LXY Book 12: Chapter 17


Book 12: Chapter 17 – Secret Skill: Chaotic Suppression

“《Great Chaotic True Force》? What about the other World Deity rank secret techniques? Are there really no others that I can cultivate?” Xue Ying continued questioning. While those two seniors of his both considered this secret technique most appropriate for him, it was better for him to know his options.

“Your three True Meanings have yet to reach the Deity Heart realm. Excluding the 《Time Immemorial Scripture》 that has some relation to your Mirage body, all of the other World Deity rank secret techniques are quite difficult for you to cultivate. As for Qi and Deity energy related secret techniques, there are only two you would find easier and would have any hope of cultivating successfully. One is the 《Mysterious Big Dipper Star Force》 which focuses more on defense but is still quite powerful. The《Great Chaotic True Force》, on the other hand, is geared toward extreme offense,” explained the thick-robed teenager. “For this war, your Time Immemorial body will prove more than enough in terms of defense and survival capabilities! What you truly lack, then, is more strength, which is why both old seven and I feel that the 《Great Chaotic True Force》 is a better fit for you.”

Xue Ying nodded. He could not help but ask, “Senior Ge Bai, you’ve mentioned that the 《Great Chaotic True Force》 would still be quite hard for me to cultivate. How difficult could it really be, though?”

“Had you already reached the Deity Heart realm with your True Meaning of Star, you would have succeeded with great ease. But as you are? Well, you’ve created your own True Meaning of Star secret skill, so it should still be fine… as long as you spend a little more effort and time,” Ge Bai answered. “As for how much effort is necessary, or how long it will take for you to succeed, that is hard to say! If your comprehension reaches a deep enough level, you will be able to quickly cultivate it, but should you face a bottleneck, it wouldn’t be strange if you didn’t succeed even by the time the war erupts.”


“Mn.” Xue Ying could feel some pressure.

He had to succeed!

“On the matter of treasures: which ones should I choose?” Xue Ying continued his inquiry. “What would ensure the highest chance of winning the war?”

The scarlet-cloaked young man replied, “Junior disciple brother, don’t be in such a rush. There’s still quite some time, so both I and your second senior disciple brother are going to think it over. We will surely come up with the best possible strategic plan.”

Senior Xi Wei and Senior Crimson Rock indeed had an unfathomable depth of experience, but they had ultimately only been in the shadow of the sacred master, Crimson Dust.

As for these other two seniors of his, they had roamed the Deity world and experienced many dangers. It only made sense that they would have more practical combat experience.

“Mn.” Xue Ying nodded.

“Since your two senior disciple brothers have agreed to help out, you can take this matter off your mind. Go ahead and receive the inheritance of the 《Great Chaotic True Force》. You haven’t decided to select some other World Deity rank secret technique as well, am I right?” Senior Crimson Rock asked.

“Just the 《Great Chaotic True Force》.” Xue Ying nodded. He found the words of both his senior disciple brothers to be reasonable. Since the enemy’s strength and prowess were suppressed, the only thing left for him to do was try his hardest to increase his power! The stronger he would become, the better. Once the gap was big enough, even if your Laws of Profound Mysteries were exquisite, it would be useless. This was the so-called, ‘using strength to overwhelm techniques!’

Within a concealed cave.


Xue Ying had just teleported over. The cave was empty except for a drop of water floating in mid-air which seemed faint and indistinct, as if it had sucked in all the light. Upon a more careful inspection, one could feel that from within the gloominess of that droplet…surged countless overwhelming destructive Laws of Profound Mysteries. The sight was enough to cause Xue Ying to inwardly gasp.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, receive the inheritance.” Crimson Rock’s voice reverberated within the cave.


A dark ray immediately shot out from that water droplet to pass through a central point in-between Xue Ying’s eyebrows. Upon doing so, a huge amount of information entered his mind.

“I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, under the witness of the Bloodshed God Emperor, hereby swear that…” Xue Ying was unable to stop himself from swearing an oath. Translucent oath seals had also begun floating in the cave; they were the key unlocking the inheritance! Without that oath, there would have been even more content within the inheritance that could not be obtained, which is why in the Deity world and the Dark Abyss, several powerful existences were actually unable to leak World Deity rank secret techniques even after learning them.

The moment they went against the oath by leaking information, they would be killed by the Bloodshed God Emperor!

After swearing the oath.

Xue Ying was filled to the brim with countless information, which then eventually condensed into a single illusory water droplet. The droplet was filled with countless seals, about all of them truly complex and hard to comprehend. The information was too high in density, while his soul was too weak. He had thus not been able to immediately receive all the information. After condensing it into a water droplet, he could instead gradually and slowly comprehend the knowledge.

ThisGreat Chaotic True Force》 is so formidable! Xue Ying was astonished.

The 《Great Chaotic True Force》 was split into a total of six realms!

