LXY Book 12: Chapter 18


Book 12: Chapter 18 – The Second Disciple Brother’s Request

“A name for the spear?” Xue Ying muttered to himself. A slight aura of killing intent flashed in his eyes. “How about blood-drinking…the Blood-Drinking Spear!”

“Blood-Drinking Spear?” Senior Crimson Rock and Jing Qiu both immediately understood.

To choose Blood-Drinking as the name of a spear was nothing out of the ordinary, but they could feel the inherent killing intent in Xue’s voice. They could easily tell what he was thinking of at that moment.

“May you then feed this Blood-Drinking Spear the life-blood of your enemies once the war begins, Dong Bo,” Crimson Rock said.


“Certainly!” Xue Ying nodded.

“By the way, ordinary Demigods can normally use lower grade Deity rank weapons at best, while this Blood-Drinking Spear is a top grade Deity rank weapon… It might be a blood-refined Deity warrior that resonates with you, but unleashing it will still place a huge burden on soul. Which is why, as soon as you feel yourself getting tired or if your head feels like it’s being split apart, you must remember to immediately stop using it and wait until your soul recovers before taking it out again,” Crimson Rock said.

Xue Ying laughed. “Haha, don’t worry too much. I understand. Jing Qiu is also using a blood-refined Deity warrior, so that information has been passed down by our Xia Clan over the ages. Even so, I believe that my powerful soul will allow me to keep it out for half an hour even if I use it continuously.”

“Mn.” Crimson Rock nodded. “About that long.”

“No reason to keep thinking about it then. After all, I won’t even have to unleash the power of the Blood-Drinking Spear when I usually fight,“ Xue Ying said. “It will be only during the most crucial of moments that I will unleash the Great Chaotic True Force alongside the Blood-Drinking Spear, so as to render my enemy unable to react. Its effect would be even greater if used that way.”

“Your soul is powerful, so you can keep it up for a long period of time. On the other hand, you, Mage Yu Jing Qiu, must be careful. Remember to always rest after using for even a moment.” Crimson Rock turned toward Jing Qiu.

“I understand.” Jing Qiu laughed.

TIme passed by, day after day.

Xue Ying used each day he had to its fullest. He was quite afraid he would not manage to cultivate the Great Chaotic True Force in time for the war, which was why he spent every moment he could in the cultivation room at an acceleration of a hundred times the normal time flow. Even then, Jing Qiu had still spent an even greater amount of time inside! As a mage, her focus was primarily on researching spell models, but the seals on Ancestor Snow were truly too complex. Only through research could she hope to understand more of them. In turn, Jing Qiu was becoming more and more engrossed in her comprehension.

In the 13th year spent on the Crimson Dust Island, during daytime, next to a big tree whose leaves were green and filled with the energy of life.

Beneath this great tree, Xue Ying could be found sitting cross-legged. He had attained some enlightenment while cultivating his spear techniques just previously, so he rushed over there to cultivate the 《Great Chaotic True Force》.


The fiery-red Transcendent Qi pervading his Dantian Qi sea had long since reached the peak of the Demigod realm.

All of a sudden, countless seals began condensing to form a mystical structure above the Qi sea! These myriad seals actually perfectly interlocked into an entirely transcendent droplet. It contained the balance of nature; a single glance would make anyone feel as if they were watching a piece of art. The moment it formed, the countless fiery-red Qi strands filling the surroundings began endlessly surging into it, yet even all that seemingly infinite Qi was only enough to condense into first a single crimson droplet…then another…then one more…

Even the entirety of Xue Ying’s Transcendent Qi was merely able to condense a total of sixteen droplets, after which his Dantian Qi sea remained empty.

That number of crimson-red droplets might seem small.

But in reality, they held a terrifying force.

After those events, the surrounding World Energy of the world began to frantically surge into Xue Ying’s body, which his Dantian Qi sea naturally transformed into Qi. The resulting energy was further refined by the most basic first level of Great Chaotic True Force. The World Energy within Crimson Dust Island was really dense, and absorbing it was akin to absorbing Origin Rocks in the Xia Clan world. His body was endlessly absorbing the energy, causing more and more crimson droplets to form.

