a single True Deity Heart!

Like Transcendents, however, Deities could ponder many different True Meanings. They could cultivate all sorts of True Meanings to the Deity Heart realm, but ultimately, the final condensation of a True Deity Heart could only be done using a single one of them.

For instance, Xue Ying might raise the True Meanings of Extreme Piercing, Star, and Mirage to the Deity Heart realm, but he could only choose one of them to condense into his True Deity Heart! He would then be destined to walk down that road as his main path, and the evolution of his Deity Heart would follow the same route too.

“Of my two grade two True Meanings, one is a Time-related Profound Mystery, and the other has some Profound Mysteries of Space mixed within. If only I could fuse these two into one and create my own secret skil…” Lord You Lan’s eyes glimmered with hope.

Secret skills… Even Xue Ying was originally not that powerful. But once he created his secret skill, his combat power increased explosively!

“If I manage to create my own secret skill, I’ll have some hope to cross the Sky-Reaching Vine.” Lord You Lan immediately turned to give the picture a thorough inspection. He would occasionally close his eyes, his mind fully concentrated on deducing the secrets within.

In another place.

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu stood by the side of the river, watching spherical particles spitting out from the mouth of the volcano. A day had already passed outside, yet the two of them remained fully engrossed.

Transcendents at the very start of their path would usually not look at weapon techniques created by others, in worry that they would veer off path!

Once they grasped hold of a True Meaning, their hearts would already follow their own True Meaning. At that point, they would naturally already be walking on their own particular paths, and there would usually no longer be any issue in viewing the techniques of others.

There would be ultimately always be some exceptional cases, though—

Even Deities or World Deities could become suspicious toward their own Dao, resulting in their True Deity Heart crumbling and their imminent death!

Naturally, such cases were few and far between. Thus, jaded seniors would always advise their pupils according to their own experience, instructing them to inspect only techniques that followed a similar path.

So that’s how it is. These experts of the Deity world have walked farther than us Transcendents in terms of understanding of the Laws of Profound Mysteries. The more Xue Ying pondered, the more things he discovered that left him gasping in astonishment. The comprehension of Extreme Piercing in his heart grew stronger, causing him to unknowingly wave about his fingers as he tried out different ideas with his fingers in place of spears.

All of a sudden, two enormous creatures appeared atop another cliff behind Xue Ying and Chen Jiu. These nearly ten-meter-long creatures of metal and stone had four hooves and sharp teeth! Even their claws seemed very powerful.

Hu! Hu!

They abruptly charged out, turning into two streams of wind that moved closer with terrifying speed.

“Be careful.”

Xue Ying and Chen Jiu had both been keeping watch over the surrounding five thousand kilometers of space, so they naturally sensed the creatures as soon as they surfaced. Yet even then, they found the creatures’ emergence quite abrupt.

“So fast. They can likely cover about a thousand kilometers in a single second.” Xue Ying was quite startled by such speed. Since they had leapt over from behind the cliff, they were now really close. Xue Ying first released his Gravity Domain in the direction of those two beasts, which seemed more like metal and stone constructs, reducing their speed. Yet even under its effect, they still moved at about seven hundred fifty to eight hundred kilometers per second.

Xue Ying disappeared from mid-air, entering the Mirage.

“So fast!” Chen Jiu immediately turned around, forming eight arms.


One of the two beasts clashed head-on into Chen Jiu without hesitation.

The other beast had originally been charging at Xue Ying. Once he entered the Mirage, it looked ahead as if it could still see him, but it eventually turned and charged Chen Jiu!

It was well aware that its combat power would be affected after entering the Mirage and considered it better worth its while to team up with the other beast to get rid of Chen Jiu first!

This was one of the most dangerous aspects about Xue Ying moving together with Chen Jiu—the patrolling mountain beasts could choose either of them and team up against him.

Peng. After a single exchange with the first beast, Chen Jiu was immediately sent flying backward, turning into a stream of light before finally crashing into the cliff upon which the volcano was carved with a boom. An unseen shroud had been covering the cliff, which caused Chen Jiu to feel such an impact after crashing into it that he spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Xue Ying, help me! Quick!” Chen Jiu immediately shouted.

