LXY Book 11: Chapter 34


Book 11: Chapter 34 – Blood-colored Battle Platform

The spearhead tunneled through the layer of hair, piercing through the muscles before finally slicing through the internal organs, allowing the terrifyingly destructive Laws of Profound Mysteries to wreck havoc within. That single-horned, golden-eyed beast spurt out a big mouthful of blood from the impact, but it still tried to retaliate! Still, that attack caused its body to begin crumbling apart. Before long, it had turned entirely into dust, as if it were sand in an hourglass.

One single-horned golden-eyed beast was killed!

Hou~ The other eight single-horned, golden-eyed beasts were agitated, though not terrified enough to not leapt into the Mirage together..

Inside, the eight beasts charged toward Xue Ying in a perfectly united assault. Their speed, however, had been brought down a notch by the Mirage.


“Hmph.” Xue Ying did not even plan on dodging their attacks and simply stood there with his spear. A gravitational force of repulsion surged across the surroundings, pushing down the speed of those single-horned golden-eyed beasts even further. With their relatively small frames and consequently low masses, however, the stage three realm True Meaning of Star’s Gravity Domain did not have that great of an effect.

The Gravity Domain was best used on the eight-tentacled Mirage Creatures or the patrolling mountain beasts, since their masses were much larger.

Hu. Xue Ying moved about while also striking out with his spear.

Hou~ Hou~

The beasts all attacked simultaneously, from high and low angles, from the left or the right.

Xue Ying did not show any hesitation. He thrust out his terrifying spear, its speed completely unhindered! Everywhere it passed, images of collapsing stars forming into a point of extremity followed, revolving around the spear as it jabbed the body of one beasts. The body of this second beast also crumbled apart as well. Even though its body was strong, it was not nearly strong enough to block Xue Ying’s secret skill, which focused on extreme offense!

After that stab, Xue Ying did not have enough time to block the descent of the killing moves used by the other seven single-horned, golden-eyed beasts. Their sharp claws maimed at him in the form of golden lights, several of the beasts even opening their bloody mouths wide to take a huge bite.

In truth, most Transcendents would usually just do their best to stay alive after being surrounded by eight beasts, unlike Xue Ying who stopped at nothing to kill one of them.

Of course, that was because they would have no time to defend themselves after killing that one beast.

Hua! The seven single-horned, golden-eyed beasts came rushing over toward Xue Ying, only for his figure to suddenly disappear.

About a hundred meters away, Xue Ying’s figure reformed. He had chosen a place close to one of the beasts, whom he unhesitantly stabbed with his spear. Such an abrupt appearance as well as the sudden killing move had rendered the beast completely unable to react. The spear immediately pierced its mouth before reaching its brain. Once the terrifying Laws of Profound Mysteries engulfed it, the beast was completely destroyed.

Another one dead!

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Xue Ying’s real body was wantonly switching positions with the many Xue Yings who began appearing and disappearing all around. The scene was just like a dream.

Pu. A spear pierced right through the back of one of the beasts. The beast did its best to resist the attack, but it was in vain.

Hou~ Hou~

The other single-horned, golden-eyed beasts snarled at Xue Ying, but they did not hesitate to leave the Mirage, dispersing and fleeing in every direction.

“Running away? Now that you found out you can’t beat me, you’re actually trying to flee?” Xue Ying’s expression changed. He had to make use of this time to get rid of them; after all, even though this first batch of opponents was the weakest, each beast was still stronger than General Ku Meng and had about fifty to sixty percent of Lord You Lan’s combat power! After eighteen years of cultivation, Xue Ying’s spear techniques had completely matured.

This was especially true for his special skill. The current Star Meteor Annihilation could now be unleashed with a speed much faster than Extreme Piercing. If Lord You Lan were to fight him again, he would not have the slightest chance of blocking it now.

But once more of the beasts teamed up, they could still pose a threat to him.

Had I known they’d react like this, I would have acted weak. Now that I’ve frightened all of them, they’ve actually went fleeing in all directions. Xue Ying could feel a headache coming. Despite the many thoughts crossing his mind, the battle did not stop. He immediately entered the real world and spread his Gravity Domain in an attempt to attract those beasts toward him. At the same time, he used his speed in coordination with his ability to switch positions with the Mirage Avatars to reach the closest beast in the blink of an eye.

Pu chi~ This beast was exterminated within moments.

Xue Ying immediately chased after the next, yet the distance from it was clearly larger.

