LXY Book 12: Chapter 3


Book 12: Chapter 3 – Curing the Poison

Xi Wei and Senior Crimson Rock both gazed at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying pondered for a while.

To him, survivability was paramount due to the overarching threat of the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God. He was, after all, only a mere Transcendent facing a Lord of a material world as well as an ancient Great Demonic God from the Dark Abyss! As he did not know what their schemes would be like the moment both of them collaborated, ensuring his own survivability was very important so that he could continue fighting!

In addition to those facts, he could only cultivate this single World Deity ranked secret technique amongst the eighteen belonging to Crimson Rock Mountain.


“I’ll choose it then,” Xue Ying answered.

“Brat, your decision is not wrong.” Crimson Rock laughed. “Regardless of how formidable your combat power is in this world, your survival has the highest importance. Only then will you have hope. For instance, my master is a powerful existence in the Deity world, yet he died without any ability to retaliate thereafter when schemed against by others. If the sacred master had spent a little more effort on his own survivability, he might not have ended up like this.”

“Come, let’s leave this place.” Crimson Rock brought Xue Ying along with him.

The three of them flew above Crimson Dust Island at a speed of fifty kilometers per second to enjoy the scenery around them.

“That canyon.” Xue Ying could see the entrance of a canyon, the one he had seen in the record of the Creation of Heaven and Earth.

“There are many records left behind.” The gorgeous Crimson Rock elaborated, “Including the Creation of Heaven and Earth record, there are many records left behind by World Deities, and disciples of my Crimson Rock Mountain can view it anytime. You can as well.”

Xue Ying nodded.

When he had watched the Creation of Heaven and Earth last time, he had found it too short.

After they flew for more than five thousand kilometers, the gorgeous Crimson Rock waved his hand and caused a lake to materialize where a forest was. At the absolute center of the lake stood a sculpture.

Hu hu hu.

Xue Ying, Crimson Rock, and Xi Wei landed on top of the lake, striding across the surface of the water toward that sculpture.

“See that sculpture?” Crimson Rock pointed out.

Xue Ying nodded.

The sculpture stood as tall as an ordinary human atop the surface of the lake, both its hands raised aloft. The sculpture, black in color, was of a long-haired male with eyes displaying endless vigor.

“This sculpture is of a largely successful cultivator of the 《Time Immemorial Scripture》; this is his Time Immemorial body,” Crimson Rock introduced.

“Time Immemorial body?” Xue Ying asked suspiciously, “Is this a corpse?”

Xi Wei could not help but giggle. “You are really daring. The creator of the 《Time Immemorial Scripture》 produced this Magic Avatar with a Time Immemorial Body. Having been largely successful, the creator had condensed his Deity energy as a gift for our sacred master. For all time, this Time Immemorial body can pass down this cultivation technique to others.”

“Who is this powerful existence?” Xue Ying could not help but ask.

“I cannot say. I cannot.” Crimson Rock shook his head.

Xi Wei shook her head too. “Dong Bo, you have to remember that we cannot speak the name of any powerful existences. The moment you say one of their names, no matter if you are in the material world, the Deity world or the Dark Abyss…the powerful existences will be able to sense you! If those powerful existences are not feeling amiable, they might just kill you with a single thought despite being separated by countless spatial dimensions.”

Xue Ying felt his lips twitch.

“Alright. You are here to receive the secret technique, so stand in front of that sculpture. Step forward,” Crimson Rock commanded.

Xue Ying nodded and immediately approached.

He walked up to the black-colored sculpture and stared into its eyes. Only two meters of space separated them.


An undulation shot out from the eyes of that sculpture, directly entering Xue Ying’s eyes.

At that moment…

Xue Ying could only feel his head rumbling.

A huge amount of information transmitted into his brain.

