LXY Book 11: Chapter 35


Book 11: Chapter 34 – True Meaning of Minute

Within the Mirage, Xue Ying was currently flourishing the spear in his hand. He was having a hard time trying to parry that weapon the indigo humanoids formed. He had even been forced to switch positions with one of his Mirage Avatars at one point. He only managed to dodge that killing move by using his ability to instantaneously switch positions.

“This Transcendent’s combat power isn’t that great.”

“The only slight troublesome thing is that Mirage technique which lets him switch positions with his avatars. Everyone, let’s close in and surround him. Engage him once you’re within a hundred meters of his position. The moment any Mirage Avatars appear, destroy it instantly.” Those indigo humanoids might be simple constructs condensed by the array, but they still had some simple intelligence. They rushed forward, threatening Xue Ying with an even fiercer offense.

It was clear that Xue Ying found himself in a rough spot, since he kept having to switch positions with his avatars.


He had to try his best to evade the attacks.

He even resorted to using the many Mirage Avatars which were appearing all around him to bedazzle his enemies. With each clash against that weapon, Xue Ying had some more of his energy sapped off.

Pu. After ten or so exchanges, Xue Ying finally managed to barelymiraculously switch positions with one of his Mirage avatars, and he thrust his spear into the body of an indigo humanoid without warning. That indigo humanoid barely had time to express his shock and fury before its figure crumbled into nothingness. Its body was completely unable to withstand even a single Star Meteor Annihilation.

“Be careful. His spear techniques are actually comparable to ours in terms of strength. The destructive energy spawned by the Laws of Profound Mysteries is incredible. We’ll die from a single hit of that ability.”

“Right, we should all be more careful. Remember, this Transcendent’s combat power is not that impressive, and he has to use the True Meaning of Mirage to keep himself alive. His illusory position switching should not be so tough to handle; we just need to find an opening! As long as we’re right next to him when his true body appears, he’ll simply die.”


“Take any chance you can to kill him in a single move.”

The indigo humanoids discussed amongst themselves, consumed by the fury of their desire to kill Xue Ying.

Their assault would occasionally turn so reckless that they would sweep and hack across empty space in hopes of coincidentally destroying the Mirage Avatar with which Xue Ying would have just switched positions.

Pu. A second indigo humanoid was hit, and his figure began crumbling apart.

“Coordinate! He has to switch positions every time we begin sweeping across the area with our weapons. As soon as he deflects our attacks…he’ll have enough time to teleport. We must coordinate better.” The remaining four indigo humanoids brimmed with hopes of victory.

However, they did not know…just why Xue Ying had been so lucky as to survive through all those dangerous moments.

Pu! It was only once a third indigo humanoid was hit that the remaining three finally realized that something was amiss.

Even though Xue Ying had only killed three indigo humanoids so far, and even though he had deliberately increased the interval between kills, fights between opponents of this level were still incredibly fast. The fight had only lasted for a total of two breaths worth of time, in spite of Xue Ying slowing down quite a bit!

Once they realized three of their kind had died one after another, the remaining three felt something was strange.

They soon discovered that, even if all three teamed up together, the threat they posed to Xue Ying was actually negligible. And on top of that, how could a Transcendent who was seemingly weak kill three of them consecutively in such short period of time? Even if he was incredibly lucky, how could something so exaggerated possibly happen?

“This Transcendent is concealing his combat power. Run away, quick!”

“Disperse! We each have to flee in different directions. We can coordinate with the next batch to kill this Transcendent later!”

Those three indigo humanoids were not true life forms, so they could only formulate the most basic of procedures. If they were certain of their ability to kill the challenger, they would seek to kill. Otherwise, they would try to stay alive and coordinate with the next batch of opponents to kill the challenger together!

“Now you’re trying to run?” After surviving that dangerouslife-or-death situation, Xue Ying’s expression suddenly turned cold. As soon as his opponents attempted to flee, he immediately charged one of them, chasing him after activating his Gravity Domain and Mirage to suppress its speed. Once he was close enough, Xue Ying jabbed out his spear in a revolving motion, summoning that scene of the collapsing star again.

But this time, the speed of his spear was much higher than before!


It was, in fact, so fast that even the indigo humanoid failed to block it. It immediately pierced its body and destroyed it.

“Witness the true speed of my Star Meteor Annihilation. I was just playing with you guys before.” Xue Ying’s eyes were full of killing intent as he leapt toward another humanoid. This time, however, the two remaining ones left the Mirage and were frantically fleeing in opposite directions.

