LXY Book 12: Chapter 22


Book 12: Chapter 22 – Deiity Avatars Descend

“Xue Ying, what should we do?” Jing Qiu felt anxious.

“What can we do?” Xue Ying shook his head. “Had I any way of doing so, I would’ve acted long ago. They’ve already refined the entire Oceanic Forest World and can operate it firmly. The only thing I can do now is to prepare. The readier I am, the better it’ll be. We have no choice on this matter; the initiative is in their hands. I can only wait and see. Even so, the longer they wait, the bigger our advantage.”

“Mn.” Jing Qiu nodded.

They had been schemed upon twice—first through the hexing poison, and then in the way of the devil-exterminating grade God Thunderfire. The other party clearly wanted to destroy the Xia Clan, but they had no way of retaliating!


The Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God were both very firm. For the duration of this very crucial period, the innermost region of the castle in Oceanic Forest World was forbidden to anyone’s entrance. In truth, the Xia Clan had no spies within the Beast Clan—it was tough to place any double agents inside due to their racial differences. If not for the Elder Ao Lan’s True Meaning of Life, the Beast Clan would also have been unable to place spies within the Xia Clan.

There was an air of excitement among the Transcendents inside the Xia Capital. The previous explosion had occurred in mid-air just outside the Infernal Palace, so many people had seen it. Such a terrifying explosion had been easily dealt with, giving them a greater sense of confidence.

“Our Xia Clan’s foundation is indeed extraordinary.”

“The ancestral Deities of our Xia Clan have made plenty of preparations.” Everyone was extremely excited. Those who knew the truth, such as Jing Qiu’s Magic Avatar or Palace Head Chen, kept to themselves.

The matter of Xue Ying was ultimately still a secret.

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed. It had now been twenty-five years since Xue Ying entered Crimson Rock Mountain, and he had been on Crimson Dust Island for more than twenty years.

Gu gu gu~

The blood lake within that castle was starting to dry up, with only small amounts of the bloody liquid still bubbling. Lying in the center of that lake was a giant about eight meters in height with a vast aura. His chest was rising and lowering methodically, accentuating his slow but strong breathing. The gigantic illusory skull of the Demonic God appeared by the side of the lake, his laughter ringing out for all to hear. “Haha, I’ve finally succeeded. The fleshy body is complete.”

“You’ve kept me waiting,” the illusory golden-robed male mouthed from the side. “Great Demonic God, since your fleshy body is done, we can commence with the plan.”

“Mn, let’s begin our descent,” the illusory skull bellowed.



A maelstrom appeared above that humanoid figure, which was connected to the distant and ancient Dark Abyss.

The Dark Abyss was a plane which existed alongside the Deity world. It contained countless demons, Demonic Gods, and even many existences much stronger than the Great Demonic Gods. If the descent of an ordinary Demonic God through a World Projection would create a huge disturbance, a Great Demonic God’s Deity Avatar would actually not be so noticeable, since its towering might could be controlled and curbed.

This was the power of having control.


A bloody, indistinct illusory figure came flying out of the maelstrom and moved immediately into the fleshy body. The humanoid body slowly opened its eyes, showing their blood-red fiery irises. He then floated upward where, in mid-air, his body began transforming. Two long horns spawned from his head, and his face became thinner. The scales on his body also underwent a change.

Once his transformation was done, a terrifying demonic body could be seen standing in mid-air, displaying a beauty akin to an art piece or that of someone who conformed with the Laws of the World.

Hong! Blood-red flames then began flaring from every single part of his body.

The flames completely enveloped his fleshy body, making his entire original form indistinct. Only that single flaming figure was visible as he stood there in the air. He then began descending slowly until he finally touched the ground.

Hu… “The air of a mortal world…is truly nostalgic!” the flaming figure said. He casually waved his arm, only to feel the vast unseen laws suppress and even faintly attempt to eject him from the world. As long as he willed it, with likely a single thought, he could follow this force of repulsion and leave the mortal world.

“The material world is still not accepting my presence in the least.

“This entire space is covered in the suppression of laws.” The fiery figure gritted his teeth. “Had this fleshy body not been made from a native of this world, I would not even have been able to descend into this body. Even if I try to move this body slightly, I will be met by this sense of suppression.”

Anyone who descended into a Deity Avatar would feel this sullen.

They would be completely suppressed! The fleshy body was suppressed. Their strength was suppressed; their speed was suppressed!

“Still, it will have to do. Even this little amount of strength I can unleash at the peak of the Demigod realm, with my comprehension, will be enough to easily kill newly emerged Deities,” the Great Demonic God mumbled.

