LXY Book 12: Chapter 15


Book 12: Chapter 15 – Reunion of Husband and Wife

Xue Ying was inwardly disturbed. He found these World Deity seniors he had to be quite pitiful, since not even Deities could not enter the material world, much less World Deities.

“We’re nothing but thankful to our teacher though,” the thick-robed teenager said. “Back in that battle, even the sacred master himself died. Can you imagine how dangerous of a situation that was? But teacher, for the sake of ensuring his treasure did not end up in the hands of the enemies, or, rather wishing we would not end up in their hands, threw down Crimson Rock Mountain into the material world. It was his action that gave us a lucky chance at survival.”

“Mn.” The scarlet-cloaked young man nodded. “If not for him, we would have long since died.”

If even a powerful existence had died, it was clear that they, as that existences’ disciples, would certainly end up as mere numbers in the casualty count.


The material world would normally reject existences beyond the level of Deities, but Crimson Rock Mountain was an Eden-class treasure which could bypass the investigation of the material world—it treated the treasure as a mere item. As long as the treasure could break through the many thick membranous layers, it could enter the material world without being affected by the repulsion of its laws. Naturally, to break through those many layers was no menial task.

“I am Ge Bai,” the thick-robed teenager looked toward Xue Ying before continuing, “the second ranked inner disciple under teacher.”

The scarlet-cloaked young man then took over, “I am He Fei Yun, ranked seventh,”

Xi Wei looked toward Xue Ying from the side. “Dong Bo brat, you are currently ranked 37th.”

Xue Ying immediately replied, “Greetings, Senior Ge Bai, Senior Fei Yun.”

“Junior disciple,” the thick-robed teenager Ge Bai sighed before explaining, “even though teacher has received many disciples, the Deity world remains extremely dangerous. Many have died throughout the ages, some even having died after living for far too long. Since they had not cultivated their hearts properly, they eventually began growing suspicious of themselves, which eventually caused their True Deity Heart to crumble apart while their souls were eternally extinguished. The number of inner disciples still alive is only twelve, including you.”

Xue Ying had long since realized the cruelty of the Deity world. Even their teacher, the sacred master Crimson Dust, had died, much less to say World Deities.

Had it not been cruel, however, would those World Deities have spent so much effort and time to send people down to acquire World Deity secret techniques?

“Senior Ge Bai, is it really true that some who live for far too long will grow suspicious of themselves, which will eventually lead to their True Deity Hearts crumbling?” Xue Ying was startled. How long was that process?

“Have you lived for a hundred million years?” The thick-robed teenager Ge Bai looked toward Xue Ying. “What about a billion then? Or ten billion years?”

Xue Ying was shocked.

“Without a firm inner heart, living would be unbearable in spite of having a long life span. Once you have lived for longer and longer, you will find that you’ll become more and more withdrawn. Some have even turned mad once they became unable to maintain their true heart. You’ll frequently find people who begin suspecting their own True Deity Hearts, which eventually leads to collapse. Even finding people who suicide from fatigue is normal,“ the thick-robed teenager expounded. “There are World Deities out there who had decided to seal their own memories and give up on all their combat power to send themselves into reincarnation, so as to live for a longer period of time. However, since those who seal their memories do not possess any formidable combat power, they can easily die while still weak, which leads to their souls collapsing and an eternal death.”

Xue Ying was sighing inwardly. It seemed to really be true that living for too long would come with many issues. Suicide? Madness? Reincarnating?

Yet time frames such as a billion years, ten billion years…were so vast that he did not even dare to imagine what his own state would be after living for such a long period of time. The whole recorded history of the Xia Clan world merely spanned for several tens of millions of years.

“Junior disciple,” the scarlet-cloaked young man beside began. “Since you became an inner disciple, it only makes sense that many benefits will follow.”

Xue Ying revealed a grin.

All the effort he had put in to become an inner disciple was precisely for the sake of those benefits along with increasing his chances of victory in the upcoming war. An increase in his own combat power would lead to greater chances of triumph.

“I’ve a matter to let you in on.” The scarlet-cloaked young man revealed a grin. “As an inner disciple, you are allowed to bring a single family member into Crimson Rock Mountain.”

“I can bring a family member?” A feeling of gratitude began spreading throughout Xue Ying’s heart. He turned toward Crimson Rock.

