LXY Book 12: Chapter 14


Book 12: Chapter 14 – Inner Disciple

“A True Meaning of Mirage secret skill?”

The corners of the white-bearded old man’s mouth curled up, and his gaze swept over his surroundings. “It would seem you’re really confident this time around. Go ahead and make your move. You can’t defeat me just by hiding.”

Hua hua hua~~~ Countless ripples scattered and spread everywhere from the old man’s location, their formidable power enough to even pulverize Mirage Avatar Illusion stage techniques. It must be stated that even ordinary newly-ascended Deities would all be shaken and crushed by them, while Xue Ying still only had a peak stage three Mirage Avatar, whose strength was only barely at the level of an Era Suppressant. It was still quite some distance from a newly ascended Deity.

The white-bearded old man brandished the thin black sword, peacefully waiting for Xue Ying to make a move.


For the moment, Xue Ying was hiding in the Mirage and was the Mirage itself. As long as didn’t make a move, it was entirely impossible to discover his tracks. It was only once he acted that he would be exposed.

It’s coming! The white-bearded old man’s eyes glittered, but his expression betrayed a doubtful and startled look.

Hong! Hong!

To the front and back of the white-bearded old man, a black spear separately thrusted out from two separate locations. Both these spear images summoned a scene depicting a meteoric extermination of stars expanding and caving in. Their power was such that it would cause one’s heart to tremble.

They were actually two spears thrusting out from two opposite directions.

How can this be possible! One of these two spears is bound to be fake, but why did it not shatter under my domain secret skill? The white-bearded old man was shocked. It essentially meant that even the fake spear could at least resist his domain secret skill’s power.

Despite his utter shock, the white-bearded old man did not hesitate to react.

He suddenly swept with his slender black sword, and as he did, the sword suddenly disappeared, becoming a very unremarkable ripple which immediately swept across everything from his left to the right!

Cheng! Pu!

One spear was blocked, while the other began to shatter under the touch of the thin black sword’s ripple.

The surroundings calmed down.

After the attack, Xue Ying immediately retracted his spear and continued to hide within the Mirage. He had once again disappeared, making it very hard to sense even a trace of his existence.

The fake actually has thirty percent of the original’s strength? The white-bearded old man looked left and right, exclaiming, “Your True Meaning of Mirage is currently only at the peak of the stage three realm. I didn’t think your avatar would actually have three-tenths the strength of the original.

“It’s nothing much. Once I grasp the Mirage Deity Heart and the Mirage True Body, the avatar will actually have the same strength as the original,” Xue Ying’s voice reverberated in the empty space. “It’s senior’s sword technique secret skill that is truly formidable. My Star Meteor Annihilation’s seeking speed is quite fast, and I’ve launched sudden attacks from both the front and back, with the fake hard to distinguish from the real. Yet you, senior, could actually simultaneously block both spears.”

Xue Ying had been on Crimson Dust Island for eleven years.

While he spent most of the time focused on practicing his spear and comprehending True Meanings, he still reserved a small portion of time to researching spear technique secret skills! Under the hundredfold time acceleration, he had actually spent over two hundred years in his research and had finally created this set of complete spear technique secret skills.

One of these moves was an auxiliary secret skill named Condensing Reality!

It functioned on the principle of ‘reality is a mirage’ and ‘the mirage is also reality.’

‘Reality is a mirage,’ referred to achieving an Illusory Body, the stage three realm of the True Meaning of Mirage.

‘The mirage is also reality,’ however, meant one was able to make a Mirage Avatar completely reflect the original body, with the exact same features and strength. This body was called the Mirage True Body, and one would achieve it at the Mirage Deity Heart stage! When battling, the original body would hide, making it difficult for the enemy to find their traces while allowing the Mirage True Body to act. It was an extremely formidable technique.

Xue Ying’s cultivation had reached a rather high level after having seen traces left behind by the many seniors on Crimson Dust Island and unceasingly comprehending and pondering. His goal was to make his Mirage Avatar condense into a true body!

At the moment, this secret skill—Condensing Reality—could be considered to have reached the pinnacle. His original body could condense reality and become one with the scenery inside the Mirage, while his avatar could display thirty percent of the original’s strength.

“Senior, give this move another try,” Xue Ying’s voice echoed in the empty room.

Hu, hu.

Two thin black spears once again thrust out, this time from the same direction. On the speartips, a point of Extreme Revolving Piercing faintly appeared, which gave one the sense of being the origin of everything and the end of everything. The two spears struck with extreme speed, and as soon as their motion began, they entered the void to disappear from one’s range of sight. With his usual smile, the old man once more waved the thin black sword in his hands, which also disappeared into nothingness.

The two spears and the thin black sword were on another level as they thrust back and forth, unceasingly colliding.

One of the spears sometimes dissipated and then recondensed to have actually become the real spear. The other spear would then become false.

It was becoming hard to see which was fake and which was real.

Pu pu pu…

The two spears seemed to have reached the peak and were now on a deeper energy level. They continued to frantically attack, while the thin black sword blocked just the same.


It took a single moment for the spear to penetrate that defense and pierce the white-bearded old man’s chest. A part of the spearhead left through his back.

