LXY Book 12: Chapter 20


Book 12: Chapter 20 – Action

In the blink of an eye, twenty-three years had already passed since Xue Ying entered Crimson Rock Mountain. There was a surging undercurrent spreading throughout the entire Xia Clan world as they prepared day after day for the moment the war would begin.

A semicircular castle towered high over in the Oceanic Forest world. The Xia Clan had already guessed that several of the tricks planned by the Sorcerer God and Great Demonic God were hidden there, but they were helpless to do anything about it.

“How is it? Has that greedy Wo Hai Clan agreed to signing the oath?” the illusory skull of the Great Demonic God started.

“They have,” the Sorcerer God replied through gritted teeth. “They’re truly exploiting this opportunity. It was not enough that we sent all of our faith from this world to them, they actually asked for more benefits on top of that.”


The illusory skull’s eye sockets were faintly lit by flames. He growled, “This Wo Hai Clan is a peak clan from the Wave Feather Empire. The Temple of the Earth God from the Xia Clan world is a branch of theirs, and the faith they accumulated was being enjoyed by their clan. Back when I fought that old man from the Wo Hai Clan, I thought he was a stage two realm World Deity whom I could defeat! When his Deity avatar came to fight, I had not even considered that he had actually reached the stage three realm. He came out the victor of the battle, and I, the loser! It was not too long after that I heard he had become a stage three World Deity. Such a cunning old man…how could he not set a huge price during such a crucial moment!”

In the Deity world, other than the Bloodshed God Palace, the Temporal Island, and the Myriad God Palace, which were the most powerful, there were also several slightly weaker organizations.

The Temple of the Earth God, in truth, belonged to the Deity World’s Wave Feather Empire.

“Hmph, our preparations are much more ample this time. Great Demonic God, you might not be able to triumph over that old man, but to bind him for a short period of time is not impossible. As long as you succeed in creating the spatial passage, my huge army will be able to make their way over from the other mortal worlds. By then, they could have one, three, five, or however many Deity avatars, and they still wouldn’t make a difference.” The golden-robed male sneered.

“I’m merely afraid that the old man’s Deity Avatar could pierce through the spatial passage and instantly arrive during a crucial moment of building the spatial passage! He might just manage to demolish it that way.”

He had confidence in being able to bind him for a moment, but that was merely confidence, not certainty.

After all, one of them was located in the distant Dark Abyss and the other in the Deity world, and a long time had passed since they last fought. The Great Demonic God might have improved somewhat, but the other party was still a stage three World Deity!

“Whatever, let’s just give what they ask. It’s still within our bearable scope. The Wo Hai Clan is also afraid of us having an acrimonious falling out with them. Their Deity avatars would not have any certainty of winning either, and they ultimately would not gain anything out of it while also losing all the faith from the Xia Clan world.”

“Most of those benefits will be given after the war,” the Great Demonic God skull continued. “We can settle the deal with Temple of the Earth God’s Wo Hai Clan…but who knows if there are other Deity avatars hiding in the Xia Clan world.”

“When we asked the Temporal Temple a while ago, we found that only the Temple of the Earth God has Deity avatars hidden within the Xia Clan world,” the golden-robed man said. “Not enough time has passed since that investigation for someone to have refined a Deity avatar fleshy body.”

“I hope there won’t be any complications,” the Great Demonic God skull said. “As long as no other World Deities barge in, this war should be a simple, casual affair. As for the Xia Clan? Hmph, that little brat Dong Bo Xue Ying alone might be able to cause some issues, but his realm is too low. Once we begin constructing the passage, even if he does sense it, our big army will have already crossed the passage by the time he arrives.”

“Even that Dong Bo Xue Ying, unless he has become a Deity, is not worthy of our concern,” the golden-robed male frankly responded. “Just twenty-three years ago, he was still merely at the peak of the stage two realm. It is nigh impossible for him to have become a Deity in such a short time.”

“This fleshy body of mine still needs another two years to mature. Sorcerer God, are we going to eradicate the Xia Clan?” the Great Demonic God skull asked. “After all, it’ll be kind of troublesome for us to act after the war erupts. They’re all grouped up within the Xia Capital now, and those Transcendents we have placed there can start acting at any time.”

The golden-robed male briskly answered, “I’ve long since finished the preparations. I’ve obtained a large amount of materials from the Temporal Temple and spent quite a lot of effort to concoct some hex poison which was transported into the Xia Capital by a Transcendent of my Beast Clan! Once I give the command, the poison will be released… Hmph, the Transcendent Qi and magic power of every Transcendent in the Xia Capital would be affected before long. As for the mortals, they’ll all instantly die upon coming into contact with the poison.”

“Without Qi or Magic power, even if they will still be able to operate World energy, they can longer use Deity weapons. This space Deity treasure of the Infernal Palace will not longer be usable, so we can thus easily destroy it.” The golden-robed male brimmed with self-confidence.

“Formidable! Truly fitting of one who calls himself the Sorcerer God.” The Great Demonic God smiled.

The use of hex poisons was originally considered to be a very sinister tactic. To be around a cultivator who specialized in hex poisons would put someone on full alert!

“Will those ancestor Deities of the Xia Clan not think of this point? Do they not already have precautions in place for such situations?” the Great Demonic God asked.

“Don’t worry. I am, after all, the Lord of a mortal world; even if they did plan for this, am I perhaps unable to outmaneuver a few Deities?” The Sorcerer God sneered. “I’ve never even seen the Xia Clan as my opponent. They will be eliminated in just two or three moves. Even if Dong Bo Xue Ying might prove to be a little troublesome, he’ll still only be a minor issue at most! You just sit back and enjoy the show. Everything will go as planned..”

“Alright, I’m looking forward to it.” The Great Demonic God skull revealed a grin.

The Xia Capital of the Infernal World was filled to the brim with people. Even the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World as well as the other spaces within were filled with people from the Xia Clan. As for the Transcendents, most of them were living within the Infernal Palace! Very few people had their own mansions on the outside.

Within a cultivation room, in one of the courtyards of the Infernal Palace, there was an ordinary Sky realm Transcendent mage in the middle of his research.

There were many bottles and vases placed beside him.

“Mn?” This Transcendent focused on his research suddenly but casually took out an ordinary-looking black bottle from the pile beside him. After removing the stopper, he poured the liquid onto a crystal jade dish in front of him.



And odorless green liquid came pouring out from the black bottle and spread out soundlessly.

When this waft of gas entered the body of that Transcendent mage, it immediately permeated into the magical source of his body, and, for a moment, he was completely unable to control his magic power.

However, this Transcendent mage remained as calm as ever.

He understood with full clarity…that the liquid was actually a hex poison.

The magnificent Sorcerer God himself had asked him to bring it in. He was a Transcendent mage. He was originally a beast, but he had been bestowed with a human fleshy body by Elder Ao Lan so as to hide in the Xia Clan! He had even cultivated as a Transcendent and lived a very natural life as an ordinary Sky realm Transcendent mage. This time, with such a huge amount of Transcendents gathering in the Xia Capital, he naturally followed the orders given from above and also moved there.

Hu~ The soundless and odorless gas was released into the air and soon reached out of the house before spreading further outward.

A Transcendent affected by this hex poison would no longer be able to use their Qi or magic power. The body of a Transcendent could still endure the poison, but any mortal would instantly die.

As the Transcendent mage continued deploying the poison, the corners of his mouth curled upward.

He was looking forward…

Looking forward to the day humankind was eradicated and the Beast Clan ruled the entire Xia Clan world! He had hidden himself in the Xia Clan world for such a long time precisely in wait for this very day.


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