If I just continue chasing them like this, the distance will only widen each time. With a thought, hua hua hua, thirty-six visages of Xue Ying began appearing in every direction. All of these Xue Yings holding onto spears split up to chase after the beasts. A thick, white fog even surrounded the whole area, which served to limit the line of sight of anyone inside. It prevented those single-horned, golden-eyed beasts from discovering where the others were located.

Hou~ Each of those beasts was seemingly stunned silly after seeing the the many Xue Yings appear. They began scrambling around, trying to evade the attacks.

The beasts could not discern the real Xue Ying from the fakes.

Xue Ying head still ached, however, since he found that his Illusory Domain was useless! The single-horned, golden-eyed beasts could still use the Laws of Profound Mysteries on their bodies to sense the region around them. They were, ultimately, just constructs condensed by arrays and not true life forms. His True Meaning of Mirage could do nothing to haul them into his illusions.

Xue Ying was using his Mirage Avatars to befuddle the beasts, yet his true body had already stealthily entered the Mirage, melding into nothingness before advancing. Within that state of nothingness…he moved silently and without leaving any traces. His body was one with the Mirage, which meant that the beasts could not sense the slightest trace of his presence.

However, the beasts were not entirely stupid. They split apart in each direction of this Blood Battle Platform and kept as large a distance from each other as possible, so Xue Ying still had to run all around the place.

Hu. Xue Ying finally struck the very last beast within the platform. Four of them were still struggling around after being pierced, but they eventually joined the others in dissipating into nothingness.

Fortunately, I’m able to turn my body illusory and meld with the Mirage. That way, it was actually impossible for them to discover me. Xue Ying let out a breath of relief. That alone gave me the chance to finish the battle within an hourglass worth of time.

That was, indeed, a technique fit for assassinations.

If he chose to move stealthily, it was quite hard for others to discover him. With his current ability to become one with the Mirage, not even the Meishan Clan Master could hope to find him. Naturally, his concealment was not so formidable that the Meishan Clan Master would not be able to sense him once he formed a Space Deity Heart, but if Xue Ying also reached the realm of forming a Mirage Deity Heart, it would be another story altogether.

The ability to comprehend the realms meant that nobody could truly ever be unparalleled. It was only that some reached a deeper comprehension.

Xue Ying looked up at the hourglass to see the remaining sand almost at its end.

He had already considered all possible methods, and it was only after using that Mirage concealment method that he managed to barely finish the battle within an hourglass worth of time. And that was only the first batch, with the weakest opponents. The two upcoming batches would have even stronger opponents.

It’s here.

That sand in the upper half of the hourglass finally stopped pouring. It then flipped over, and the sand started flowing once again.

Six figures began condensing atop the blood-colored battle platform. They had a humanoid figure and were condensed from water. Before long, they had turned entirely corporeal! Each wore an indigo armor, and their faces were covered by masks. They seemed to use their own separate and unique weapons. Once they completely formed, dense water fluctuations began surging from their bodies. Those waves they emitted were vast and mighty, and they spread all over the blood-colored battle platform.

Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly. The auras emitted by the six indigo humanoids were even stronger than those of Lord You Lan and Jian Huang.


They transformed into six streams of water and rushed over toward Xue Ying with a speed that exceeded even his.

Hua. Xue Ying’s figure shifted into the Mirage.

The six streams of water unhesitantly followed him, though. Even their flying speed hadn’t been affected much after entering, which dampened Xue Ying’s spirit. This is not good. The Mirage is actually doing nothing to suppress them. This is getting troublesome.”

What bothered Xue Ying most, however, was that despite many opponents being recorded in the intelligence reports he had obtained, the indigo humanoids were not among them. He had no clue as to what offensive techniques they would use or how much of a threat they would prove to be. The only thing he could deduce was that their method of flying…focused on using Laws of Profound Mysteries related to water.

Xue Ying held his spear tight, not retreating but instead facing the six incoming indigo humanoids head-on. This second batch of opponents is already so formidable, and the third will only be stronger. I have to get rid of them within an hourglass worth of time. To do that, I must feign weakness and let them get as close as possible to me. Only by doing that can I get rid of them in as short a period of time as possible. But I have no clue about what kind of combat techniques they use, so I still have to be careful. Otherwise, I might just end up dead at their hands.

Hong. Once they were only about a few dozen kilometers away, the six indigo humanoids still in the form of water streams suddenly started attacking. A long arm sprouted from amidst the streams of water, extending until it was a dozen kilometers long. It held a huge weapon in hand, which it waved about for a moment until it finally came over to envelop Xue Ying.


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