LXY Book 12: Chapter 21


Book 12: Chapter 21 – God Thunderfire

The space of the courtyard suddenly froze alongside the gas that was originally dispersing into the surroundings from the quiet room. Nothing could move any longer.

“En?” The complexion of the Transcendent mage inside of that still room suddenly changed. As soon as he felt the change in the surrounding space, he grabbed the black bottle and immediately pushed open the stone door to charge outside.

Sou sou sou!!!

Many figures could be seen flying over from the distance by tunneling through space. At their head was Palace Head Chen’s Magic avatar.


“Stop!” Palace Head Chen furiously roared.

The face of that Transcendent mage who had just rushed outside was sinister. Without warning, he threw the black bottle away. As soon as he did, however, the bottle remained fixed in mid-air.


A gigantic palm dropped from the sky to smash directly into the Transcendent mage. The hit caused him to cough blood and tumble onto the floor.

“Mage Jiang Shui, I would not have thought you were actually a traitor!” Palace Head Chen and the other five figures stopped in mid-air. Palace Head Chen sent a frigid glance toward the Transcendent mage. “You actually thought this bit of hex poison would manage to harm my Xia Clan?”

“Traitor? I am no traitor!” Jiang Shui displayed a fierce expression as he crawled up off the ground. With a bloody grin, he lowly intoned, “I’ve always been on the side of the beasts—I was born a mortal enemy of your Xia Clan! It’s only normal that I would try to kill you. It would be actually helping you…that would be considered a betrayal of my clan! My only regret is that I failed.”

“Take him away,” Palace Head Chen ordered.

“Hahaha, you’re actually hoping to extract secrets from my corpse? Keep dreaming!” The Transcendent mage let out a low roar, and his body suddenly twisted and expanded. In mere moments, it had already become that of a big dark-blue bird. It claws were sharp, and its dark-blue feathers were glossy. It cried out, “I am a beast! Over these many years, I not once dared show my true appearance, but I no longer have no such qualms, haha…”

With those last words, peng, the big dark-blue bird instantly exploded.

Palace Head Chen and the five figures coldly looked down from mid-air.

“The Beast clan!” There was nothing else to say. There existed two factions of Xia Clan spies and traitors. One was the Demonic God’s group, and the other one was made up of members of the Beast Clan! In any case, the Demonic God’s group were all humans. The Beast Clan was not the kind to make a move and then stop—all of their actions were very fierce!

Inside the Oceanic Forest World.

“I did say that the Deity ancestors of the Xia Clan would surely consider your hex poison and be on guard for it.” The illusory Great Demonic God skull smiled. “Once they freeze space, your hexing poison can no longer be transmitted, and your moves become useless. Even so, it’s quite impressive that they could discover the hex poison as soon as it was first released. They’re really well prepared.

“Well prepared?” The golden-robed Sorcerer God laughed coldly. “Did I not say that, in terms of tactics, there is no way they would be able to outwit me? I have one more special gift prepared for them in addition to that hex poison.”

“A gift?” The Great Demonic God’s skull image betrayed his surprise.

“Indeed, it is a gift worth a hundred thousand Deity crystals.” The golden-robed Sorcerer God showed a bitter smile. “I’ve actually only spent a thousand Deity crystals to buy this toy, but the transportation fee requested by the Temporal Temple was a hundred thousand Deity crystals. They really are ruthless. I wasn’t originally planning to use it, but since the hex poison scheme failed, it seems I must resort to this brute-force method! I’m quite certain their Infernal Palace cannot suppress this treasure. After all, it alone is much more costly than their entire palace!

“What is the treasure?” asked the Great Demonic God’s skull.

“God Thunderfire! It’s God Thunderfire of the devil-exterminating grade.” The golden-robed man once more displayed his frigid smile.

The Great Demonic God’s skull seemed greatly shocked.

God Thunderfire referred to an item developed by mages for use during war; it was a very terrifying weapon! Its explosion wouldn’t even discriminate between enemy and ally—everything in its path would be destroyed! Back in the Deity world, many cultivators focused on researching God Thunderfire for their entire lives, resulting in many mysterious versions of the concoction—each version stronger than the previous. After all, some people would eventually encounter walls in their cultivations, making it impossible to further increase their comprehension. In that sort of situation, they could only increase their battle prowess through external forces.

Hex poisons, medicines, insects, beasts, war weapons, and such were all considered cultivation side-paths! But that did not mean they could not unleash an exceedingly powerful might. For example, there were people in the Deity world who cultivated the path of insects and beasts who had statuses comparable to powerful existences! However, many of them had rather low personal strength, and after living for ultimately too long of a time, their psyches collapsed into madness, causing them to meet their ends.