The treasure spirit in the form of Senior Crimson Rock nodded. “Indeed. Honorary disciples are the most common, and they may not take anyone inside. Inner disciples, as students the sacred master placed greater focus on, may bring a family member inside. This family member can even cultivate here, on Crimson Dust Island. However, unless you were to decide to sacrifice your own chance at a World Deity rank secret technique, this family member cannot gain benefits like the World Deity rank secret technique. When it comes to personal disciples…well, they can bring in as many people as they like, but only three of them are allowed to cultivate on Crimson Dust Island at the same time! The purpose of this rule is simply to prevent Crimson Dust Island from becoming too noisy. After all, the sacred master himself had, in the past, frequently lived here.”

Xue Ying nodded.

To be allowed to bring in a group of people into the higher-leveled world, the treatment of personal disciples was, indeed, on another level. As for Crimson Dust Island, only three of them may cultivate there at any time. In that case then, they could simply keep rotating the people cultivating on the island!

“Senior Crimson Rock, I would like to have my wife enter,” Xue Ying said.

“A small matter. Tell her to make her way over to the external perimeter of Crimson Rock Mountain and wait within that region of void. That zone is still within my area of control,” the treasure spirit Crimson Rock explained. “I will directly teleport her in from there.”

“Alright.” Xue Ying couldn’t hide his joy.

“As for the benefits inner disciples have access to, I have yet to explain them to you…” The treasure spirit Crimson Rock continued.

Xue Ying felt his heart float on the seventh heaven as he listened. He had indeed not seen his wife in an extremely long time.

While only fifteen years had passed, when the time spent in a time-accelerated environment was added in, it instead breached two hundred years! That was truly too long a time.

In the Infernal World.

All of the Transcendents of the Xia Clan world had moved over to the Xia Capital, which made it unprecedentedly crowded. Originally, there had been huge amounts of attendants and servants, but now they seemed to be very few of them available. All of the Transcendents, alongside Legend knights and mages, were all staying here together with their clans. Many other talented people in other aspects had also been transported over. Anyone below the level of Transcendent essentially was not qualified to have any attendants or servants, and even those who did only had one or two of them at most. Transcendents alone could have about eight to ten servants.

The number of people currently living in Xia Capital actually exceeded fifty million.

Naturally, most of them already proceeded over to Scarlet Cloud Mountain, as well as the other internal spaces within the Infernal Palace. As of that, many of those spaces were also entirely filled with people living there.

Except for the Xia Capital, every other other region of the Infernal World had already been stuffed with countless people.

“Mn?” Within a courtyard of the Infernal Palace, Jing Qiu was wearing a sky-blue robe, while her focus was on researching magic. The aura emitted by her body was becoming more and more extraordinary by the moment. After receiving the huge amounts of precious spirit fruits and spirit liquid sent over by Xue Ying, and helped by her personal great innate talent, she had actually broken through to the Demigod level in one leap! Yuan Qing had similarly stepped into the Demigod realm with the benefit of the spirit fruit and treasures from the Xia Clan.

In terms of innate talent, Jing Qiu was not necessarily Xue Ying’s match, but she wasn’t any worse than Yuan Qing or Chi Qiu Bai either. Mages, after all, would usually have a slower start, but they would become faster as they further improved. Mountain Lord He or Elder Ao Lan from the Beast Clan, for example, were mages. It was quite clear that mages were truly formidable during their later stages.

“Alright, alright, I understand.” Jing Qiu was ecstatic. “I’ll rush over this very moment.”


A vast surge of magic emitted from Jing Qiu before it disappeared upon the formation of a Magic Avatar beside her.

Jing Qiu’s true body deconstructed into a stream of particles and left the area, with her Magic Avatar left behind as a replacement.

After tearing a passage in space, she arrived at a location about fifty thousand kilometers under the ground.

At that place, faint signs of vines wildly growing could be seen—it was where the Blood Creeping Flower resided! It had actually taken residence right beside Crimson Rock Mountain.

After Jing Qiu appeared, she directly flew toward that portion of dark void around Crimson Rock Mountain.

That whole seemed small on the outside, but as Jing Qiu flew over, her body seemed to be rapidly shrinking in size! In truth, however, the dark void was actually the one becoming very, very big.


A wave of power shot out from Crimson Rock Mountain and wrapped around Jing Qiu, who then immediately disappeared into thin air.

On Crimson Dust Island.

Crimson leaves fluttered down from a small but thick tree. Xue Ying stood next to it, putting on a front of waiting peacefully. His eyes, however, betrayed a slight anxiety.


The space in front of him distorted due to someone appearing before him.

She was a woman of unmistakable beauty, wearing a sky-blue robe. She had previously been named the number one beauty of the Xia Clan, and now that she became a Demigod, her aura was even more divine.

“Xue Ying.” Jing Qiu’s eyes were filled with tears as she rushed over without a second thought.

“Jing Qiu.” Xue Ying spread his arms to welcome his wife in an embrace.


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