He has a Deity armor, and his fleshy body was cultivated according to the True Meaning of Only Me. Nonetheless, he was still forced into coughing blood after an exchange with the beasts? Xue Ying was startled. He no longer hesitated, flying directly over to obstruct one of the patrolling mountain beasts.

The second vine leaf world only contained a single danger—the patrolling mountain beasts!

If one decided to stay no more than ten days inside, they would only have to suffer from the attack of a single patrolling mountain beast. As long as they won this fight, they technically passed the second vine leaf world successfully. That might seem easy, but it was precisely the patrolling mountain beasts that made this task so dangerous. The mountain beasts were, after all, exceptionally terrifying. Even Chen Jiu only dared to fight one of them head-on because he had a Deity armor.

Xue Ying, for example, had received some intelligence reports on the beasts, and he was so frightened by their description that he immediately went into hiding inside the Mirage. To face against one directly with his pitiful fleshy body would only spell his doom, even with the True Meaning of Star and the green-armored protector defending him.

After all, the green-armored protector could not match up to the might of that Deity armor! It was actually quite far from it. Meanwhile, the protection conferred by the True Meaning of Star was formidable but could similarly not match up to that provided by the True Meaning of Only Me, which fully concentrated on refining one’s body. If even Chen Jiu had spit blood from the clash, how could Xue Ying hope to survive?

“Chen Jiu, your fleshy body is quite powerful, so you should try using it against them,” Xue Ying shouted back. From his point of view, Chen Jiu had not yet reached a state where his body would soon be destroyed.

This guy…! Chen Jiu had his back against the cliff. His eight arms were moving about as he stared at the two patrolling mountain beasts. “Come, come.”

Hou! Hou!

The two patrolling mountain beasts roared. Once again, they started charging forward like the wind.

Chen Jiu did not dare face them head-on again. Instead, he began displaying his exquisite combat techniques, doing his utmost to shave off the incoming force, and trying to hold on for as long as possible. At the same time, he transmitted, “Dong Bo, I’ll keep these two occupied. I’m leaving the offense to you.”



Without warning, a spear strike pierced out from the Mirage; it was the Star Meteor Annihilation, imbued with its specific destructive aura. The patrolling mountain beast was able to see through the Mirage, however, so it lashed out using its tail to deflect Xue Ying’s incoming attack.

This patrolling mountain beast truly is as strong as a Deity mountain. Xue Ying had seen how easily it had dissipated the force of Xue Ying’s spear using its tail. The Star Meteor Annihilation was so powerful, yet the beast could still so easily dissipate its force? And that was merely a tail whip. In a head-on fight, its power should be on a whole different level.

Hou~ Despite having parried the attack, the patrolling mountain beast could still feel a tinge of pain from the clash. It turned toward Xue Ying, who was still in the Mirage, while growling lowly.

The other patrolling mountain beast also stopped attacking Chen Jiu, and the two beasts exchanged a glance.

Hu, hu.

They began flying at the same time…and immediately entered the Mirage together. Inside, their movements were being suppressed, but ultimately, the might of their bodies was simply too tyrannical.

They’ve actually forced their way into the Mirage. Xue Ying immediately released his Gravity Domain and tried his best to obstruct them. He could not help but be on full alert.

“Dong Bo, can you take them? If not, just enter the real world, and I’ll help you out,” Chen Jiu sent.

“I’ll give it a try. It’s still only two mountain patrolling beasts. In ten days, there’ll be four of them, and it’ll even go up to ten of them at the very end. It’s only after defeating ten of them that we’ll really get a chance to cultivate for a long period of time over here.” Xue Ying held onto the spear, carefully watching the movements of those two patrolling mountain beasts.

The two beasts were staring back at Xue Ying. They had immediately discovered that this Transcendent hiding in the Mirage was too big of a threat to them, which was why they decided to deal with him first.

“You’re still dreaming of deal with four—even ten of them? Are you mad? I won’t follow you in your madness!” Chen Jiu shouted back.


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