LXY Book 11: Chapter 26


Book 11: Chapter 26 – Illusory Body

In front of the blade-scarred rift.

“All Profound Mysteries actually moved according to a single blade; a single blade represented the heaven and the earth. Can this body of mine not also be a complete heaven and earth by itself? My True Meaning of Eight Dragons could actually transform into one…” Chen Jiu was mumbling to himself. His mind was rapidly developing a deeper understanding of the Profound Mysteries.

Xue Ying was also there, practicing his spear techniques.

Nine Mirage Avatars suddenly appeared by his side, all of them brandishing spears condensed from nothingness as they practiced spear techniques.


Their moves were either imbued with a terrifying destructive force, or with the heaviness of the Star as well as the heaven and earth. At other times, they were unpredictable and swift, occasionally spawning illusions.

“One blade separating the heaven from the earth. Heaven remains as one, earth as the other.”

“One blade separating the Yin and Yang. There’s Yin, and there’s Yang.”

“One blade separating real from illusory. Reality becomes one side, illusion another.”

Xue Ying was mumbling to himself. His spear techniques were becoming more and more illusory, eventually reaching a point where his entire person was turning transparent like an illusion. One by one, the nine Mirage Avatars closed in on Xue Ying’s true body.

His true body and the Avatars met, and all nine Avatars disappeared.

“Reality is a mirage. The mirage is also reality.” Xue Ying smiled. He was, by this point, almost completely transparent.

Within the Mirage.

Hua, Xue Ying suddenly split into several parts.

Xue Ying could be currently said to be found everywhere in an area of fifty thousand kilometers! He could now tell with extreme clarity what was going anywhere inside that area. After all, his entire body had turned into particles to become one with the Mirage world!

He was the Mirage, and the Mirage was he!

Or, at least that was the case within a radius of fifty thousand kilometers!

I am the Mirage, and the Mirage is me. Is this the Mirage body? The so-called illusory body? Xue Ying remained deep in thoughts. Once his True Meaning of Star reached the stage three realm, he should theoretically have been able to refine an Indestructible Star body. However, the basic principle of the Indestructible Star body was the absorption of surrounding World Energy or Transcendent Qi in order to strengthen every single part of the body, according to the Laws of Profound Mysteries pertaining to the True Meaning of Star!

Xue Ying was tortured every single waking moment by the hexing poison, however, and he had no Transcendent Qi. The World Energy he absorbed was all being used to replenish the consumption of his life force. Furthermore, the hexing poison had penetrated into every single particle of his body, so he currently had no real way to strengthen them!

The Indestructible Star body was known for its tyrannical defense and physical strength.

While still weaker than the True Meaning of Only Me, it could still match up with the demonic body of General Ku Meng! Unfortunately, Xue Ying could not cultivate it.

But the Illusory body was different.

The principle it functioned by was decomposing the entire fleshy body and melding it into the Mirage.

It did not matter that the hexing poison permeated his body.

“This is pretty much an Undying Body.” Xue Ying sighed. “Undying Bodies usually use life force, and as long the user’s life force is strong enough, he can recover any wounds. The Illusory Body, however, uses the Laws of Profound Mysteries to form an Undying body. If anyone wants to attack me, they’ll find that my body is actually spread over an entire area of fifty thousand kilometers. Only somebody attacking the entirety of the Mirage can truly say they’re striking me.”

As his understanding of the True Meaning of Mirage deepened, Xue Ying’s Mirage area of control would also spread, which would, in turn, make it even harder to kill him.

“Even most of the weaker Deities would find it impossible to kill me now.”

The True Meaning of Mirage was weak in terms of offensive power. It did, however, grant the user terrifying survivability. It was with this Illusory Body that it truly began displaying just how formidable it was. It could be said that, once he created his Illusory Body, Xue Ying’s ability to keep himself alive received an explosive increase. After he melded into the Mirage, it no longer matter how the enemy attacked him—any attempt to kill him would be an arduous task, and even more so when he could retaliate!

In other words…

The Illusory Body and the body granted by the True Meaning of Only represented two different directions. One sought to be illusory, the other to be real! The body of Only Me granted its user tyrannical defense, strength, speed and life force. The user would naturally be stronger in close-combat. Add the True Meaning of Eight Dragons into the mix, like Chen Jiu did, or the True Meaning of Space, like the Meishan Clan Master, and one would become very adaptable in critical moments. For example, earlier, when facing the large group of eight-tentacled creatures, Chen Jiu had been at a disadvantage, but those creatures could only bind him, not kill him.


After having previously scattered across an area of 50,000 kilometers, Xue Ying became one again, and his white-robed figure could be seen walking out of the Mirage.

“Dong Bo.” At the same time, Chen Jiu also stopped his comprehension efforts. He looked toward Xue Ying with a confused look. “What was that strange undulation just now?”

