LXY Book 11: Chapter 33


Book 11: Chapter 33 – The Fourth Vine Leaf World

Xue Ying flew upward alongside the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine. Gradually, the enormous third vine leaf diminished in size beneath him.

Within that third vine leaf world, the figures of Chen Jiu, Meishan Clan Master and Jian Huang as they stood beside the two arenas grew smaller. Soon, his naked eyes found it too hard to even see them any longer.

“Take care,” Xue Ying mumbled.

Thereafter, he looked ahead.


Far into the distance above, another gigantic vine leaf appeared. It was none other than the fourth vine leaf world! As of now, he was the only one to reach this far.

“I truly have not thought that in the end, I’ll be at the forefront for getting through Crimson Rock Mountain.” Xue Ying shook his head, a smile on his lips.

He flew onward continuously.

One day, two days, three days…

The distance to the next world shortened, and Xue Ying could feel, in his heart, a faint feeling of suppression. That was because the intelligence report regarding the fourth vine leaf world was enough to make him feel highly pressured.

If one was to compare the probability of death…!

The fourth vine leaf world far surpassed the previous three vine leaf worlds.

“I do not have any route of retreat. I have to win this.” Xue Ying continued flying, periodically taking a gulp from that black wine flask in his hand. The bitter antidote worked its magic within his body. He had long gotten used to this bitter taste, even liking it to some extent.

After flying along the Sky-Reaching Vine’s main branch for nine days on his lonesome, Xue Ying finally arrived at the fourth vine leaf world.

The green-haired Xi Wei emerged from the main branch.

“Young Transcendent, congratulations on reaching the fourth vine leaf world alive.” Xi Wei looked at Xue Ying. “Amongst the Transcendents who entered Crimson Rock Mountain this time, your innate talent and potential are indeed the highest. I originally worried that your combat power might increase too slowly, making you incapable of passing through the third vine leaf world. I had thought too much, however. Your rise is faster than I have expected.”

“Only after getting through the five vine leaf worlds alive will I be worthy of a congratulation,” Xue Ying replied.

“It’s good that you can maintain this state of vigilance.” Xi Wei nodded. “According to the arrangements by the sacred master, the first and second vine leaf worlds are meant to dig out your hidden potential with the assistance of the majority of the certain dangers present. The difficulty of the third vine leaf world is a huge leap, however, immediately eliminating a huge number of Transcendents. Even though the difficulty took a huge leap, the third vine leaf world’s arena matches are quite lenient, and the guardians would rarely kill challengers.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Jian Huang and the other two were still alive. Even though the arena matches were tough, the chances of death were low.

“Nevertheless, the last two vine leaves are different. In life-or-death scenarios, these worlds will test your combat power as well as various other aspects.” Xi Wei added, “And you might die anytime.”

“I understand.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Look over there.” Xi Wei pointed at the enormous vine leaf. Emitting an aura of grandeur, a sole structure rose up from atop this vine leaf. Its entirety was primarily black and gold in color, and the lines of the structure were strikingly delicate. “That is the Blood Battle Platform more commonly seen in the Deity world!”

“In the Deity world…many cultivators are willing to bet their own lives for the sake of precious resources and enter the Blood Battle Platform to participate in blood fights.” Xi Wei continued, “Many Deities have even fought against World Deities on the platform! The moment one enters the platform, only one side will be able to come out alive. Most would die within.

“That’s because the true blood battles will see both participants staking their lives. In the Deity world, the Blood Battle Platform provides generous rewards for those who survive; this has attracted many Deity experts to participate in it, with even World Deities coming to join as well.”

“World Deities joining the battles… Two World Deities participating in a blood battle will see one of them dying! Such battles will attract countless of cultivators over to view the match.” Xi Wei sighed. “The Blood Battle Platform is truly popular in the Deity world.”

Xue Ying nodded.

He had chatted with Chen Jiu and knew of the cruelty of the Deity world. Even Deities were being sold as slaves in the market! Gambling one’s life wasn’t something puzzling. It was just that even World Deities would go and gamble their lives—a truly rare occurrence.