“Do you think you can escape?”

Xue Ying immediately scattered his Avatars and melded with the Mirage.

He quickly advanced in that illusory state, stealthily moving closer to one of the two indigo humanoids. The construct was fleeing frantically, but it did not know where Xue Ying was. While smart enough to move away from where the previous fight happened in a straight line, the blood-colored battle platform was so huge that, sooner or later, Xue Ying would still catch up to him.

Pu, another died to his spear!

The last two humanoids who fled were easily taken care of.

Xue Ying came out of the Mirage to see that there was still a little less than half of the hourglass still filled with sand. He revealed a grin. “Acting weak actually makes the battle so much easier.”

In the first fight, he used his whole strength to kill those weaker nine beasts, which ended up with him barely finishing the battle within an hourglass worth of time.

Facing the stronger six indigo humanoids, however, his weak persona gave him a chance to get rid of four, while leaving behind only two who decided to flee! Altogether, he had more than enough time to finish the battle.

Acting weak was a simple tactic. As long as he unleashed his secret skill, the Star Meteor Annihilation, at a slow speed, even slower than his Extreme Piercing, the threat perceived by his enemies would naturally be drastically lower! The indigo humanoids were actually able to resist against his attacks. After he used the Mirage Avatars to switch positions and attack the indigo humanoids without warning, they only felt something was amiss when he killed three of them in a row.

How could such strange events be coincidental? Their combat powers were comparable, yet Xue Ying could easily get rid of half of them?

“Only the last batch of opponents remains.” Xue Ying stood on the blood-colored battle platform, waiting silently.


Once the sand in the hourglass finished falling, the hourglass once again flipped. On the cold, crude, blood-colored battle platform, three figures started to form. They were all lean and slender, humanoid in shape, and about 1.5 meters tall with relatively long arms. They each had a pair of conspicuous sharp claws! Their skin was azure in color, and a single tattered piece of cloth was covering their waists.

Xue Ying momentarily froze, paling.

“Hunters!” Xue Ying felt a surge of both fury and anxiety in his heart.

This was the first batch of opponents he had information on from this Blood Battle Platform. No records were available on either of the two previous batches

There was, however, a very clear information report on these lean, slender figures!

They were known as Hunters.

Why did it have to be Hunters? Why not Roaring Battle Generals? Or Thunder Emissaries? Countless thoughts crossed Xue Ying’s mind in a split of a second. How…just how am I supposed to deal with them?

Hunters—they were the opponent Xue Ying wanted to meet least, since their specialty was precisely one which could counter Xue Ying!

Hunters were constructs condensed by the arrays just like the other opponents, but their combat techniques were on a whole different level. They grasped hold of the grade two Deity Heart of Minute!

The True Meaning of Minute…was a whole level above the grade three True Meaning of Particles.

As a grade two True Meaning, even if it did counter Xue Ying, it would not mean much if the opponents were also at the stage three realm. After all, Xue Ying had three True Meanings at hand, as well as a secret skill.


The moment they broke through, the moment the True Meaning of Minute reached the Deity Heart realm, the situation would rapidly turn sour.

Ordinary armors, Deity warrior protectors, Qi material defenses…all of that became useless under the attacks of a Minute Deity Heart user! Xue Ying had the Mirage body, so his defenses were greatly increased, but compared to his offensive ability, his physical techniques, and other aspects, his defenses still remained his weakest point.

He had a secret skill to boost his offense!

He could easily switch positions with his Mirage Avatars, which served him greatly when it came performing physical feats!

The only relative weakness he had was a weak fleshy body.

“Bring it on.” Xue Ying was aware that the situation had just become troublesome, but he had no escape route.

Inside the Blood Battle Platform, either he would die, or all of his opponents would die! There was no alternative.

Luckily, my Mirage body gives me at least the opportunity to fight them. I’d die in a single move without it, Xue Ying thought. Actually, without the Mirage technique, even the Black Iron Cannon Army retiree from the third vine leaf world—the fat hunk—would have easily defeated him. Clearly, Xue Ying’s combat power had still reached a certain baseline for him to have reached this stage.

Three of them… Xue Ying tried to formulate a plan as quick as possible. Fighting even one was already tough for him, so what could he do against three?

The dark yellow eyes of the three Hunters shifted as they exchanged glances with one another. Their figures blurred, turning into three different arcs as they approached Xue Ying.


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