“Oh?” Xue Ying smiled. “There was, indeed, an undulation. Be careful, the patrolling mountain beasts are back!”

Xue Ying felt somewhat suspicious.

Was somebody controlling the ambushes of those patrolling mountain beasts? Could it really have been a coincidence that the beasts would attack as soon as he broke through?

Was Senior Xi Wei controlling them? Or was it someone else?

“Four patrolling mountain beasts. Xue Ying, get over here, quick. Let’s work together.” Chen Jiu was taking the situation seriously. Eight arms sprouted from his body. They extended until they were about seven to eight meters long and then began wriggling about around him. Clearly, he was prepared to help Xue Ying defend against incoming attacks, so as to give him a chance to strike those who escaped the net. They would definitely make for a good team.


Instead of heeding his instructions, Xue Ying turned around and gave the four patrolling mountain beasts a meaningful look. They growled and turned into gusts of wind, charging after him with incredible speed.


The Gravity Domain immediately enveloped those four beasts.

But then, image after image of Xue Ying began popping into existence. From a glance, one could see a total of thirty-six apparitions with Xue Ying’s form.

“This is?” Chen Jiu was startled. Even Old Thief had only been able to summon thirty-six Avatars, so how was it that Xue Ying could also create so many Mirage Avatars?

But even though each and every Mirage Avatar was rather formidable, with the power of a peak Demigod, it was still practically impossible for them to withstand even one attack from the patrolling mountain beasts.


The Mirage Avatars began attacking those beasts.

Meanwhile, the patrolling mountain beasts continued their charge. Their speed was shocking, but out of nowhere, one of the Mirage Avatars sent out a piercing spear attack accompanied by an aura of destruction right into one of the hooves of one of the beasts. For a moment, that patrolling mountain beast stumbled and flew backwards. The attack had simply been too sudden and too overwhelming.

Peng. The spear once more clashed against one of the other charging beasts.


A Mirage Avatar appeared from thin air and whipped a spear against the abdomen of another beast. The beast could not help but be carried upward, though it soon stabilized itself in mid-air.

Hou~ Hou~ The four patrolling mountain beasts moved about frenetically. They kept looking around at the Mirage Avatars, wondering how each of those Avatars was able to became so powerful all of a sudden.

The thirty-six Mirage Avatars scattered about would turn illusory every now and then; some dissipated away, but new ones would form out of nothing to take their place.

Unlike Old Thief, whose personal combat power was too low, Xue Ying’s offensive ability was even beyond that of Chen Jiu and the Meishan Clan Master! Now that his true body could simply switch locations whenever it wished, it was practically like he could teleport. This ability could sometimes be even faster than teleportation.

So it could be said that his true body was everywhere in that place.

Despite being just one person…he could easily play those four patrolling mountain beasts on his palm.

“Xue Ying’s True Meaning of Mirage has broken through.” Chen Jiu did not have to extend a helping hand any longer. He was watching the scene with an astonished expression.

The real switching with the illusory.

Now that he was able to attack from anywhere, it naturally meant that the threat of Xue Ying’s exceptionally destructive Star Meteor Annihilation was now even greater! After all, his ability didn’t count for much if he could not hit his enemies, yet those same enemies could now hardly dodge Xue Ying’s close-range attacks.

The patrolling mountain beasts suffered from one attack after another. Surely enough, the four beasts soon crumbled and dissipated into nothingness.

“Xue Ying.” Chen Jiu sighed. “Your combat power has already surpassed all of ours. In truth, we all understood from the start that, having been able to create your own secret skill which fuses two Laws of Profound Mysteries together, your talent far surpasses ours. You were also previously only at the peak of the stage two realm, so breaking through wasn’t going to be too hard for you. Who would have thought that this day would arrive so soon. Your three True Meanings have all broken through, and you can use them together, along with your secret skill. I doubt any one of us could be even considered your opponent at this moment.”

Xue Ying shook his head. “My power is greater than yours by a single level. Who knows, someone might condense a grade two Deity Heart in this Great Canyon.”

“Mn.” Chen Jiu was immediately filled with fighting spirit. “I’ll be counting on you, then. Once the ten patrolling mountain beasts come, I won’t be able to handle them all.”

“I’ll deal with them. It’s just ten of them, but three or four of them will likely fall outside my net, so you’ll have to defend yourself for a moment.” Xue Ying laughed.

“Haha, rest assured. There might be many things I cannot do, but keeping myself alive is not one of them.” Chen Jiu laughed.

As soon as they dealt with the ten patrolling mountain beasts, they would no longer be limited in how long they could stay at the Great Canyon.

Xue Ying was also excited to stick around for longer, since it would allow his understanding of the three True Meanings to deepen and his combat power to rise. He would then have a greater chance of success when it came to crossing the Sky-Reaching Vine. Only once he managed to do that could he actually hope to use his strength in the upcoming battle with the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God.


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