“This is a copy of the ordinary Blood Battle Platform.” Xi Wei pointed over to that enormous Blood Battle Platform structure. “After entering it, you will meet your opponent within. After a certain time period…there will be another batch of opponents entering! After another period of time, the third batch will enter. You will face three life and death battles with these three batches of opponents. Either you win or you die. Do you understand the rules?”

“I understand.”

Xue Ying nodded.

By himself, he would face three different batches of opponents! Thus, he would have to try and get rid of one batch within that ‘time period.’ Only then would he have an easier time dealing with the next batch.

Otherwise, facing three batches simultaneously would indubitably mean his death.

“Go.” Xi Wei nodded. “I wish you all the best.” Afterwards, Xi Wei merged with the main branch of the Sky-Reaching Vine.

Xue Ying looked down at that Blood Battle Platform structure. He rushed down and descended on the surface of that vine leaf without the slightest hesitation.

“I’m here.”

Xue Ying walked toward the Blood Battle Platform structure, which had opened up a pathway.

This deep, dark pathway…was the passage that led to the battleground.

Gu gu. Xue Ying withdrew a black bottle gourd and drank a mouthful of antidote to ensure he was at his best state.

“Kill!” Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with killing intent as a fiery-red spear appeared in his hand. Fearless, he walked into the deep, dark pathway and emerged onto an enormous blood-colored battle platform.

Square in shape, this blood-colored battle platform had a length of five thousand kilometers!

An endless baleful aura surrounded the entire arena. It seemed like many experts had died on this bloody battle platform. The resulting baleful aura and resentment was enough to make anyone anxious.

Hua! An unseen spatial shroud suddenly enveloped the blood-colored battle platform, isolating the platform from the rest of the world. Xue Ying glanced up at the shroud. He knew that in the Deity world, it was this shroud that prevented the battle happening on the blood-colored platform from affecting the audience. Naturally, there was another reason behind its use—to prevent those who participated from leaving.

There could only be one survivor! Upon entering this battleground, it was too late for regrets.

Xue Ying had previously heard from Chen Jiu about how certain Deity experts in the Deity world staked their lives for the sake of obtaining certain treasures. In the end, those experts had begun to regret this decision after exchanging one or two moves with their opponents and had even taken the initiative to ask for mercy! To admit defeat! Yet this was useless, since failure meant death!

Chi chi chi~ Sand gathered in the air, glittering with the granularity of time.

As the time sand started sprinkly downward…

Hou~ Nine figures began condensing on the blood-colored battle platform. Each and every one of them were mutated beasts with four hooves and silvery-white hair. All the mutated beasts had a single golden horn and a pair of golden eyes. The nine of them were currently staring at Xue Ying.

The time sand began moving, which signified the start of the battle!

The moment the flow of the time sand ended, the second batch of opponents would appear.

“Damn.” Xue Ying frowned. Even though he had attained a lot of intelligence, he could still not recognize the origin of these nine golden-horned mutated beasts. Only by knowing the enemy would he have a greater certainty, but this scenario was precisely what would happen at the fourth vine leaf world! One would only know that he had to battle against three continuous batches of opponents—but who the opponents were? There was no way of knowing beforehand. “Whatever.”

Hou~ Roaring, the nine single-horned golden-eyed mutated beasts transformed into nine different golden rays of light as they charged forward.

Xue Ying grasped onto the fiery-red spear and disappeared after taking a single step.

Within the Mirage, Xue Ying could see the nine single-horned, golden-eyed mutated beasts turning toward his direction. Their gazes could see through the Mirage, but despite this clarity, they hesitated.

Very good. It seems that they will be affected after entering the Mirage. Xue Ying immediately approached one of the single-horned golden-eyed beasts and unleashed a killing strike with his spear. The unfathomably fast Star Meteor Annihilation took the stage; the spear body revolved, bringing about a maelstrom of gravitational attraction and the terrifying penetrative destructive energy centered on the tip of the spear as it pierced the closest single-horned golden-eyed beast.

That single-horned golden-eyed beast was fast, however, and wanted to dodge the attack. When Xue Ying had attacked, it struck out with its claws to parry the spear thrust.

Pu! Xue Ying’s spear wasn’t that easily blocked. After clashing with the claws, the spear revolved and snuck around to the front abdominal area of that single-horned, golden-eyed beast, piercing through it.


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