Hua hua hua~ The droplets soon formed a stream, which then began flowing throughout his body.

“So comfortable.”

His body truly felt like it was being pampered.

That stream of true force first served to cover his fleshy body and soul in a state of comfort. In truth, such a technique also helped nourish the soul and strengthen the body. It was just that, when compared to techniques which specifically target the cultivation of the fleshy body such as the 《Time Immemorial Scripture》, the improvements it brought about were not as impressive.

While Xue Ying was still sitting cross-legged underneath that tree, a maelstrom soon formed from the huge amounts of energy endlessly surging into his body. Only after three hours did his Dantian Qi sea become ‘filled’ and become unable to take in any more energy. One could see a crimson lake forming in Xue Ying’s Dantian Qi sea as many streams of water danced within.

Let’s see how this energy, said to focus on extreme offense, performs. Xue Ying operated the Great Chaotic True Force, letting it cover his entire body. The rolling crimson force immediately pervaded through every single part of his body.

He sent out a casual strike with a wave of his hand.


A blade of unseen energy lashed out from his palm and immediately tore through the air while leaving behind scars of black void.

Xue Ying revealed a grin. At times, he would launch a jab with his fingers; at other times, he would clench his fist into a punch and would even smash out with his palm. Once he entered a state of exuberance, he even brought out his Blood-Drinking Spear to display its prowess! Every single attack launched through that black spear caused the surrounding space to tremble; they were incomparably valiant. It was rather fortunate that the space on Crimson Dust Island was stable.

Such incredible strength. Any casual strike I launch is comparable to a late stage Deity’s attack. Once I unleash the Blood-Drinking Spear alongside my secret skill, their combined power can even match that of a peak Deity. Xue Ying revealed a grin.

He was seeking the pinnacle of strength.

The combined power of the Great Chaotic True Force and his Blood-Drinking Spear unleashed though a secret skill launched his power to a new level.

The comprehension of the realms possessed by the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God might still be higher than mine, but I am much more powerful than their Deity Avatars. Even then, it will still be very difficult for me to deal with their war weapons, Xue Ying pondered. By themselves, the Deity avatars did not pose such a huge threat. What was more important was that the Sorcerer God could build a stable spatial passage to their world.

If allowed to do that, their army could then pass through. The avatar of the Great Demonic God and the Sorcerer God’s avatar could also possibly bring their war weapons along to fight him!

“You’ve succeeded?”

His two senior disciple brothers were quite happy about the news.

Ge Bai, the thick-robed youngster, laughed out loud. “Now that you’ve succeeded, it’s certain that you can follow this strategic plan. Old seven and I have carefully discussed every possibility. Since you can choose anything from the list, then how about you pass me a certain blueprint! With it, I’ll be able to personally refine a fortress worth more than two million Deity crystals for you, and I’ll also give you one million Deity crystals for you to exchange for other treasures.”

“A castle and one million Deity crystals?” Xue Ying could not contain his excitement. “Many thanks, second disciple senior brother!”

“You’re welcome. This blueprint might not be of any importance to you, but it happens to be very precious to me. I have to make use of this moment when you’ve not yet selected a treasure to obtain it. Even so, it is a win-win situation the two of us,” the thick-gowned teenager said. “I’ll pass the fortress to you in three days. As for the Deity crystals, I can pass them over to you right now!”

Xue Ying was still quite touched.

What about the blueprint—he could not even understand it. Exchanging for something else would provide him with one million Deity crystals at the very most. But by accepting this request, he would be able to obtain a million Deity crystals, as well as a fortress worth more than two million Deity crystals personally refined by his second senior disciple brother.

“Have a look. This is the plan we’ve agreed upon.” The scarlet-cloaked young man waved his hand to take out a scroll which he then unrolled. A large amount of information was contained in the scroll; it was a well detailed war plan.

“Formidable.” Xue Ying’s eyes brightened the moment he saw it.


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