“I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, hereby swear under the witness of His Majesty, the Bloodshed God Emperor…” Xue Ying could not control himself as he swore an oath. In the space before him, a faint oath written in a large script materialized. This sculpture possessed an array that forced the recipient to swear an oath, with the Bloodshed God Emperor as witness.

The Bloodshed God Emperor was none other than the highest ruler of Bloodshed God Palace.

Xue Ying felt a grandiose, mystical undulation transmit from a very far distance. It swept through the local region before disappearing. Despite having no choice but to swear this oath, Xue Ying understood why he had to do so in his heart. He also knew that the one who sent his conscience over to assess the locale just now must have been His Majesty, the Bloodshed God Emperor.


One should not mention the names of existences on this level. The moment one mentioned a name, he would be exposed even if he hid himself in a very remote region.

The oath had been sworn.

Countless information materialized in his mind, slowly becoming solid.

Eventually, a sculpture appeared in his mind. It was that black sculpture—that Time Immemorial body. This sculpture felt towering in the Mirage, as if it would eternally stand there in the center. Countless seals covered this sculpture.

“So that’s how.” Xue Ying comprehended a portion of the information.

The 《Time Immemorial Scripture》 was truly boundless.

He was just a tiny Transcendent and could not receive it completely. Thus, the information had formed a sculpture in his mind. He had merely received the introductory information and the lowest level of training—the first level training content.

The 《Time Immemorial Scripture》 had nine levels in total.

The body cultivated, the Time Immemorial body, was called a Magic Avatar in the Deity world.

The body would be immemorial, eternal across time.

The moment one attained great success in the technique, his breath could easily destroy a world the size of the Xia Clan world. Any powerful existence would have a hard time destroying this Magic Avatar.


A white-robed Xue Ying stood on the lake before completely dissipating away.

“He already started cultivating it? That brat truly is impatient.” Crimson Rock laughed as he waited with Xi Wei.

Mirage body.

His entire body transformed into countless particles as he fused with the Mirage.

“Time Immemorial!” Xue Ying visualized an extremely complex Deity seal. The Deity seal was three-dimensional in shape and was of a humanoid figure sitting cross-legged.

As he continued watching and pondering over it, his own body began scattering apart. Each and every single particle that became one with the Mirage started to become affected as well; the particles began transforming qualitatively.

To ordinary mortals and innumerable Transcendents, particles were the most fundamental, structural aspect of a fleshy body.

The Six Ghosts Resentment hex poison, however, could permeate through every single particle precisely—because a particle itself could be broken down even further!

Particles…were made up of ‘minute particles.’

Thus, the True Meaning of Particles was a grade three True Meaning. The True Meaning of the Minute was a grade two True Meaning.

《Time Immemorial Scripture》; this World Deity ranked secret technique was not easy to cultivate. Fortunately, Xue Ying had successfully cultivated the Mirage body, allowing his body to completely scatter and fuse together with the Mirage. By depending on the Mirage and through the visualization of the 《Time Immemorial Scripture》, he could influence every single particle of his.

Through visualization, he could delve even deeper, past the level of particles, and change the composition of the minute particles.

Hong hong hong~ As the minute particles were affected fundamentally, every single particle making up Xue Ying’s body trembled. These particles were slowly forcing the poison out, the Six Ghosts Resentment hex poison to be precise! Evidently, the new minute particle structures within the particles no longer allowed the poison to permeate Xue Ying’s body.

Such a body could not be permeated by even the most original Six Ghost Resentment hex poison.

“This feeling…is truly too amazing!” Xue Ying could feel his fleshy body undergo a qualitative change. Every single structure within each particle transformed, causing his skin, muscle, bones, and organs to start transforming.

The toughness of his skin rose up by a hundredfold, no a thousandfold…

Most likely, even Chen Jiu or the Meishan Clan Master would be unable to even destroy his skin when using Deity weapons to attack him.

This was an overall, comprehensive improvement.

Now, his fleshy body existed on a totally different level of strength when compared to Lord You Lan’s demonic body.


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