LXY Book 12: Chapter 16


Book 12: Chapter 16 – 《Great Chaotic True Force》

Jing Qiu was able to feel that her husband had essentially transformed. After he was poisoned, Xue Ying’s body had always remained perpetually ill. She saw him occasionally perspiring and trembling. But now, as she embraced him, she could only feel a powerful, vast force inherent to his body. Such strength simply astonished her.

That feeling was caused by none other than the Time Immemorial Body! Even if he tried to hide it, Jing Qiu, as a Demigod mage, could still feel the rebirth her husband had underwent.

The two of them only released each other after some time.

“Xue Ying, are you completely well now?” Jing Qiu could barely hide her excitement.


“I’ve never been better.” Xue Ying laughed. “In fact, I feel so well that I’m sure the two of us could make a kid or two!”

“We’re met just moments ago, and you’re already teasing me. You’re just…” Jing Qiu felt helpless. After taking a cursory look at her surroundings, she asked, “Is this your accommodation in Crimson Rock Mountain?”

“Only recently.” Xue Ying laughed. “I used to be a mere honorary disciple, but during these past eleven years, this husband of yours has actually passed the two wide gates of the Path of Reflection and the Soaring Cloud Pagoda, becoming an inner disciple. This is a Cultivation Eden belonging to an inner disciple! As for you? As my wife, of course you will live here, alongside me. Come, let me bring you over to the cultivation room.”

Xue Ying walked around his Cultivation Eden alongside his wife.

After touring the entire Cultivation Eden and finding out that the cost of building each Cultivation Room was around fifty million Deity crystals, as well as feeling the time acceleration with her own body, she was astonished.

“Fifty million Deity crystals? Just that one cultivation room? Could the entire worth of our Xia Clan even compare to such a price?” Jing Qiu was stunned.

“They’ve been built by the sacred master, Crimson Dust. As a powerful existence of the Deity world, how could he regard that price as impressive?” Xue Ying explained. “From what I’ve heard, personal disciples have an even better environment for cultivation than us! In truth, as an inner disciple, I would have normally already met the requirements to ask for some pointers from the sacred master. Such a pity that he has already died though. Alas, I can only train bitterly on my own.”

“Right, since you are staying with me, you can also use the cultivation room in this Cultivation Eden, as well as the Soaring Cloud Pagoda, the Path of Reflection, and the Canyon of Records; you can visit and peruse any of them,” Xue Ying said.

“Is that really true? I…I am not a disciple of Crimson Rock Mountain.” Jing Qiu did not dare believe it.

“It’s not really as if the Crimson Dust Island will incur any loss.” Xue Ying curled his lips. “You still cannot acquire World Deity rank secret techniques or precious treasures. Those are the really rare and exorbitant rewards.”

“This is very good already, much better than cultivating in the Xia Clan.” Jing Qiu was truly satisfied.

Xue Ying laughed. “Alright, let me show you around Crimson Dust Island.”

On that day…

Xue Ying brought his wife along to visit every place in Crimson Dust Island, and Jing Qiu herself also began her days of cultivation in the new environment. Her Magic Avatar remained back in the Infernal World, only having to take the trip over to Crimson Rock Mountain once every few years to replenish its magic. As long as it did that, it would be able to maintain itself forever. With Xue Ying now no longer disturbed by the hex poison, the two of them had decided to try having their own child.

As their combat power increased, it would become even harder for them to have a child. At the same time, Xue Ying, having successfully cultivated the Time Immemorial body, had already further heightened the difficulty of leaving behind a descendent with his bloodline.

After all, a descendant of his would still be extremely powerful even if not necessarily quite to the degree of his father. His bloodline would transcend that of any primordial being’s bloodline throughout the long history of Xia Clan and even of any demonic heir!

The two World Deities—Ge Bai and He Fei Yun—as well as Xi Wei, Crimson Rock, and Xue Ying had all gathered in a small courtyard of Crimson Dust Island.

“As one who could raise your rank to inner disciple from a honorary disciple, you may select one more World Deity rank secret technique as well as any single treasure on this list,” Senior Crimson Rock explained. “Of course, you will also receive a set of World Deity equipment, and we will refine a special blood Deity warrior for you to use as a weapon. This blood-refined Deity warrior can be refined all the way to becoming a top grade World Deity rank treasure if done right! Dong Bo, this blood-refined Deity warrior alone would cost up to five hundred million Deity crystals; it is the most precious treasure an inner disciple can select.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Teaching a World Deity rank secret technique would not bring any loss to Crimson Rock Mountain.

As for the treasures on the list? They would not be overly valuable. If one was to select Deity crystals, they could only go as high as one million, which was ten times more than what an honorary disciple could get.

The weapon alone was on a different level!

Even a set of World Deity treasures prove to not be that costly, since every item would be of the low grade World Deity rank! At most, they would be worth a few hundred thousand Deity crystals.

But the blood-refined Deity warrior, as a treasure that could be refined into a top grade World Deity rank treasure, was worth five hundred million Deity crystals! Most new World Deities could not even hope to obtain one, while only those who labored through the ages alone had a chance to save so many Deity crystals to finally obtain a single one of these precious blood-refined Deity warriors.

Blood-refined Deity warriors had a single massive benefit: they were easy to operate. Using one would result in a might beyond that of weapons of the same level.