“God Thunderfire of the devil-exterminating grade is equivalent to a full-strength attack from a peak Deity realm cultivator,” the Great Demonic God’s skull exclaimed. “Should it explode inside the Xia Clan capital, even if the Infernal Palace’s Deity treasures try to react, they would still be helpless to do anything. Under that sweeping force, I’m afraid that not only mortals, but even most of the Transcendents inside the Xia Clan capital would all die violent deaths.”

“If the hex poison is a soft method, then this God Thunderfire is the opposite. I’d like to see how they defend themselves from it. I’ve used a hundred thousand Deity crystals to send them to their deaths. They should be satisfied with that thought.”

For the sake of this victory, the Sorcerer God was willing to make several sacrifices.

Inside the Xia Clan capital, a female Transcendent flew past the Infernal Palace in mid-air. The number of Beast Clan Transcendents who infiltrated the Xia Clan could be counted on the fingers of one’s hand, but she was nevertheless one of them.

“Is it to be used now?”

This female Transcendent was the one chosen to carry the God Thunderfire. She was, in fact, doing so with great delight and had requested it of her own accord. She didn’t fear death in the slightest.

Humans of the Xia Clan, it is time for you to die. With you gone, our Beast Clan will truly flourish. Never again will we have to hide left and right; never again will we be hunted by you. The female Transcendent suddenly waved her hand. In response, a silver sphere suddenly appeared in mid-air. A terrifying explosive force then erupted as the silver sphere began flashing a deep-red color.


Without warning, an inconceivable, terrifying explosion was set off.!

Countless red rays and bolts of thunder began to disperse in every direction. The female Transcendent previously hiding nearby was immediately swept over by the explosion and annihilated! Such force could only be unleashed by a peak Deity realm expert. Although it was spreading in every directions, it remained terrifyingly strong; even space was disintegrated where it passed. At that point, the floor of the public square in the Infernal Palace began to shatter and turn to dust.


A few Transcendents flying in the distance, as well as the many people in the Xia Clan capital, all watched the immense ball of light in mid-air from a distance.


All of a sudden, a force surged out of nowhere in the space surrounding the immense ball of light, enveloping it from every direction. While the ball of light was still unleashing its explosive power, it was actually being suppressed to an area of just ten meters! This power at the peak of the Deity realm…was actually completely enveloped by this incorporeal force, which transformed and disposed of it without rest. In less than a full second, the incorporeal power suddenly folded, and the ball of light was finally extinguished.

Inside a hidden space situated in the depths of the Infernal Palace.

Garbed in black robes, Palace Head Chen was taking control over the the present situation.

“God Thunderfire detected! Devil-exterminating grade God Thunderfire.”

“Succeeded in taking control.”

“Power transferred and dispersed through the Xia Clan world. Transfer complete.”

Once he heard the voice transmitted by the treasure spirit, the black-robed Palace Head Chen couldn’t help but gasp. On the surface, the current Infernal Palace was unchanged. In reality, however, its equipment had been enormously improved at an earlier time. This was was all with Xue Ying’s help, aided by Jing Qiu who sent the treasures over. From the very moment he became an honorary disciple, Xue Ying began sending treasures over to complete the first reinforcement of the Infernal World. After he became an inner disciple, and after discussing with his two senior disciples, he once more reinforced the Infernal World using treasures worth two hundred thousand Deity crystals.

On Crimson Dust Island.

“Eh? Hex poison? Devil-extinguishing grade God Thunderfire?” Xue Ying just received the information.

“Yes.” Jing Qiu showed an anxious expression. “The Sorcerer God has begun making his move. Both of those who acted were members of the Beast Clan who infiltrated our Xia Clan as spies.”

“They haven’t even begun to establish a stable spatial passage, yet they already acted directly against the clan?” Xue Ying frowned. He wasn’t even slightly worried about the Infernal World’s safety. After the previous reinforcements done according to the words of his two senior disciples, the Infernal World had already become incomparably stable! Even if the Sorcerer God’s countless war weapons were to be used from the Xia Clan world, they would still find it entirely impossible to break into the Infernal World.

They could be soft, hard, or any other type of move; it would make no difference.

The Infernal World had long since become incomparably stable!

“I suppose they want to first sweep away our Xia Clan,” Jing Qiu said.

Xue Ying coldly replied, “First hex poison, and then devil-extinguishing grade God Thunderfire. They really hold my Xia Clan in high regards.”


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