Its base was in using Qi or Deity energy, the most fundamental of forces, by turning them into a more unique and powerful force; it was a lot like turning clay into brick, or like turning aether into gold! Researched and refined by a powerful existence from the Deity world, under the guidance of a World Deity rank secret technique like the《Great Chaotic True Force》, one could utilize Qi or Deity energy with greater efficiency. Despite having already been researched once by that powerful existence, such a technique still had huge demands of one’s comprehension of the realms.

The first level alone was very, very difficult to reach.

One who could complete all six levels, reaching the great success realm, would reach a power that was simply…

It must be stated that, once the 《Great Chaotic True Force》 was successfully cultivated, it allowed the user to merge countless water droplets into a vast amount of force. Meanwhile, at the great success stage, each particular water droplet of true force would be imbued with a single chaos hole!

What was a chaos hole?

Chaos holes were what formed when a world reached the final stages of its collapse and had a weight equivalent to an entire mortal world. This was merely the force of a single true force droplet. Countless such droplets coming together to form the mighty Great Chaotic True Force could allow an existence that successfully cultivated it to reach an unfathomable level of power. Their every action could create an aftershock that would transform a star into pure power!

Blowing out a breath of air could slaughter countless Deities.

It really symbolized seeking the extreme end of offensive might!

Oh? Truly amazing. Xue Ying sensed those countless seals appearing in his mind: billions upon billions of them coming together as one, piling up into layers. Every single seal intertwined with the others to form an exquisite construct before finally forming one single body. Such a technique truly deserved to be called mysterious and boundless.

Compared to such complexity, my secret skill is indeed much more basic. Xue Ying felt relatively excited in his heart.

There were some differences betweens secret skills and secret techniques.

This secret technique had a rigid set of seals whereas his secret skill was formed through many different changes.

The sight of those incredibly complex interlocking seals of the first level, which contained mostly Profound Mysteries of the Star Deity Heart, gave Xue Ying quite a few ideas for his own secret skill. He had previously thought it was already essentially perfect, but he now understood that it was simply too basic. There were many ways for him to further improve it!

Days passed one after another.

Within Xue Ying’s personal Cultivation Eden cultivation room, he and Jing Qiu were both focused on cultivating. Inside, time remained at an acceleration rate of a hundred times the normal flow.

“Mn?” Jing Qiu mostly spent her time pondering the clan protection Deity treasure, Ancestor Snow, which was actually a top-grade Deity realm blood-refined Deity warrior.

Xue Ying was bound to eventually receive his own Deity spear on the same level, but Jing Qiu naturally had to research on Ancestor Snow carefully, so as to be able to unleash an even greater portion its power.

At the same time, Xue Ying was reflecting on transforming the first level of 《Great Chaotic True Force》 into his own secret skill. He discovered that this would increase his rate of refinement, while simultaneously caused the power of his secret skill to further improve. He had even changed the name of his secret skill based on the True Meaning of Star—from Star Revolution to Chaotic Suppression. He was planning on depending on this skill to fiercely suppress the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God, however, it was still in much need of improvement!

“Dong Bo, Dong Bo.” A voice entered from the external world.

Xue Ying opened his eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Jing Qiu also stopped her cultivation.

“It’s Senior Crimson Rock.” Xue Ying chuckled. “He actually came over to specifically find me. Such a thing is truly rare, so if I’m not wrong, it should mean that my blood-refined Deity spear has been refined.”

Jing Qiu was also happy. “It has been refined? Let’s go, let’s go. I also want to have a look at it!”

“That was merely my assumption, though. Who knows, it might not actually be related to the blood-refined Deity spear.” Xue Ying left the cultivation room together with his wife before soon leaving the Cultivation Eden itself.

Senior Crimson Rock was standing at the entrance of the courtyard in his exquisite garments.

“Dong Bo, your blood-refined Deity warrior has been refined.” Crimson Rock smiled as he waved a hand. “Come. Have a look.”

A black spear suddenly appeared to float in mid-air, its body covered in countless faint black flames. The spearhead, on the other hand, was covered with an indistinct layer of golden light. When its unseen pressure was released, it felt as if a vast star was instead standing there in mid-air, emitting out a terrifying suppression. The spearhead had a sharpness that could cause some hearts to palpitate.

Countless veins littered the spear’s body as well as the spearhead. They were meant for Xue Ying’s blood to enter and served to be refined as Deity imprintment veins.

From a single look, Xue Ying already felt that there was a resonance with his soul.

“Good!” Xue Ying could not help but shout out. The more he examined it, the more he liked it. He couldn’t help but extend his hand to grab the spear. As soon as he made contact, a low baritone sound began emitting from it.

“For the moment, I have not yet opened up my Deity sea, so I cannot grow or refine it yet. However, in the future, I’ll certainly groom you properly.” Xue Ying held onto the spear, mumbling to it in a soft voice. The originally visible flames on the body, as well as the golden light on the spearhead, were stowed back into the spear.

“Dong Bo, this spear will be accompanying you for a long period of time, so why not give it a name?” Crimson Rock laughed from the side.


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