“With you only being a Demigod,” Crimson Rock began, “the blood-refined Deity warrior we’ll refine for you will only be equivalent to the top grade Deity rank. Only that way will you barely be able to use it. Were we to refine one at the lower grade World Deity rank, you would simply not be able to employ its power. Even at said level, it will still be comparable to that Sorcerer God’s sword, which you’ve previously mentioned, as well as around the same level with your Xia Clan’s Ancestor Snow blood-refined Deity warrior. The difference between them and your weapon, however, is that yours would merely start at this rank and can then be refined to higher levels.”

Xue Ying nodded.

“Do you have any requests for this blood-refined Deity warrior of yours?” Crimson Rock asked.

“It must be a spear!” Xue Ying said, with no trace of hesitation. “A normal spear with the dimensions of the body and spearhead according to the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear will do.”

He found that the dimensions of the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear suited him very well.

His current spear was a lower grade Deity rank, and as a Deity weapon, its length could be controlled by the user. Even then, that transformation had to be sustained using Deity energy, so a spear with that as its natural length was even more suitable for him.

“Alright.” Crimson Rock nodded.

“As for the set of World Deity equipment, can I perhaps exchange it for Deity crystals?” Xue Ying asked. So what if it was World Deity level equipment? He had no way of using it at the moment!

“Naturally.” Crimson Rock nodded. “You can receive five hundred thousand Deity crystals in its stead.”

He would naturally be willing to help out with such a minor matter.

“Senior Ge Bai, Senior Flying Fei Yun.” Xue Ying chuckled. “Senior Crimson Rock, Senior Xi Wei, I can choose any World Deity rank secret technique, and I have five hundred thousand Deity crystals as well as the right to choose one item on the list!

“I hope you all can aid me in selecting the best possible combination which would allow me to defeat the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God!” Xue Ying finished.

Everyone present began contemplating.

“As a mortal Realm Lord, the Sorcerer God could send down countless war contraptions of various types from the Deity world. It’s almost impossible for us to predict what he will acquire before the war begins.” The thick-robed teenager Ge Bai frowned. “It would be quite difficult to come up with a stratagem that will bring victory.”

“Second Disciple Brother!” The scarlet-cloaked young man shook his head from the side. “We’re not talking about researching some spell. How could a stratagem that will certainly bring victory exist in war? What really matters is to increase the chance of winning as much as possible.”

“Right.” Xue Ying nodded from the side.

He had decided to ask for the help of those four seniors and leave the war strategy up to them.

In this sort of moment, he would not act the hero and casually decide by himself.

“Your combat power is still of the highest degree of importance,” the scarlet-cloaked young man said. “After all, Deities cannot enter mortal worlds! It is in that environment that you can truly exhibit your combat power. With a top grade Deity rank spear, your offensive power should reach a decent level, but it still won’t be quite enough.”

“Not good enough?” Xue Ying felt rather awkward. “Those Deity avatars of the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God will be limited to the peak Demigod level at most.”

The Time Immemorial Body, together with his secret skill, and a blood-refined Deity warrior would most likely allow him to fight experts at the late stage of the Deity realm! Such combat power should have been more than enough to bully even a peak Demigod.

“Incorrect.” The thick-robed teenager sent Xue Ying another look. “Consider this; if you were to hide in the Mirage, even if your opponent was stronger than you by ten or a hundred times, they would still have no way to attack you. What could they do then?

“The comprehensions of the realms possessed by both the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God are far beyond yours.

“The Sorcerer God was able to become the Lord of a mortal world, which is to say that his talent is bound to be top-notch. My estimate is that he used a grade one Deity Heart to become a World Deity.” The thick-gowned teenager shook his head. “Do you understand what that means, Xue Ying? Even if all three of your True Meanings reached the Deity Heart realm, the gap between them and a grade one Deity Heart would still be enormous. Can you see what I’m trying to say?

“On top of that, the Great Demonic God has an even deeper comprehension than the Sorcerer God!

“It might be true that the two of them will be limited to the peak of the Demigod realm, but if you can’t even find them, your techniques will simply be ineffective,” the thick-robed teenager finished explaining.

Xue Ying fell into deep thought.

“That is why you must focus on gathering more advantages!” the scarlet-cloaked young man took over. “In their eyes, your greatest advantage is your monstrous combat power. Not only can it be used at its true level, but it will actually be supported by the mortal world! That’s why you must continue improving it. Once you become powerful enough, be it the real world or the Mirage, both would be shattered with a single strike. As long as you could wipe out even the last strand of an aftermath…such a level is not something a Deity Avatars trapped at the limit of Demigod realm could handle.”

Xue Ying nodded lightly.

“As for the war weapons…your power only need be strong enough, and you could simply destroy them straight-up,” the scarlet-cloaked young man said.

“But… how can I improve my power?” Xue Ying asked.

He felt as if he had already reached a limit in the various aspects of his strength.

His comprehension of the realms could still break through, but such a feat could not be so easily achieved.

“With a World Deity rank secret technique. You have already succeeded in cultivated the Time Immemorial body, but since that happened so recently, it is not recommended that you cultivate other secret techniques related to strengthening the body. Therefore, you can now only choose a secret technique that is related to Qi Deity energy—one that will maximize your offensive power.”

“Mn.” Xue Ying agreed.

“With your True Meaning of Star now at the peak of the stage three realm, there might be a World Deity rank secret technique that you can now successfully cultivate,” the thick-robed teenager stepped in.

“What is it?” Xue Ying felt his expectations growing.

The thick-gowned teenager and scarlet-cloaked young man looked toward each other. Clearly, they had thought the same technique. The scarlet-cloaked young man said, “The 《Great Chaotic True Force》!”


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