It was at that moment that the entire spear finally genuinely appeared in the real world.

“So fast.” The white-bearded old man looked at Xue Ying in shock.

“Your sword is even faster, but your one sword must contend against these two spears of mine.” The white-clothed Xue Ying emerged from within the Mirage and stowed away his spears. “It was a mere fluke that allowed me to win this.”

“There’s no such thing as flukes in victory.” The wound on the white-bearded old man’s chest quickly recovered. He shook his head, saying, “Back on the fifth floor, you were able to break through by clumsiness! Now, on the sixth, you’ve actually relied on speed to counter speed. By combining with the Mirage, you’ve directly defeated me… I’ve wholeheartedly lost. Xue Ying, your three True Meanings have all yet to reach the Deity Heart stage, yet you were still able to meet the requirements of becoming an inner disciple. Such a thing is really, truly, admirable! Back in my time as a Transcendent, I was far inferior to you.

“You’re exaggerating in your praise, Senior,” Xue Ying quickly replied.

“Alright, you can go now. You’ve passed this sixth floor, so you’re already an inner disciple,” the old man finished.

He truly did hold a deep admiration for Xue Ying. After all, secret skills weren’t that easy to create.

But Xue Ying had nevertheless created an entire set of spear technique secret skills. Moreover, when creating them, it was clear he focused mostly on their coordination! If the spear techniques matched each other, it would cause the power of the set to violently increase.

Next to an elegant pavilion of Crimson Dust Island.

The handsome robed man, Crimson Rock, had just walked out of this pavilion with a happy expression. It only took him such a small amount of time to become an inner disciple?

On the peak of the towering and lofty Sky Reaching Vine, which penetrated two layers of the world, the green-haired woman, Xi Wei, appeared. She also looked toward the distant Crimson Dust Island with a look of disbelief. Dong Bo Xue Ying has become an inner disciple?

Crimson Rock Mountain’s higher-leveled space was incomparably vast. Just a million kilometers away, countless life-forms were reproducing. This space divided into countless nations, all with their own schools, sects, institutions, and so on. The overwhelming majority of the lifeforms here had no clue this was only a world inside of an Eden treasure called Crimson Rock Mountain, or that on the outside, there also existed the wide Deity World or the Dark Abyss.

The ones with the highest positions inside of this world were naturally the two World Deities.

“Eh?” A thick-robed youth hidden inside an ordinary manor was spending time researching a complex Deity seal. This seal floated in mid-air, and countless golden Deity traces were continuously changing. The thick-robed youth suddenly reached out, grabbed the floating Deity seal, and then raised his head to look in the direction of the high-up Crimson Dust Island. What? It’s only been a few years, yet that brat has already become an inner disciple?

In yet another sect focused on the path of the sword.

A scarlet-robed youth who held the position of one of the sect’s elders was occasionally instructing a few disciples a bit. On the lower end of the sect’s members were newly ascended Transcendents, while on the upper end holding positions, such as clan leader, were Deity level experts. Not one of them knew that this scarlet cloaked youth…was an incomparably strong World Deity.

“Master! Master, I understand that I have to practice like this, but until when must I do it?” a chubby youth loudly yelled. He was using his sword to strike a large tree right before him, but any damage the tree sustained would simply recover continuously.

“Just keep practicing like this. If you don’t want to, you can get lost!”

The scarlet-cloaked youth was sitting at a distance, freely eating and drinking as he spoke his mind.

The chubby youth was helpless. How could he have paid his respects to this master! It was no wonder that, inside the sect, his master’s disciples were the fewest.

“What?” The scarlet-cloaked youth suddenly raised his head. His eyes held a trace of sharpness. That rascal has actually so quickly…


In a moment, he had already disappeared without a trace.

“Master, master, don’t leave!” the fatty loudly yelled. But he could only helplessly continue to practice the sword. Since his master had not told him to stop, he wouldn’t dare stop of his own accord.

Sou sou sou sou.

Figure after figure appeared beneath the Soaring Cloud Pagoda, until four people were all standing there, looking at the entrance.

When the white-clothed Xue Ying left the place, he couldn’t help but jump in fright. How could four people just pop up from behind the door? He recognised senior Xi Wei and senior Crimson Rock, but did not know the identities of the other two.

The thick-robed youth’s aura was reserved, yet it felt as deep as a bottomless abyss and hard to appraise.

The other figure, the scarlet-cloaked youth, had an aura of such sharpness that it made one’s heart palpitate. A single faint strand of his aura was enough to send Xue Ying’s heart trembling.

These two figures were obviously very terrifying existences, so strong that they could probably exterminate him with a puff of air!

“Little junior disciple,” the thick-robed youth said with a grin.

“We now have one more junior disciple.” The scarlet cloaked youth displayed one of his rare smiles.

Xue Ying blankly stared.

Crimson Rock laughed out loud from beside the two. “Xue Ying, these two are also inner disciples of Crimson Rock Mountain! In that life-or-death moment the sacred master underwent, these two were unlucky enough to have been cultivating within Crimson Rock Mountain. The reason it’s unlucky is that they are both World Deities. Due to the laws of the material world, they simply cannot exit Crimson Rock Mountain, so they’re pitifully trapped here.”


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