“Even I could easily kill newly emerged Deities. But you, Great Demonic God, you are so much stronger than me.” A different figure walked over. He was a man dressed in golden robes, his eyes sinister and cold. This was, indeed, the Sorcerer God’s Deity Avatar. The Sorcerer God’s innate talent was quite high, but it was still far from that of a Transcendent with a grade one True Meaning. A peak Transcendent able to comprehend a grade one True Meaning could condense a grade one Deity Heart within three thousand years.

Meanwhile, the Sorcerer God had painstakingly cultivated for a very long time before finally breaking through to reach the grade one Deity Heart realm and making the step to become a World Deity!

Indeed, as long as one could grasp a grade one Deity Heart and had enough Deity energy accumulated, they could immediately break through to become a stage one World Deity!

The Great Demonic God had cultivated for far more time than the Sorcerer God and was therefore much stronger. He was an ancient stage two World Deity.

“It should be quite simple to achieve victory,” the Great Demonic God began, “but I’m still quite wary of Dong Bo Xue Ying. When we asked the Temporal Temple, they demanded a total of five hundred thousand Deity crystals, yet they only gave the report that Dong Bo Xue Ying was still alive within Crimson Rock Mountain. As for information on his combat power…none exist!”

“If the Temporal Temple had any detailed information on Dong Bo Xue Ying’s combat power, such a report would not have been valued at just five hundred thousand Deity crystals,” the Sorcerer God retorted.

The information they truly wanted was that of the true foundation of the Xia Clan.

Such a report, however, was even more expensive, so they refused to purchase it! From what they could tell, Xue Ying notwithstanding, the rest of the Xia Clan was not worth a mention! Xue Ying himself, though, was cunning enough to remain within Crimson Rock Mountain, so the Temporal Temple only knew he was alive. As for his combat power? It was a mystery!

“Rest easy. How long has Dong Bo Xue Ying cultivated for?” Sorcerer God Avatar sneered. “It’s not even these Deity Avatars that we’ll employ to defeat them. We still have a huge amount of war weapons in reserve.”

“Mn.” The Great Demonic God Avatar was very confident as well.

At first, they were wary of that person from the Temple of the Earth God—afraid that, as soon as they finished constructing the spatial passage, that person, a stage three World Deity, would immediately destroy it. After all, he had a much higher comprehension of the realms than they did and could easily arrive at the spatial passage in the blink of an eye.

The moment that passage was successfully constructed, huge amounts of war weapons could be brought into the Xia Clan world. At that point, from their point of view, there was no way they could lose!

“Let’s go!” the Sorcerer God said.

“Alright.” The Great Demonic God nodded. “I’ll control the battleship.”

The two of them did not bring along any underlings, since the construction of the spatial passage had to be kept secret. The faster they finished it, the better it would be. As for subordinates? Once the spatial passage was finished, there would be countless numbers of underlings coming through.


Very soon.

A small crimson battleship, only about a hundred meters in length, moved under the control of the Great Demonic God Avatar to stealthily leave the castle. It was so inconspicuous that even if one looked at it with the naked eye, one would not notice it leave the Oceanic Forest World and enter the void layer.

It flew through the void layer in between space…and then pierced through the membrane to arrive at the Xia Clan world.

The desolate, vast desert they found themselves at was precisely the location determined by the Great Demonic God and the Sorcerer God to be apt for building the spatial passage.

The ship continued flying along, undiscoverable even to the naked eye.

“Begin preparations.”


Everything was happening in the void.

The Great Demonic God and the Sorcerer God both moved. In just a few seconds, they had already arranged the required structures for constructing the spatial passage and simultaneously activated it.


A terrifying might immediately spread in every direction.

The disturbance could no longer be hidden.

A dazzling grayish ray of light shot up to the sky. The space above was being torn apart, to reveal an ugly, savage passage of pitch-black shade. This spatial passage was continuously tearing through the inner layers of the membrane, piercing through even the external layers of the Xia Clan world all the way until it reached a distant mortal world.

Such a huge disturbance was immediately discovered by the Xia Clan! They had long since set up sentries all over the place, but the Great Demonic God’s realm was so high that even they could not discover it at all.

Such a huge disturbance, and it’s accompanied by an undulation of space. The external membrane has already been penetrated. The old man, Chao Qing, who was still dressed in filthy garb as he sat on a fisherman’s boat, immediately stood up. He immediately brought out a communication wristband from his storage treasure and contacted the Xia Clan for the first time since he left Crimson Rock Mountain. “Palace Head Chen, it is me, Chao Qing!”


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